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  1. TM's knack of losing by the odd goal so he can pretend we did well is really starting to grate.
  2. I don't see the point in getting these god awful kids in from clubs whose academies are no better than ours, whilst ours go out for "experience" at a lower level. Magloire looked class against Leicester in preseason - only one game admittedly but can't be any worse than these two clowns.
  3. Out of interest, I wonder what TM's record is from January to March in this league because it feels like we capitulate at this point literally every year.
  4. Tbh at this point I feel really harsh giving any particular players too much criticism because I don't thing any of them would be as bad if we had someone in charge who could actually play with a coherent plan. The constant changing of personnel (which is done regardless of injuries before that's used as an excuse) means no partnerships can be built and no real momentum can either. Time for a new man. Cheerio Tony, and take Venus and Waggott with you.
  5. Yeah but as we know the only reason we get these loan players is that Tony agrees they always play ahead of our own.
  6. I really don't recall Gallagher being this bad when Coyle played him as a striker, I mean as far as that team was doing anyway. The fact that TM was allowed to throw £12m at two players who never play in their actual positions is mind-boggling - especially when we already have Elliot, Dolan, Rothwell, previously Chapman etc who he refuses/refused to utilise in those positions in favour of them.
  7. Why the hell do we always launch the ball into the box the second Gallagher goes off the pitch? I know he isn't great in the air but at least he's the right size for it.
  8. Tbh we can blame the players for being bad but it's clear that Tony is messing around to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't a clue what's expected of them. The clown has to go and be replaced by someone who can actually forge a way of playing that creates stability and consistency.
  9. Lenihan doing more attacking work there than anyone else has in the last 40 minutes.
  10. To be honest I will settle for them actually keeping the ball for longer than half a second for starters, then we can worry about moving forwards
  11. Lenihan taking out one of our own players... again. Never a defender.
  12. What are we betting this week's excuse is. Can't be the pitch, can't be the referee... I'm guessing the injury to Johnson will be his go to.
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