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  1. I see on rovers web page Mowbray expecting a Reading response a blackburn response would be better but it would be a supprise.
  2. if our share of the cost is £85k that means it cost over £500,000 for a plane!
  3. Its easy financing a cat 1 academy pays dividens with players coming through, paying for a new pitch dosen`t
  4. after 8 games last year we were 12 points behind the leader in 12th
  5. but that is over 4 years so 10.5 games a year, so he`s a shoe in here, can keep a few others company in our vast treatment room
  6. they have to be current internationals playing 75% of the games for their country
  7. just keep them a season and they can have a season or two in league one with us
  8. You can bet that if we had given him a long contract before last season started this place would have been in an uproar,I dont blame the lad for cashing on on the best season he has ever had.
  9. looks like another manager believing the possesion stats sounds familiar
  10. all 5 of our paper ticket did not scan but at least the steward scanned us in, i was told new season tickets have not arrived yet problem at suppliers
  11. he has never scored in premier league only got 3 goals all at preston in cup
  12. Cant belive we are going into a season with one CB and one RB and an untried at this level LB, a crock of a CB and untried kids as our defense we have got to be Very lucky, i can only see one out come from this season, hope i have to eat my words but dont think so.
  13. Cant see the claim your seat dead line affecting sales as there is not a que waiting to grab your seat if you dont
  14. not sure as i live 2 miles from their ground
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