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  1. RIP Kelbo. This forum will be a much poorer place without your insights.
  2. I've got this vid back home, great post. I used to watch it over and over again when I was 8/9, so much so I can still almost remember the commentary word for word. "Shearer chasing it on, he's behind Pallister, he can't pin him down, there's the inevitable outcome!" Classic.
  3. You had 4 shots through the whole match and scored a deflected shot against the run of play in the first half when we wern't even out of second gear. Second half you got out of your own half twice on the brake. It was a totally one sided affair. Your only outlet was your right winger who looked half decent when he wasnt rolling around on his arse.
  4. Dominated from start to finish. Tugay the master yet again, class. Fantastic performance by evertbody.
  5. Ah, well turning down 2 mil for Neill is looking like quite a big mistake.
  6. Pretty poor. Friedel fantastic, he saved another from point blank in stoppage time. Why play Neil at left back? Why? He's out of position and even worse than when he's playing right back. He's not interested, rash and didn't play one decent pass all game. And then he somehow has the confidence to push Benni aside to take the penalty and calmly pass the ball into Kenny's arms. He's a tosser. turning down 2 million and Warnock was a huge mistake. Tugay ran the show in the second half and we began to get on top of them, but never really looked like scoring. Benni looked dangerous on the turn once or twice and Jeffers was inches off nicking it in the end. He looked lively thoughout. Pederson is looking like a little boy lost at the moment. He's just not up to it and looked out of his depth even against a newly premoted team. His corners are absolutely abysmal, not once did he get one over the first man and not once did he ever look remotely confident on the ball. He gave it away today too many times to count. Brett and Bentley impressed again on the right. Bentley was our one creative spark and he faded in the last 10 minutes. Not good enough at the moment. We're missing Bellamy's presence far more than I thought we would. We're much too easy to defend against and we look shakey at the back.
  7. Get rid and for crying out loud, take your "ger in to em" chant with you. It's embarrasing. It honestly makes us look and sound like a laughing stock.
  8. I just find it amusing how Rovers fans completely and utterly over react after a defeat, especially after the first game. I was at West Ham last year and the second half performance was one of the most abject performances I've ever seen, yet we had a great season. People need to calm down and not come out wiith stupidly over blown booming statements like: "SORT IT OUT HUGHES, SORT IT OUT NOW!" or "Forget about Europe, it's the Championship next season" Somebody dig up the West Ham thread from last season, It's an exact copy of this one.
  9. To be fair, you're more or less describing 75% of all Premiership players. I couldn't give a toss what he's like off the pitch. The only question is weather Hughes can sort his fitness out. If he thinks he can then I'll welcome him back.
  10. What are you saying? That I shouldn't be complaining about the fact Spurs were gifted two goals by the officials because we got one lucky break two months ago up at Newcastle?
  11. Completely and utterly robbed. Keane's first was our throw, how can the linesman not see that? It was right under his face. The second was blatant handball. Accidental or not. We were fantastic today. No way did we deserve to get beat, absolutely pulled them apart all over the pitch. Gutted.
  12. Was that sarcasm? Unbelievable to be honest, what more can you ask of him? Tugay gave Fabregas a lesson in how to be a Premiership midfielder today. His touch, his vision his spreading of the ball all over the park and his workrate were just world class. A few little tackles? He was constantly at their ankles and first to every single ball in the middle of the park in the first half. He was fantastic. Yes he gave that one pass away when he probably should have had a shot, but that was his only stray pass of note in that half. Arsenal of old would have probably punished us but Toddy made a brilliant tackle. Hughes took him off at the right time because he did start to tire, the guy is 35. He was mixing it with supposidly one of the brightest young talents in European football in Fabregas and he completely blew him away from start to finish. He had everything today. The excuse for him having a blinder against Sunderland was that.......they wern't very good. It was Arsenal today and he was even better. That said he had two other midfielders with him today in Savage and Reid that really are brilliant athletes. Reid looked absolutly dead with 10 minutes to go but he found another gear and challenged for every single ball. Todd completely shut Henry out and Bellamy is just a cut above any striker we have seen at Rovers for a very long time.
  13. Get rid. I think it effects the atmosphere loads. It's the same 3 chants over and over again because of that drum. The Blackburn End used to be ace for thinking up original and funny chants, now it borders on being embarrasing with such well thought out classics as "GERINTOEM" It's just mindless crap, puntuated by the out of time scally drummer that seems to have a core of little wanabe hooligans sat with him. Get rid and quickly.
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