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  1. its ok we have some 30 year olds playing
  2. U21s on LCFC tv tonight free to view only need to register.
  3. dont we do the same with our young players its how the develop
  4. all this conjecture was it a pen was it a red card i checked this mornings paper and it was neither a pen or a red card we won 1-0 forget it and move on to next game.
  5. These things happen in football just look at the challenge on Corry Evens last year against Preston left him with a fractured skull and a shattered eye socket and that was not a booking either.
  6. can someone explain how united get a work visa for a 18 year old (Diallo) with 4 first team apperances,I thought players had to be regular internationals.
  7. Nice to see Brentfords manager loose it when they had a player sent off for the same sort of thing as Lenihan, bet they win an appeal.
  8. Is Dack anywhere near a u23 game yet all seems to have gone quiet on him ,also I think you will get some idea as to how is on subs bench on wednesday when you see the u23 team tommorow.
  9. only need to be in the top 6 for one week and thats when season finishes just ask forest fans no use being in it for most of the season only to drop out on the last week
  10. after watching city last night Tosin should walk inti the first team at city
  11. it could have somthing to do with blackburn being back in lock down so it will a bit longer before fans back in
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