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  1. Trinidad is just 7 miles from Venezuela but has 40,000 refugees. I won't say a thing about Maduro, Venezuela, Government. One can really be proud as to the hardships these migrants go through, if all one does is defend that tyranny.
  2. Fairport Convention - She Moves Through The Fair
  3. Bravo Trump, the ISIS caliphate is busted, no news of endless and unspeakable mayhem, genocide in the Middle East. Kurds saved, Christians saved. Shias saved. Others saved. He didn't do it by himself but he did get out of the way to let the military operate. Not starting wars in places like Libya that continue for another 10 years. No Honduras' where endless lines of refugees are coming in. . No military overthrowing the Egyptian government. No bad nuke deals to a country that is accused of bombing oil facilities and threatening the world energy supply. No bad deals with Cuba that even Cuban Democrats were against it (Robert Menendez) Oh, yes, bad Donald and this latest, is another big joke charge. Let's not forget, black unemployment, lowest rate ever. Economy doing well. And Stormy Daniels, miss the news? Nothing happened. Search for it oneself. How one could be opposed to all of this and what Trump has done or what he has partially done? Nobody is perfect. And this latest in the news with Ukraine, nothing there. And telling San Francisco to get their act together where the long run Democrat city is filled with homeless, poop and needles on the street while millionaires live in luxury towers in Silicon Valley. One really wonders what one could be so upset about? Unless it is just hateful feelings, anarchism, being a Bolshevik. I hope that is presentable. I'm not a fan of some things he says like not speaking well of Nato but that's not major in the bigger picture and I don't think he will act on this matter.
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