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  1. never heard of him but he is a comedian from blackburn, just been on granada news. he said he is a rovers supporter and had his rovers top on well done that man
  2. i think mowbray has been passing his wisdom on to the ladies team, they cant get a win at the moment even losing to the teams below us , sound familiar, it should.
  3. that's a dangerous way to think about it. i bet hull supporters thought the same.
  5. not to worry all the thousands of faceache fans will be buying season tickets .
  6. "I don't generally give special mentions to players but I think Tyrhys Dolan deserved one today. He was like a whirlwind. "I played centre-half and to think that kid would be chasing you down every time you had a touch - he was right in your face. It was an amazing performance from such a young guy." BBC Sport Mowbray's comment
  7. armstrong has looked miserable for weeks, his goal celebrations non existing, summats up with him i think. maybe wanted a move in january.
  8. think you will find we had NO impact on the game, thats why we lost
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