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  1. I'd have sacrificed one of travis or johnson. Most likely johnson but I feel like johnson is in to help us defend set pieces. Then rothwell could play in the midfield 3 which he is better suited. Then I'd have gone with dolan or preferably brereton wide left
  2. I just think you've got too many midfielders doing the same things. I also don't like the balance of the forward line. Both elliot and rothwell will look to come deep and infield to get the ball.
  3. I think Trybull is alright tbh. Especially considering we are only paying about 10% of his wages.
  4. I've known Mowbray isn't an amazing manager since Doncaster at home second game of the league one season. Even when he was doing a good job it's always been at the back of my mind. I mention it on here every now and again but it baffles me to this day. He basically massively overreacted to the defeat at Southend and set up incredibly negatively with a team full of logical holes. Team that day was: Raya Caddis Nyambe Ward Mulgrew Williams Smallwood Evans Whittingham
  5. Must say this is the most impressed I have been by Douglas. Having a good game is Barry
  6. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Braithwaite Douglas Travis Davenport Rothwell Elliott Armstrong Brereton Subs: Stergiakis, Magloire, Bell, Johnson, Trybull, Dolan, Dack, Gallagher,
  7. Do you remember when players had to arbitrarily wait months to start after we signed them. Until they learned how to play the mowbray way. Think that's gone out the window now thankfully
  8. Acceleration is more important than Pace, more occasions that you will get to use it. What he does have is good tight ball control, quick feet and incredible agility. A good skillset to have. From what i've seen of him his attitude is also bang on so there isn't much to worry about for me. Lads only just 19.
  9. Pears Pike Annesley/new Carter Bell Travis downing davenport Dolan gallagher dack It would be a good game to give buckley a run out but there are just so many others that I'd rather give game time to at this stage even downing
  10. I'd include Nyambe and even Johnson in that. They should be nowhere near this fixture.
  11. Brett emerton - Shrek in Skrek 2 when he turns into a human for a bit.
  12. I genuinely belive that Dolan in what 10 mins has saved the 3 points here. Big impact.
  13. Butterworth isn't really a centre forward. He is more a second striker or a 10. His pace gets him into positions. He is getting chances which is a good thing. I'd stick with him and hope he starts putting them away.
  14. The only other alternative to armstrong is Gallagher or Brereton. Gallagher - although he scored its a nope. His general play isn't up to it. Brereton - perhaps but his finishing is very erratic still not sure he will ever be a main striker. His general play might be better though. I think we have bigger problems than dropping armstrong such a scrambling together a back 4
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