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  1. Anyone can make a mistake, but when you are so blind, you haven't even noticed how the owners spell the name of their business, they I give up. He wasn't really worth replying to.
  2. I only watched on TV but thought overall the display and result was fine. Looking at the comments made when the team was announced, I thought we were going to get trounced, but we deserved the draw in my opinion. Who knows, who we will sign, but I can't see Armstrong still being here. Brererton look great when he came on and I thought Buckley was excellent in most things he did. without wanting to sound too update and being based solely on what I saw last night, we should not be one of the worst 3 teams.
  3. Buckley sprayed a few good passes around and tracked back well too. Definitely a big season for him and hope he makes his mark.
  4. Great challenge on Armstrong. Thought he was about to score.
  5. Yes me and hoping the feed will start at 7.25PM
  6. I wonder how we would do that? Send them a letter, inviting them to a game perhaps?
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