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  1. They must have roberto carlos at left back if he kept cunningham out every week. Becasue cunningham is looking pretty epic for us. Interested to see how good their actual left back is
  2. This is professional sport. The youngsters need to know the standards required. If they cant handle any cirtiscm, then they are no use to us.
  3. I'll admit I havent seen him a great deal. But JRC looks more of a wing back than a full back to me. Also think it can be more attacking at times when chasing games with the likes of downing, rothwell, chapman etc playing really attacking wing back roles. As for the back 3. The best would be Williams tosin lenihan. With nyambe and cunnigham good enough to play the wider roles also if needed. We are a bit short, but we are a bit short no matter what formation we play after the transfer window.
  4. Heard this a few times, but I'd say the opposite. The teams that have most success with 3 at the back often play full backs as the wider 2 with a proper center back central. Between our collection of full backs are centre backs, we have enough to play a back 3. Also think we have players more suited to wing backs than full backs. I know the postion is very similar. Just think the subtle differences suit our players more
  5. All our money is invested in strikers, plus our POY is one. We badly need a way to get 2 of them on the pitch together, plus Dack in a position he can flourish and do domage as he is arguably our best player. The only way this can happen is 352 or some kind of diamond 4312 formation. Not a fan of the diamond as it leaves us very narrow and would need great full backs and well......lets not go there. So for me that leaves 352. Lets be honest could we really defend any worse, so why not try it? Armstrong could be a real threat if played in a front 2, especially if he is with someone as
  6. Cunnigham should start. I just dont think its Tonys style to put him in this early. Especially when he isnt our player. Hope Im wrong becasue bell is a deer in the headlights, but alas Im sure bell will start
  7. Well we are 1 down before we start, becasue assombolonga will deffo score
  8. You see this with a lot of managers TM's age. They get stubborn and think they know best. It blinds their thinking and they stick with something they shouldnt. Seen it in many a manager his age.
  9. Eventually yes, but he wont do it this weekend. Not the way he works
  10. Pre season and last night have proved that we can forget any formation changes. Its 4231 again this season His starting 11 will be Walton Bennet Tosin Williams Bell Travis Johnson Armstrong Dack Gallagher Graham
  11. Last season it was when will he let rothwell off the leash. I think the mantra for this year, is when will he finally let this entire team off the leash. So much to like about the options we have, yet it seems like we will never see the best of them together in a system that suits everyone
  12. Lets be honest, most of us are most interested in his starting line up than the actual result. Which sadly tells you where these cups are at these days
  13. There must be some sort of tax relief somehwere. Or some clever accounting where they move money around the group. Becasue whatever we think of them they seem happy at this current level or debt servicing. They keep funding mowbrays signings. There seems no attempt to reduce outgoings to match incomings 1:1
  14. I think if you look at the teams that have most success with 3 at the back, they tend to play full backs in the wider roles of the 3 But they have to be the right type of full back. TBH I havent seen cinningham play much, so dont know what type of player he is. Just know he will get game time here and he doesnt seem a wing back from peoples description of him, so who knows
  15. I think he goes 3 at the back Walton Nyambe tosin Cunningham JRC Downing Evans Buckley Smallwood Gallagher Bereton
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