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  1. I hope we aren’t in the middle of it, as another 10 years, will just about see me off.
  2. I wonder who the current bad adviser is? It could be quite a lucrative position. Situations Vacant. Adviser required to ensure that foreign owners of U.K. sports club, continue to fail. Must be fluent in bullshit and excuses, with an ability to spot an opportunity for spouting crap, in the local press. Salary negotiable, but can be reviewed once targets of under achievement are met. Losses need to be maintained at least at the current level and applicant, must have the drive and ambition, to totally alienate the customer base.
  3. They are just being badly advised and I am sure they will soon realise their mistakes.
  4. He forgot to add, that it is the fans fault after all is said and done, as they hounded Myles out and made his Dad cry.
  5. Carry on, as you are fully entitled to do so and I sincerely, hope you are correct.
  6. This is where the biggest miss conception is. Paying silly money (even on loan fees) and putting someone in charge, who is incompetent, is a lot less attractive than paying average money to players and getting a good manager in, who gets a tune out of them.
  7. What people like that don't realise, is that we are one further piece of bad advice and we are in for another season in league one. The one season though, won't be because of the immediate promotion, as it is more likely to result in an exit out of the other end. For those who bang the drum of the badly advised and they have now learned their lessons, when did that happen? Was it after appointing and sacking Coyle, as so far as I am concerned, trying to sell the training ground and keeping Mowbray and his mates in situ, is up there with the rest. Perhaps they are now making their ow
  8. There will no be anyone to fund this club at this level and lets face it, if these lot carry on, they will be owed another £34 million in 2 more years, as they have never changed what they do. So where does this all end?
  9. Exactly might thoughts and no matter how much Venky's may want, when the well is dry, it is dry. The sooner they go and let someone come in who cares and communicates the better. This simply cannot carry on.
  10. I think the big fear that a lot have when it comes to Venky's, is this imaginary debt. it shows on the accounts as circa £200 million and perhaps people think, that this has to be found, in order for Venky's to pack their things and FOH. In reality, once they decide they have had enough, that will have to be written off, as they ride off into the sunset. They know they will not get their money back, no matter what, hence the continuing bewilderment as to why they remain.
  11. I suspect that’s because it’s May and unlikely to snow.
  12. This is where the problem is. For some supporters, the badly advised line, still resonates. It’s hard to determine, exactly why they carry on owning us, as the original plan backfired. With the global eleven fund & Agent influence, now supposedly gone, what’s still in it for them? With what happened yesterday, at Old Trafford, being about Glazers taking money from a money making machine, you can understand it. Rovers have lost money every year, so what on earth are Venky’s up to?
  13. It’s a good idea and perhaps, each renewal is sen back with a message. I will renew, once the owners engage with us properly about their intentions and plans for the club. The problem is, some will still renew, regardless.
  14. Put a board up advertising our mortgage brokerage at Clitheroe CC. That’s as close as I have got to supporting another sporting institution. I fully get what you do, but likewise could never go elsewhere watching a league team.
  15. I will add to the above that dyed in the wool premier league supporters, has their tipping point a week or so ago & let the owners know in no uncertain terms, that a super league would not be tolerated. We don’t have the desire to gang up on the bastards that own us and drive them firmly out of OUR, club.
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