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  1. not to worry as we are in the playoff position on BBC sport web page LOL
  2. only watched the 2nd half. how good to watch "proper" football. non of that tippy tappy along the back 4 and goalie ,hope mowbray is watching seeing as he his here till he drops.
  3. anybody having trouble with i follow, mine is showing horse racing
  4. 1 hour ago, PeteJD13 said: Having thought about it I’ve missed football massively, I live in Urmston now. So Mowbray staying won’t have an impact on me renewing, I’ve got two young kids if I stop going and don’t take them. Their loyalties will get hoovered up by one of the Manchester teams who have a presence in the local schools. If Mowbrays there come august we will be there as well So if Mowbray is still in charge you're going to start watching United or City? I want Mowbray out but that seems a little strange to me Edited just now by Kie_BRFC i read that
  5. another rubbish performance losing to bottom of league. new manager and players needed methinks
  6. how the fook are you going to score when its passed about at the back.. clueless
  7. never heard of him but he is a comedian from blackburn, just been on granada news. he said he is a rovers supporter and had his rovers top on well done that man
  8. thought it was maggot that was retiring not mowbray
  9. i think mowbray has been passing his wisdom on to the ladies team, they cant get a win at the moment even losing to the teams below us , sound familiar, it should.
  10. that's a dangerous way to think about it. i bet hull supporters thought the same.
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