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  1. Ok Gordon you got me there. I just have overlooked him somehow. I wonder if the malaise mentioned the other thread about how one feels about football has contributed to certain posters leaving in the last few years? I still read this site everyday but don't contribute like I did 6-7-8 yrs ago. Perhaps there are many in that category. Venkys have been a bad sickness almost unto death for our beloved club.
  2. I enjoyed adopted scousers view on things as well. I miss Jordan's postings also
  3. Whatever happened to AESF?(anti European smiths fan) heck no one has ever explained to me what happened to Peter Cucumber who created the songs back in yester years?
  4. Yeah,here was the summary from what happened in that video: Paraguayan footballer Jose Pedrozo has been handed a 27-game ban for attempting to choke a referee during a Chilean second-division match at the weekend. The governing body of Chile's professional league handed down the penalty late on Tuesday. The ruling stated that the defender had been banned for 20 games for attempting to choke Marcelo Miranda, five more for trying to attack him again after being pulled away, and two more for the red card he received just moments before the incident. Pedrozo resigned from the Chilean club Rangers after the match on Saturday and said he was returning to Paraguay.
  5. Hope things go well for you!Enjoyed your posts.

  6. Based on his profile it says he weighs 191 lbs and is only 6 ft tall.is that right? official site profile I thought he looked slimmer in the preseason pics so far.
  7. Sorry to drag this thread back up but one of the other threads gave us a link to When Saturday Comes and when I searched their database for Blackburn articles this was ne of the hits.It takes us back to the dark days toward the end where Souey had lost the plot but makes for some interesting reading. Have a look here While I am thankful for all that Souness lead us to achieve,I am more thankful Sparky is our man now.
  8. If England don't qualify,it is a foregone conclusion that Mclaren would be sacked.However,what would it take to get Barwick sacked?Would he still be left in charge to pick the next England manager?
  9. Here was an interview Matty did for the LEP.I hope we see his name on the scoresheet many times this year ARTICLE
  10. I bring back this old topic to point some unnecessary comments the Axe has chose to make.You wonder if these guys are baited into making a verbal error or just don't think about what they are saying(or possibly he knows exactly what he is saying and hoping for some type of reaction?) "I am happy at Blackburn now but you can never tell what will happen in the future"
  11. It would appear that young Freddy Adu has reached a deal in principle to move to Benfica with the details to be ironed out next week according to this blog by Ives Galarcep,a prominent footie wrtier here in the States.This will probably be the best move for all parties involved.The playr can furhter develop in a different environment,the MLS can move on from self created hype that never materialized. Lead entry on this blog
  12. The full table is here along with various slagging in comment section THE PROFESSOR’S ‘TOP 10 BUYS’ 1 Dimitar Berbatov (Spurs, £10.9m) 2 Benni McCarthy (Blackburn, £2.5m) 3 Javier Mascherano (Liverpool) 4 Obafemi Martins (Newcastle, £9m) 5 Michael Ballack (Chelsea, free) 6 Idan Tal (Bolton, free) 7 Carlos Tevez (West Ham) 8 Andreas Isaksson (Man City, £2m) 9 Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal, £6.8m) 10 Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool, £9m
  13. Based on how much we paid for him Benni should be first in anybody's list Some professor has created a subjective formula that has ,in his estimation,determined Benni to be the 2nd most valuable transfer from last season(Berbatov was first).In his words,"Blackburn's Benni McCarthy was worth £10million to his club ".I wonder if we had made the FACup final if he would have been ranked first?
  14. I really didn't know which of the numerous Souness threads to ressurect to post this comment and story but figured alot of these quotes from the preceeding posts are good for a laugh.Perhaps we can add another:"Former Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers boss Graeme Souness believes he would be a good club chairman...."I feel I can do it better than some of the people I worked for. I know I would not be there to interfere" Do you reckon he was having a go at JW?(or just fat freddy, rupert lowe , david moores and david murray)He certainly isn't shy with the quote and would be good from entertainment perspective but hopefully he would always be kept well away from our beloved club in such a capacity as he is wanting in the article. From tribal football There some more gems inside this article about Newcastle
  15. It would be great for us if Benni decides he doesn't want to play in the ANC and perhaps this article indicates that might not happen. Click
  16. Obviously,we shouldn't discount the important influence our our coaching staff on young player development (as well as old player refinement!).If I recall correctly,we are the only coaching staff in the premiership with three UEFA badge coaches.
  17. Reading Carlos Alberto Parreira's response"Benni will be back soon,I am certain of that..."is not what I would like to be reading about a retired international.Given his performances for us over the balance of the year , I suppose it is not too shocking.Reckon the Axe is doing some "persuading" as well? HERE IS THE ARTICLE
  18. Brilliant Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lifetime memory
  19. This article is an excellent interview with David Bentley and gives us some insight into his mind as well as addressing his omission from the U21's under Taylor.Also,interesting to note was his reaction to being called back to the U 21 squad last time out and that he went out of respect for Pearce.It would be nice to see him called up for the Israel match. Full article here
  20. Rovers are now unbeaten in 4 matches and up to 2nd behind 'boro in the reserve league.Gally had a brace in beating Newcastle 2-1 Offical Match Report
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