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  1. My brother and I were at this game. We were aged 12 and 13. It was crowded in that side terrace and we couldn't see, so we went down to the front and clambered up to cling to the perimeter fence, as lots of young lads did in those days. At half time, the lagered up Rovers lads found they couldn't get to the gents due to the congestion, so they came down to the front and relieved themselves directly below us. We spent the second half marooned on the fence, with the stench from the river of urine making us gag. Eventually we no choice but to make a leap of faith. My brother, being old
  2. Dack wasn't banned for doing 68 in a 60 per se. He was banned under the totting up procedure. Typically, 11 points is the maximum allowed, and 12 points generally tips a motorist into a period of disqualification. Dack was on 14 points prior to his latest episode, which means that he seemingly avoided being banned on a previous occasion, probably by using a clever lawyer, lots of mitigation and a promise to be a good boy from now on etc. He is now theoretically on a whopping 17 points and a ban is entirely warranted. I assume your "rozzers" comment was a somewhat light hearted,
  3. Think he was frozen out of the squad over a contract dispute lasting several months.
  4. I don't know if we are remembering the same incident, but Watford turned up about an hour late in the 1st leg of the semi final play off game in 88/89. They were stuck in traffic but played in their own kit which they changed into whilst on the coach. I think they were allowed a few minutes to stretch before we kicked off.
  5. Buckley is a similar size, weight and age to Phil Foden. From what I have heard, he performs like Foden in training which is why he is so highly rated and has been tied down. He has yet to show this level in matches other than in flashes. I have seen him play many times in the Under 23s and I can see why there is a buzz around him. Ultimately I think he plays too within himself, for want of a better description. He keeps it nice and tidy and safe the way Jason Lowe tried to. He needs a major shot of confidence instilling. He is a timid looking lad and is probably intimidated by
  6. In all honesty, this looks to be our strongest line-up to me. Nicely worked out. I'm really disappointed with Rothwell lately. He has so much talent but plays far too within himself. A potential matchwinner on his day though. I expect us to win this 2-0
  7. Some time around 1989 I was at The Blackburn Northern Cricket Club on a Saturday night with a couple of mates. We spotted ex Rover David Hamilton at the bar and got chatting to him. He was turning our for Chester City by this time if memory serves. We mentioned that our Sunday League team was playing a pre season friendly the following morning on the astro turf at Witton Park. kick off 10am. Astonishingly, he showed some interest in playing, and we kind of went along with it in a disbelieving way. Bugger me if he didn't turn up the next morning and play the full game. Great bloke an
  8. Yes Reid I think. I actually forgot Souness' promoted team when I made the lower league comparison. That team wasn't too shabby...
  9. Mickey Droy too. Martin Chivers at one time maybe?
  10. I remember watching the replay too. I was 8. Also too young to travel. Jim Arnold Branagan, Keeley, Fazackerley, Rathbone. Brotherston, Kendall, Parkes McKenzie Crawford, Garner. The above team must be the finest we ever fielded outside the top flight, and certainly in the third tier. Possibly rivalled by the 87/88 team Gennoe Price Hendry Mail Sulley Gayle Barker Ardiles Sellars Archibald Garner
  11. I have loved watching this for a few months now. ITV have obviously transferred their dusty old tapes to a shiny new digital format with excellent picture and sound. I am curious,as to how long this will run for. It is the 74/75 season at the moment. Does anyone here remember if Rovers featured at all on The Big Match that year? It was a couple of years before I started watching. I know we were promoted that year. Here's hoping!
  12. I reckon this lad might have scored a few for us if Howard Kendall hadn't sold him to Halifax. 😀
  13. "Men with heads filled up with sand" That rings true!
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