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  1. After that, it’s a sale and rent back job. Similar to poor old Bury. This is not going to end well.
  2. It’s a nice feeling waking up on a Sunday morning, to another big Rovers win. The stand out player for me yesterday was Holtby. A great team performance, but thought he pulled the strings and I think we have a real player on our books, with him.
  3. Mine seems to start off about that and it keeps on freezing and the more that happens, the further behind it seems to get.
  4. Its buffering a lot and tends to end up about 3 minutes behind real time, because of it.
  5. Not many clubs will be in a great position when the current awful situation comes to an end. I dread to think how our finances are going to look and although we can't blame Venky's for that bit, they have put us right on the very edge, with the complete mess they have created over the 9 years at the club.
  6. Game on Rams TV for £https://www.dcfc.co.uk/customer/login?returnUrl=https://derbycountyfcpayments.streamamg.com/sso/start/cmV0dXJudXJsOi9zc28vc3RhcnRiYXNrZXQvZjBhNzIxNjMtYzE1ZS00OTY4LWI5ODEtZTJjYWNhYmRjZDI5P2xhbmc9ZW4~/?lang=en&__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=a1ca990c4f1efc05fa1e4234401de6998778ee1b-1583678998-0-AZB5fo6h-vvso1liLqEaM06VP6XyH5njP1gtdiuRdAoLsTr3NhawVatBJXY-I5Se0Ta1V6nRRzHV3GiGIXUtJ_npSNd2fQz51U6UmxRIr2dkgyZyJNFWtjqBlT39nEGPz8jCy80ikY7iUyZ8Ob0IWSdhvwaD7QNwrBatRn7hNOlCQENczGCg42phrp27sCNpRL8ZeWMxU_oH9CWDoh3ruYaANhYUHIyQYq_pov3V23M_f3quW_uxo7t5OfUIRlf_NwT4_5XsqDzRznKvvz2hYYfws1WGmntsiww1O
  7. Let’s hope Preston continue their poor form, as that could be key to our chances.
  8. The next home game is V Bristol City. They have a tough fixture next week, so we could go into that fixture, even closer. Preston will then be the next target, who on paper, have some winnable matches coming up. The outcome of those could decide our fate.
  9. Hope we can make it and the best chance really would be if we don’t suffer any more injuries. A win against Derby next Sunday, would give us the boost and momentum again and we will have the advantage of know how PNE have got on. If they lose and we win, we could be sixth.
  10. Graham on after an hour will change this. Win it 2-0 after looking like a draw all night
  11. I take nothing for granted, after our losses to the likes of Charlton and Luton at home. I do think we are capable of beating Derby and Cardiff away and would hope we can win one of the home games, against either West Brom or Leeds. We beat BCFC away, so why not at home too? If we can collect 12 points from those games, I am sure we will make the play offs.
  12. He did, at 2.00PM with his wife son and daughter in law at his side. I got the message from Helen, his daughter in law, shortly after he passed away. She had told me earlier in the week, he was near the end. he was a great guy Brian and I have a lot to thank him for, as I wouldn’t have been where I am in business today, without him. I spent many an hour with him at his office in Leyland, chatting about football and all sorts of other things. There is a tribute to him on the Telegraph site and it is quite a nice piece RIP Brian you are one of life’s special people.
  13. Kean did in fact resign as has now been pointed out. I would also perhaps suggest that is it very unlikely that he would have ever been sacked, as he was far to close to the people at the business end of the operation.
  14. I have a feeling that they wouldn't have a huge void in their lives, like a fan would, if the club suddenly went up in smoke.
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