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  1. There is absolutely no expectation from anyone that we should be competing at the top of the PL. FGS at this point we're barely competing with the likes of Luton and Coventry (the latter of which was left for dead by the trio we have in charge). He has had multiple chances to rebuild and improve and he has failed at every opportunity. Not to mention, he was the one who set the top 6 expectation before the season, not the fans. He will be here next season, but I fear a majority of the fans will not be. Keeping TM at this juncture may actually be more damaging in the long run than ke
  2. Is there another job in the country where you could fail your job on pretty much every metric and not be under the slightest bit of pressure? Edit: I forgot politicians exist
  3. Almost as if our fixtures have given him the absolute doldrums of the league to give him his last minute boost to round off the season.
  4. I hate listening to him drone on with excuses every week. There's no passion there - just get rid. If he's here next season the club can forget about selling tickets, shirts etc.
  5. Reports that Citeh are following suit. However, this can't be left - there needs to be sanctions on all involved even if they try to snake their way back in because they will no doubt make similar moves as soon as they possibly can.
  6. Seems weird that they would sack him this close to the cup final even with their recent form. Distraction tactic or did Mourinho tell Levy that Spurs were a small club that don't belong near a "super league"?
  7. I don't think I've ever given less of a damn about a last minute equaliser.
  8. Yikes, that's a team really lacking in any form of attacking threat. We'll pass it around at the back, our defensive midfield trio won't get anywhere near our forwards and we'll create next to nothing. Though I could say that for pretty much any team under TM right now so why not I guess.
  9. Imagine using the word "passionate" to describe a man who sits at the side unmoved every game, admits he doesn't take part in the training of football fundamentals, and sounds bored out of his mind at every interview. Please just give me a manager who at least looks like he gives a damn when we're behind.
  10. Half an hour into the second half and this is the sum total of the updates on the Rovers twitter account - says it all. The clown has to go tonight.
  11. We had the option to extend by a year. We didn't need to do anything.
  12. As much as I love the guy we should never ever have given Dack a new contract until he'd proven he could stay fit and get back to his best. Yet more money pissed up the wall whilst complaining we have no money. Hope it isn't as bad as it looked but if it is I don't see a chance of him coming back from it.
  13. We look better but good god do I hate watching this sideways tippy tappy crap. It just allows the opposition to sit at the edge if their box knowing we won't do anything useful with it and then they counter. So easy and predictable.
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