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  1. Doesn't the data protection act prevent random folk accessing CCTV images?
  2. The figure mentioned most is that he is spending £500k per month the cover running costs.
  3. It would seem that the nobbers are turning against their ageing, billionaire owner Trevor Hemmings. The general feeling seems to be that having bought the club cheaply from the fans (by threatening administration if shareholders didn't accept 5p per share), Hemmings used the club for his own ends (tax purposes, soft loans), used the fans to help get planning permission for a training ground and houses - now houses to be built, training ground not so certain). It seems clear that Hemmings is getting ready to sell the club, but the talk is he wants £70m+ for it. We are all too aware
  4. Yeah, I want players who seem keen to play for us. Armstrong seems to be that type.
  5. Fair enough, best to leave it where it is. Perhaps the mods should close this thread, Blackburn clearly doesn't matter.
  6. I am from, but don't live in Blackburn. Haven't done for 15 years. Thought this might be a place to come to to get some reaction to what is a sensitive issue. Just think it is strange that not one comment has been made. Don't worry though, there are 15 pages of discussion on this on programme on pne online.
  7. I believe that there was a Panorama program on telly the other night that was exclusively devoted to Blackburn. I didn't see it myself, however I am mildly surprised that it hasn't been discussed here. Why would that be ?
  8. From Blackburn, supported rovers since childhood. I have joined this messageboard in and attempt to keep up with the increasingly ridiculous circus that our club is becoming. COYB
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