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  1. I honestly think there are more than that Josh. Lots love the club, but hate what is going on and would rally round, in the hour if need.
  2. This bad advice, seems to follow these humble people around. Good job these stories, are just musings in a blog!! https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/blackburn-chairwoman-anuradha-desai-faces-3314094.amp
  3. This is why we are angry Tony and in answer to your question, about how far we want to go back, about eleven years please. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1347547/amp/The-Bollywood-billionaires-Blackburn.html
  4. Don’t forget, Mowbray has described the owners, as very humble people. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/pune/venkys-director-among-4-booked-after-manager-alleges-assault/articleshow/34550989.cms
  5. It’s almost certainly the attraction of a big signing on fee, that makes a move attractive. Say the same wage to move from Rovers to club B are on offer, but because the buying club have no transfer fee to pay, then the player gets a slice of that would have been. The strategy perhaps, should be, we pay the equivalent of that fee to keep them, as a re signing bonus and wages at the same level, but perhaps it isn’t as simple as that.
  6. Absolutely, the town and the surrounding area suffer badly, as well as the people directly involved. They may not be the worst owners ever, but they are by far the worst thing that has happened to the club, since I started going in 1973.
  7. I will raise a glass of Claret to him on Saturday night, if he does.
  8. If ever there was a must win fixture this is surely it. After the frustration of throwing away a two goal half time lead again, in the last home game, for the second time this season, the frustrating theme, seemed to be the order of the day, even before the game started on Tuesday night. Reading sit above us in the league and have won two of their last 3 away fixtures, including an impressive 2-1 victory at Fulham. Given that I don’t want to big up the opposition, I am hoping we set off on the front foot and go at them, as I would settle for a 2-0 half time lead again, with the half time team talk being, go for a third, not sit back and protect what we have got, which seemed to be the case, with both the Luton and Coventry fixtures. If we fail to win this one, then I think the fans will start to look over our shoulders. A win, could just settle the nerves and give a tiny bit of hope to even the staunchest of fans, who seem to be losing their faith. Sadly I don’t see us winning it and predict another frustrating afternoon and go for a 1-1 draw.
  9. I think you are wrong with the job losses. Sadly plenty of the lower paid people, such as ticket office staff, have paid the price.
  10. The only was Venkys will appoint someone who can deliver, will be if they sign up to just eat, to get some of their chicken distributed.
  11. Perhaps Waggott can have a word with Mowbray and ask him why he decided to frustrate QPR and at the same time, frustrate all the Rovers fans too? Maybe the theme of frustration may be totally apt, by the time we get to the Sheff U fixture, when we see no increase in the home attendance figures, due to the fans thinking, another dire performance and frustrating afternoon, is not worth £15. I bet the CEO will then be very frustrated.
  12. One think I have thought about, when it comes to the money available for players and their wages. I wonder how a club like Accrington Stanley would fair if someone gave them £20 million a year to waste?
  13. Just the same really as Warnock being lined up, as manager and then Coyle appointed at the last minute. The unstable nature of the club and the farcical nature, in which the owners make their decisions, go hand in hand. Do not be too surprised if Mowbray is given a new contract at the last minute, if the owners realise, that paying someone who could manage the club and move us forward costs more than they are willing to pay. The £20 million they supposedly pump in every year, may as well be donated to the local Indian children's home, as it will do more good there, than it ever will throwing it away at our club every year.
  14. Mix that in with a Burnley fan having more fun than he would in a brothel and they may struggle to attract many subscribers.
  15. Let’s hope the changes going on this time, aren’t quite as big!!
  16. Happy to be corrected and add significant to that post. As already mentioned by several people that initiative has coincided with our latest death spiral, so is unlikely to help, very much. An improvement made to rectify a significant blunder, both made by the same person, hardly suggests an improvement though, in my view. It is merely trying to makes amends for a big mistake.
  17. It’s beginning to sound like the monty Python what have the Romans done for us scene?
  18. I’m struggling to find out what has improved (assuming you mean post Venkys) but can provide a very long list of things that may not have improved. Would you care to enlighten the forum on what has improved?
  19. I am wrong am I? Is there anything you have been wrong with on here?
  20. Egg on the face of the lub perhaps? I don’t waste my time on anything and I have more important things in my life to worry about. I believe that my approach was the right way and I hope it bears fruit. The plus side is that if I have been lied to and the information provided is a charade then imagine how that would now reflect on the club when it is fully documented both verbally and email ? I am not a fly by night reporter seeking a one hit wonder I want wholesale changes to my club and armed with the information that I already had, info from fellow fans and media sources I have now added the words of representatives from inside the club. I doubt very much that there would be any reason why the club would want further egg on their faces because it would attract a really negative slant on them
  21. It doesn't see to make sense does it, but when I questioned if he had an agenda, he suggested he doesn't?
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