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  1. Would we. I feel like we are over exaggerating the impact he's having. Has been on the bench a fair bit recently.
  2. I don't think even if you went back to a reserves league that it would be made of senior pros. I think those days are numbered.
  3. I'd have kept Bell as backup to Pickering. There will too many other issues to solve this summer other than backup left back.
  4. Don't forget though the club exists purely to facilitate these dream realising moves for players.
  5. Couldn't think of a player who has been here as long as Evans who I have so little affection for. He was alright for a bit when he wanted a new contract or in that first couple of months but beyond that he's been a passenger for far too long. Deserves to just drift away into the night.
  6. Maybe they are struggling to leave the 'mowbray is the messiah' club. I think it must be a lot easier to watch the games 100% believing that he is 'the guy'
  7. Rhodes was certainly not hated. Not rated by some but never hated. He was a very limited player, just so happened that the thing he was limited to was the thing that wins you games.
  8. Its very obvious rovers are going to struggle today. Cardiff are a massive side physically and will play to their strengths. Set pieces are a worry with us having such a small side. Hope we are up for the battle.
  9. If we were to go down that specific style of play route I'd be very keen. But like other posters have said we take anyone with a plan atm. Thats the one thing we desperately need. Someone with a plan. Because we sure as s### aint getting it from above.
  10. Anyone else interested by critchley at Blackpool? Wpuld certainly suit some of the players we have.
  11. I can see us getting draws but atm i genuinely can't see us getting a win. If we potted him now I think you would get a reaction from the players
  12. Mowbrays teams play good football. Do they? Weve played good football under mobwray for less than half a season.
  13. I take pride in the performances, not the results, I’ve always said that I’m a performance related coach and I think the performance of the team has generally been good. Thats Kean level delusional. Performances are not 'generally good' He needs to be replaced with a results related coach.
  14. Do you remember how everythinwould be alright when travis was fit? Always an excuse
  15. Has he gone yet? I'm finding it hard to come on this forum atm because their isnt much else to say. The manager needs to go, has done for a while (suppose their is a debate when he shouldve gone but I can't be bothered to have it right now). Whats worrying me is how apathetic I am to all of this. We just lost to the team bottom of the league who are really playing a league above their level, we are 1 win in 13, as poor a run as I can remember and YET I don't feel like the manager is in much jeopardy. Everything about that insipid display today for me comes from the manager. His
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