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  1. Literally a few hundred on the Riverside. Don't think I've ever seen it as quiet in a league game in my 43 years attending.
  2. I am right with oldjamfan1. Garner is easily my favourite ever player. He made his debut in my 1st season watching. Speedie played at a higher level and as an International. I have no doubt that Simon could have been a decent 1st division striker and in these modern times we wouldn't be able to keep hold of him. Regarding Sam Burns; he is good to watch and has a petulant streak and is a tough little striker. I went last night and enjoyed his performance. I can see why people might make the Garner comparison . If he provides even a fraction of the joy and sheer pleasure that watching Garner brought then I will have no complaints
  3. What a good set of lads we now have. Every one of them grafting for the team.
  4. It's only a matter of time before they go down. Probably this season or next. You just know that before long the fans will turn on Dyche, and once and for all they will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Never again will they get so effective an operator, and never again at any other club will he achieve this level of success. Parting company will be disastrous for both parties, but all too soon the die will be cast and the slow motion train wreck of a journey towards the Championship, with a poorer manager, will commence.
  5. Jimmy 's autobiography from 10 or 15 years ago is a terrific read. He does a nice paragraph about Bryan Douglas which some of our members will enjoy. He obviously had huge respect for Duggie's ability. He had his final alcoholic drink in 1978 and battled that particular demon for the rest of his life. Sometimes, even decades later, the temptation to have a drink caused him to live hour by hour until the craving passed. He was awarded the MBE earlier this year. He reportedly celebrated with his first drink for 43 years. A small glass of wine. I hope he enjoyed it. RIP Jimmy Greaves.
  6. Haha. I thought that. Go with rigger is my advice
  7. Agree about Wharton, looked very good. Is he Scott's brother? Garret was at the game, watching from behind the goal.
  8. This is always worth a look. A front three of Sellars, Garner and Kennedy would be interesting in the modern game. Scotty would probably beam us up from the number ten role these days.
  9. He went off at half time. I noticed that he looked trim physically. Quiet game. Tidy but unspectacular. I commented to my son how quiet Johnson is. I would have expected him to be dominant verbally if nothing else but he never said a word. I noticed that Spurs manager is Wayne Burnett, ex of this parish.
  10. I'm at the game. Bradley Johnson is playing. No real standout performances at the halfway stage. Johnson scored direct from a free kick.
  11. If nothing else, a takeover by the Issa brothers might double match day attendances. There is certainly a very large, untapped demographic in the town who have never set foot in Ewood.
  12. Thanks for posting this JoeH. I'm glad my eyes aren't deceiving me. I suspect Buckley's tackling and interceptions compare favourably with his teammates this season. I'd like to think he could turn into an influential, Simon Barker type in time to come.
  13. Very interesting tonyoz, thank you for the time you spent on it. Our defence fares particularly well. Surprised to see how Lenihan compares to Ayala; especially so after the latter's goal. Pickering comes out top of the pops, and the double substitutes are both staking a claim for a starting place on Saturday. Great stuff, thanks.
  14. Isn't it funny how we watch the same games but see things so differently. I see Buckley making interceptions due to his ability to read the game. I also see him win the ball from his opponent with his habit of sliding on his left knee and gaining possession with the right foot. I am too lazy to put any effort into researching this but I'm sure my eyes aren't deceiving me.
  15. I think that one of the main factors in our decent start to the season is the quality across the back five. The infamous "defenders are coming" has actually happened. I am very happy with four of the five and wouldn't swap any of them. I still maintain that Lenihan is not a natural centre half and I would love to see someone else, maybe Carter, or Wharton when fit, alongside Ayala for a few games. Lenihan has never faced a genuine challenge for his place which isn't good. Also to Mowbray's credit, he has assembled a young, fearless set of lads going forward. They can be exciting to watch. He looks to be finally jettisoning this 'big man playing wide' debacle which has hamstrung us for so long.
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