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  1. he could be looking for a new job https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/ex-pro-footballer-said-covid-20719118
  2. I would like to see us in halves home and away like the red and black one and blue and white for home
  3. Its a good job he has rested them with all these big games coming up .How many where playing in flipflops, thought you could not go on holiday until June.
  4. its greedy owners wanting an american style franchies league no way in or out of the league, next they will be selling clubs and moving them to new citys it will be new york gunners and moscow chelsea
  5. might have a chance in this one if we kick off at 12:00 as long as Derby dont kick off till 5:00
  6. Can someone put him out of his missery and just relieve him of his duties
  7. its ok we have some 30 year olds playing
  8. U21s on LCFC tv tonight free to view only need to register.
  9. dont we do the same with our young players its how the develop
  10. all this conjecture was it a pen was it a red card i checked this mornings paper and it was neither a pen or a red card we won 1-0 forget it and move on to next game.
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