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  1. I agree with all of this bar the Buckley comment. He didn't turn up today but he was one of our better players on Saturday. We lost control of the game when he went off.
  2. What worries me most about that transfer window is our apparent lack of pulling power when other Championship clubs are interested in a player we are supposedly after. How Obafemi has ended up at Swansea when it's been well documented we were looking to bring him in to replace Armstrong is beyond me. I'm sure there will be more examples that we aren't fully aware of. Reach to WBA (to largely sit on their bench) is another. I get that we're trying to cut our cloth accordingly due to FFP, but to leave ourselves a striker short is really poor. We also shouldn't have been waiting until the final day to get something sorted as well.
  3. Seen that we've been linked with Patrick Roberts, who is due to be available on a free from City (reportedly with a sell on % included in any move). Would love to see him join although I doubt we could compete on wages with the other clubs linked.
  4. If the Obafemi move is off, I hope the club have protected themselves to the point where there's a written agreement that more money will come from Southampton for Armstrong. If it's just a case that we had a gentleman's agreement to get Obafemi cheaper due to the Armstrong deal, but that's that, then that's really bad business.
  5. That's the Blackburn Rovers we expect to see. Some proper graft with the odd bit of quality. With a few decent additions, this team could go far. As well as we've played there, they've been let down by Mowbray again in my opinion. At least 10 minutes before their goal, we should've had some fresh legs on up front. Dolan isn't a striker and for us to persist with playing him there when we have a genuine striker on the wing in Gallagher is utterly ridiculous. After that performance, Chapman should be ahead of Dolan on the wing.
  6. I'm with you on Ntcham. Seen plenty of Celtic games with a Celtic supporting mate, including plenty of their European games (which I'm sure will be highlighted as a plus point that he's played at level) and he flatters to deceive a lot of the time. That being said, there's a player in there and he would be a bit of a coup for us in the state we're in now.
  7. Does our academy tend to do well against the big teams in terms of youth recruitment? Or are they likely to get the top ones and we get the trickle down of the ones that don't quite make the grade there? i.e. Travis, Rankin-Costello.
  8. Looks like he's played across the front 3 and deeper. Not sure what point you're trying to make. Regardless, the person who shared the information has since said that it was Dembele that was mentioned, so it's not him anyway.
  9. Sammie Szmodics is the obvious one missing for them today. Attacking midfielder. Scored 15 goals and got 8 assists from midfield last season. 25 years old. Sounds like he'd be someone we'd be after. Not sure what he's like.
  10. Not falling for any of the transfer gossip. Usually all a load of tripe and started off by accounts/people with no credibility. Nixon gets a bad rep on here for his accuracy, yet the majority seem to be hanging on to his every word about the Armstrong/Obafemi deals & firing questions about random links to him. Until Obafemi is pictured with another team's shirt, he could still be on his way here.
  11. So the reality of your initial comments - and it certainly didn't read this way - was that the maximum they would get between them this season is the 18 league goals they scored last season, plus an additional 20 league goals to attempt to plug the gap. I agree, there's very little chance of Gallagher, Brereton & Dolan scoring 38 league goals between them next season (that's also not very hard to predict). However I do think they'll comfortably score more between them than they did last season. Potentially double figures for both Gallagher & Brereton if they stay fit. All of this doesn't take into account that we'll more than likely bring in another striker (Obafemi or anyone else on TM's magic list). Or that the addition of Pickering (& hopefully a more available Ayala) may improve our defensive record, negating the need to fully replace his goals.
  12. Of course. But if we actually set the team up properly and concede less, then we don't need to replace all of Armstrong's goals. Not exactly rocket science..
  13. 18 league goals between them last season (Gallagher 8, Brereton 7, Dolan 3). I could see them getting more fairly comfortably this time round. I don't think many in here would say any of them had a particularly good season last season.
  14. I've got no issue with those three going out on loan. There's a lot to be said for the loan spells that Wharton had. A bit of time for them to develop physically as well. It would be an issue for me if we're just bringing in young lads on loan to replace them, that aren't an obvious step or two above them. Adarabioyo & Harwood-Bellis were much better options from other clubs for example.
  15. Could the Kean v Mowbray debate be moved to a separate thread? It's clogging up this one and making it look like we're being active in the market. Giving a lot of false hope whenever I log on.
  16. Would actually love it to be Gary Cahill, despite his age.
  17. Could someone post the article in here please. I haven't got a login for the LET.
  18. Why, what was the situation around that? I loved him at Rovers.
  19. Sad state of affairs isn't it. I'm really trying to get excited for the new season but the lack of activity and paper thin squad just screams relegation trouble. We always get hit with injuries so the situation will only get worse from where it stands now. For what it's worth I'd like us to be looking at Rhys Williams at Liverpool, Dewsbury-Hall at Leicester, Thomas Doyle at City and Anthony Elanga, Hannibal Mejbri & James Garner from United.
  20. Given the lack of transfer rumours, potential lack of funds for any permanent signings and just general malaise in here, I'm going to try and start up a conversation about potential signings... Who do people feel like we should be targeting on loan from these so called big Premier League clubs?
  21. In regards to the comments about Armstrong looking disinterested. I agree, but I always get that feeling from him anyway. He's not someone that seems to smile much.
  22. I massively agree with this. He was reportedly on £23k per week. We wouldn't have been offering those wages, whereas West Brom may have done. We could use that money better.
  23. Probably harsh to make solid calls on anyone at this stage of the season. If you do the same based on our friendly results so far, we're anything from L1 strugglers (edged by Fylde & lost to Bradford) to mid table in the Premier League (decent draw against Leeds). Give the lads 10 games in the Championship, then we can start drawing early conclusions on the team & individuals.
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