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  1. I don't blame him for not walking. This is his last biggish job, wants the payoff.
  2. It seems to have worked on some fans. Its given a few of them the chance to come out and back him. One of them even told me that the injuries to JRC and Wharton have decimated us which is what has held us back.
  3. I'm not really sure we could blame him if he decided to leave on a free. You've just got to hope that he the rumours of a 1 year trigger to his contract is available (in our favour) and that next season we have a new management structure
  4. Perhaps Nyambe could be shifted to centre half to break up the teenagers Branthwaite - THB at cb? Hardly seems much point talking about tactics at this stage
  5. I'd have started literally anyone ahead of Evans today. Downing, dolan, brereton, someone from the 23's, even bennett at least he cares.
  6. I was surprised when Mowbray came out with that because to me it looked like bad cramp. Which Nyambe is prone to because he has to put a shift in every game doing effectively two jobs.
  7. With playoffs gone. Once we guarantee our safety in this league we need to be looking at who else can make the step up to the first team. With Nyambe facing a spell I think it would be a good opportunity to give Dan Pike a go at right back. Is there anyone that you feel is ready to step up?
  8. I'd disagree with some posters on here about some of the squad players. Take Williams for instance, when fit and playing at cb he isn't that bad a centre half, not top half championship but can compete at this level. Same with Evans, when he is in the right mood. Bennett isn't good enough at this level anymore. Bell can do a job sometimes but shouldn't be a starting left back. Then it gets hard to judge some others, Douglas, Trybull and Ayala have all shown they can star or at least support a team for automatic promotion its mostly injuries that have restricted them or the way they a
  9. Just get rid now. Johnson will do on an interim basis to allow for a intensive search for a new manager and a new direction for the first team squad.
  10. I think in the situation we were in they could have helped push us towards the playoffs. Elliott at the start of the season was that sprinkle of quality we needed. And the two cb's we desperately needed the cover at cb and again that could have helped us get over the line. Although I'd have preffered to have signed a player permanently and kept magloire around. Once the playoffs are a distant dream (thats probably now) then the loan players need to be sidelined. You would likely need to keep one of the cbs in the team to keep us competitive
  11. But we have a year option on him. Bennett is out of contract and the City lad is only a loan. So makes no sense to leave nyambe out of spite
  12. Wouldn't want Paul cook. Maybe its just a personality thing. I don't think he would that much better than mowbray
  13. Really he should walk. He has had a fair crack now If he isn't the he should be sacked. Johnson on a temporary basis then have a proper recruitment process for a new manager. Give the new man time to have a proper go at it next season.
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