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  1. Where did he play out of interest? Happens with a lot of younger players, have talent but it needs moulding into a proper footballer. I must say he looks a real prospect.
  2. About the same amount as home season ticket holders. interesting to see wigan have sold 6k season tickets in 3 weeks
  3. That last half hour team looks very weak. Very little depth. I suppose we are missing dolan gallagher brereton johnson Wharton JRC but it's lacking so much depth.
  4. Apparently Southampton have put a 2nd bid for armstrong. Cash plus Sam mcqueen.
  5. I don't understand the clamour for a back 3 tbh. Everytime england have played it we've been even slower moving the ball forward than we are now. You are in essence just removing one attacking talent from your line up to have another man behind the ball. The full backs not getting forward isn't a problem of a back 4 its southgate being cautious. We need more width thats we should bring sancho in on the right wing and release whoever is playing left back to get forward and hug the touchline. I'd also swap one of rice or Phillips for bellingham.
  6. This is it. Weve won games this season with gallagher starting as a wide striker and he didn't personally have a terrible game. Doesn't mean it worked though!
  7. I wonder what it was that has caused it. So relieved he is okay. Genuinely shocking to watch, when the camera cut to him initially on the floor and the subsequent cpr you couldn't help but assume the very worst.
  8. Wasn't the samba transfer a bit of a fluke. His agent was supposed to send Emile Mpenza for a trial they sent Samba instead so we stuck him with the reserves to train. Then they quickly realised he had serious talent.
  9. Personally would be gutted to see Rothwell go. He gets me out my seat. Its going to be a tough season next year ad we will need all the entertainment we can.
  10. I think your right. We won't get enough of the fanbase on board to make it worthwhile.
  11. I agree with you. NAPM wouldn't affect them really. Really you need a way to affect their business india, that would get there attention but I've no idea how to do that.
  12. I don't think how we do will be determined by the squad selection. There's nobody he's left out that would've made any difference with the possible exception of the backup cbs in the case that maguire doesn't recover. It will all come down to his team selection. Maguire needs to be fit as if he isn't I can see him reverting to 5 at the back which could be an attacking move but you just know it wouldn't end up being. Interesting to see how he manages his attacking options. Kane will benefit from having pace around him but the pace options of sterling and rashford are 0ut of form. Grealish with all the clamour was 0ut for a long time. I'd start with Henderson A right back stones maguire Shaw Rice Bellingham mount Sancho Foden Kane Henderson for Bellingham after an hour
  13. I won't be renewing I will however be buying a ticket for the first game of the season and telling mowbray I think he should resign. From then on I'll do some away games.
  14. I think one of the reasons I've hoped for the eventually they'll turn it around approach is I'm desperate to hold onto the walker legacy, the stadium, the training ground, the academy. I'd want all that if we were to 'start again' and that may not be possible, but then again if they stay they will look to sell off the training ground anyway. I don't know how they go, I don't know what they want from the club, I don't know who would replace, but this club will continue to slowly die until something drastic changes and its more likely that drastic thing is venkys leaving than venkys suddenly running the club properly.
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