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  1. Letting Rothwell go on a free will actually be criminal. He's the only midfielder we have who is capable of producing anything.
  2. Nyambe injured as well - him and Ayala priming Tony for the best possible excuses for not winning in our next 10 games
  3. https://twitter.com/richsharpe89/status/1450579441944498179?t=X1R8h3hh9KIW32tYwMgIyA&s=19
  4. We are somehow level with Forest now. It's actually pathetic.
  5. We got bailed out by starting the season against some shocking teams... we are dropping like a stone again. But yet again we only lose by the odd goal so Tony can pretend we were in it even though we offered literally nothing.
  6. It all comes from the top. Crap, negative formation and tactics forces us onto the back foot and defending constantly makes you lose concentration and energy.
  7. It was coming, and it starts at the top. Get the clown GONE
  8. He does it every season, because he thinks he's better than he is.
  9. I can't believe Waggott charges the prices he does to watch this turgid dross and then is confused why our gates are so low.
  10. It's mental to think that we've gone from having about 3 teams worth of midfielders to basically having almost nothing of use in that area in the blink of an eye.
  11. But like I said earlier, the manager throwing him on as part of a shockingly poor team with even worse tactics is never going to do him good, especially after ignoring him for most of the season so far.
  12. Tombola Tony strikes again. Looks like a massively negative side that is only going to invite pressure and we don't have the stones to contain it. Glad to see Butterworth starting , but if this team struggles going forward as I expect it will then you just know Tony is going to use that as an excuse to never play him again.
  13. Tony being outclassed by another manager after half time? I'm shocked!
  14. His inclusion also screams to me "Buckley at right back with a back three" which to my knowledge is a formation that Tony has tried time and again and it literally never works.
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