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  1. 31 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    The way I look at it is Fulham and Bournemouth are the 2 best teams , but the third best team in the league is to be decided and I think we have more in the locker. Of the teams in the play offs I think maybe QPR are the dark horses, but again no world beaters. It's there for the taking this season. You couldn't even say the top 2 are set in stone , I think Bournemouth could drop out

    I agree with that, so next week will be a big test. Given recent results, it’s a free hit, so we can go there relaxed and see what happens. 

  2. Delighted with that win and current league position. What is also very pleasing, is the number of players, who are in the side, having come though the ranks.

    As many have already said, Buckley was superb yesterday. I also think we have a find in Pickering too, who has been faultless in his two games, since his injury.

    Hope we can beat PNE next week. I will be there with my son & Grandson, having a few days in the UK pre Christmas. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Gav said:

    I read what you wrote and now you're rowing back faster than Redgrave and Pinsent.

    When Blackburn Rovers 2011 was sold, its was a club sat 11th in Premiership, punching well above its weight, with a boardroom full of footballing people and an experienced manager and very good players. 

    2yrs later we had no boardroom structure, we sat firmly in league 1 having sacked many good people that worked day to day at the club, we had crooks filling deep pockets and a visit to the old bailey under our belts.

    Are you telling me that was setup for success? I'm telling you that was setup to fail and it did just that.

    It could be argued that relegation was not deliberate, but if I set off on a journey of 800 miles with a tank of petrol and no money, chances are my neglect to plan to fill the tank back up, would mean I would not complete my journey. The club was badly neglected by a group of chancers.

  4. Not a great game. Long throws and bully boy tactics, seemed to throw us off our stride. Thought we were slightly better second half but no more than 5/10 as an overall performance. Glad to escape with a point, as I thought we were going to draw a blank.

    Big Ben rescued us again and great to see his goal tally, getting near to the 1000/1 odds, which shows how unexpected that was,

  5. 1 hour ago, rigger said:

    A forward who scored goals for us, but also fell on his arse a lot and peperred the Blackburn end with shots. But was a fans favourite.

    It was a regular chant in the playground, when I was a kid, if someone ballooned a shot over the bar. Beamo, Beamo, Beamo. It was a word that could have found itself in the Blackburn dictionary, if there was such a thing.

    I love ken though and was happy to see him remain at the club for years, after his playing days ended.

  6. 3 hours ago, Gav said:

    Why are we £140m in debt if wages are under control?

    Wages for players are one thing. Wages for people who brought the players in and deal with their contract renewals, is another thing all together. Some may have slept at the training ground in the past, getting the place rocking and working for nothing, but they don't all do that!!!

    I have heard a little whisper, that we pay over the odds for some of the stationary too, particularly the brown envelopes, but two firms of accountants were sent in to make sure, that bit is now a thing of the past. Hope they come back in again soon.

  7. 11 hours ago, SuperBrfc said:

    The Hibs fans don't know the half of it. This goes way beyond him being a crap manager.

    They should be on guard with that pillock now inside their club. Any Hibs fans reading this should consider the following:

    1) The sporting director at Hibs left a month ago leaving a gap in your recruitment department.

    2) The owner's son has been heavily involved on the recruitment side since the above occurring.

    3) Kensell has come out saying they are looking for an experienced candidate to take on the role of recruitment. He says the candidate will be coming into a new role, not specifically as sporting director.

    4) Kensell also says that business needs to be done in January as the work done in the summer wasn't good enough. "There are certainly plans being put forward and we are discussing them with the owner".

    Hibs need help with recruitment and in particular, the upcoming January transfer window. We know of an agent that could help you out on that front. An agent who enjoys spending entire January's at training grounds. An agent so considerate and committed, that he can even go to the trouble of sleeping at the training ground too if need be.

    Does anybody know of a connected agency that can help Hibs out by supplying them with players? (and managers if they want). Crap players, but still, the odd one might be decent. We know of an agency that can help you out there, Hibs fans.

    We also know who you have just appointed as academy director. Guess who he is connected to? Yep, that's right, said agent and agency. Beware. Keep an eye on where your January signings come from and do not be surprised one bit if Jack Ross is replaced by him in the dugout one day.

    It's not beyond the realms of possibility that the slippery gits have offered their services to Hibs and got their man into the building off the back of it.

    It’s only fair that you post that on a Hibs forum to warn them. Perhaps a link to Rovers revisited, wouldn’t go amiss. 

  8. 5 hours ago, booth said:

    Some delusional twonks on that site. 

    They think it’s because he’s a shit manager and he called Allardyce a crook. No mention that his agent was acting beyond the board, then mysteriously Sam was sacked. Kean wasn’t even assistant manager but despite that Kean the coach with zero experience of football management “mysteriously” got the job. Then shortly afterwards our entire board and executive structure - one envied by other Premier League clubs, was gone. Then the bastards relegated us and the club has never recovered.

    It could be you Hibs fans!

    I’m surprised he didn’t claim he was miss heard, when he called Allardyce a crook. He used to make the pies so I said he was a cook. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    Anybody know what went on between Kean and the Melbourne fans!? 

    Australia, where he most recently served as caretaker manager at Melbourne Victory - and still found the time to irk their fanbase." 

    Just looks like some terrible luck that some dew on the grass and a lick of paint will sort.

    These fans are the new Blackburn Rovers supporters, so I have better keep my eyes on my drink.


  10. 2 minutes ago, Silas said:

    Talksport whilst having my lunch:

    Jim White: "After travelling around the World, and doing various different manager's jobs, Steve Kean has decided Academy football is the one for him."

    Trevor Sinclair: "Yeah, it's really refreshing Jim to see a manager step down and get involved in the important Academy structure."


    Aye, that's what's happened lads. SK has definitely 'chosen' to come back the UK and go in at that level of football. These lot are too much. I thought it would make me madder, but tbh their level of bullshittery is just making me chuckle. Special talent for applying lipstick to a pig. 

    Is Jim White back on the drink?

  11. 9 minutes ago, Gav said:

    You do wonder why said posters are adopting such an approach, when we are led to believe Waggott was telling anyone and everyone, in the Premier Suite after the game, that Mowbray was for the chop if he hadn't just beaten Sheff Utd.

    I heard about that and you do yet again have to wonder.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Crimpshrine said:

    I have been thinking along these lines too but where would this information come from ? Surely Waggott will not be informing supporters of his own demise unless he is retiring by choice. If that is the case, who is to say Venky's will replace him with someone more suitable ? I don't think Lynsey Talbot would pass on this type of information even if she was aware of it.

    If the assumptions are correct then has the info come from Suhail ? ( and as you say - very unprofessional )

    If the assumptions are not correct then it is likely that the alleged changes will be minor or maybe just a change of manager.

    I do believe that Rev and Roverite have had some information that they trust but it's very frustrating when tidbits are dangled with no supporting evidence while the really important happenings - like developing or selling the training ground - remain under wraps. 

    Is it possibly a case of people being fed the 'Don't worry, we are looking into it and things will improve' type line often seen in the fans forum minutes ?


    I honestly don’t believe the two posters you refer to, are being deliberately evasive. If anything, they are probably excited about being able to post some news, that they are hoping is a very positive step.

    I understand their caution about saying too much, if they have been trusted, with as yet, inside information and sincerely hope from a number of angles, that what they are being told is genuine and achievable.

  13. 54 minutes ago, arbitro said:

    From the carrotts being dangled by some posters it appears that Venkys are going nowhere but there will be changes to the management stucture. Again hypothesising but the only assumption I can make is that Waggott and Mowbray will be amongst the ones to go. Now how ridiculous and unprofessional is it that this information has been passed on to supporters? If it's correct it's another example of how poor our owners are sums up the last eleven years.

    Again I stress that these are my assumptions.

    I read into it the same as you and do agree about how unprofessional that appears.

  14. 3 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    Agree with most of your post but the scenario outlined in the second paragraph would be a Civil dispute not a Criminal matter.

    There's no doubt the Club and therefore the owners had their pants pulled down by various agents but that's your own fault for being gullible, it isn't a Police matter.

    Fair enough, although the FIFA thing with Blatter and Plattini seems to be going that way.

  15. 2 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    I was also reflecting today that the fanbase is fairly divided. I'd categorise it as follows.

    The first group seems to be one which looks at the League table,  says "oh we're seventh this week" and doesn't really pay much attention to or indeed care what's happening down at the Club on a day to day basis. All this group are bothered about is going to the games and supporting the team on the pitch and having a good day out at the game be it home or away. This group are also likely to be of the viewpoint of "what can we expect, we're only a town team" and don't seem overly bothered whether we're successful or not. 

    The second group (which I would belong to) think the last eleven years have been abysmal especially in light of the fact we have some of the wealthiest owners in football. That notwithstanding  this group prefer the pragmatic view that even at this stage if we were properly run on the ground we'd have a far greater chance of success with the owners financial backing as well than without it. A proportion of the supporters in this Category will nonetheless have probably  dropped off in the last couple of years thanks to the antics of Messrs Mowbray and Waggott.

    The third group consists of fans who were so alienated by the early years that they feel we will never succeed with Venky's as our owners no matter what. This group are also seemingly unable to accept you can't change the past and won't accept that although it was "criminal" what went on at first In the sense that it shouldn't have been allowed to happen, nothing "criminal" happened at the Club in the sense of being against the law. The majority of this group probably boycotted at a relatively early stage of Venky's ownership after relegation from the Premier League.

    Will any of the differing factions ever see eye to eye? The only thing I think that will come close to doing it is a period of sustained success on the pitch.

    Interesting and although I can see where the three groups come from, there are people, in the third group I suspect, who still go.

    The nothing criminal happened at the club, can be successfully argued, as no one has ever been prosecuted. However, if someone knowingly supplied me with sub standard goods, took a huge amount more commission than they were entitled too and then went to the media, crying that it wasn’t his fault that the goods were sub standard, I would be pretty keen to sue. If said person was slippery enough to get away with it, does that mean I wasn’t wronged, or that he was just a bit cleverer than me?

    Add to that, the probable lying in court, about being the victim of drinks being spiked, instead of just admitting your mistakes and there you probably have two.

    I could use many more examples of criminal behaviour, shall we say and of course, so did certain people at Fifa, when allegedly bribery was going on. Look where next years World Cup ended up!!! With billions at stake, clever people sometimes get away with things. 
    For what it’s worth, I am not a boycotter.

  16. Just now, Armchair supporter supremo said:

    I fkin hate lame gossipy garbage like this. 


    Put up or shut up. 

    I would put up if I could, but I genuinely have no first hand information.

    The two guys involved on here know, but I think they need to be given permission, to reveal it, when the time is right. I am sure they will confirm this bit, as I am not certain.

  17. 3 minutes ago, roversfan99 said:

    What is the information? Or what about? I dont get what possibly could be said that causes sudden optimism that everything is going to change from the owners.

    Two posters in here, know a lot more than me, but a possible change of direction and leadership, along with involvement from people who have a bigger connection with the club. 

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