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  1. Rovers say farewell to Emma McDougall - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151500112617090
  2. I wasn't at the game today either (due to working out of the area), but having seen the youtube clip of the minutes applause I can honestly say that the fans of both clubs were a credit. A minutes silence was held before the girls CofE games this morning. Today, is what Blackburn Rovers is all about and given what's happened to the club over the last few years, it's clear that some people will never get it. I have written an article / tribute to Emma for Women's Football website Shekicks.net and I'm hoping that this will be posted in the next couple of days..
  3. Blackburn Rovers Ladies players, staff and fans are today mourning the loss of a very talented and brave young lady, after Emma (McDougall) Mincher, sadly passed away today at the tender age of 21. Emma played for Rovers for 2 years after being signed on the recommendation of midfiedler Lynda Shepherd. Emma was a player of raw talent, a winger with an outrageous burst of pace. She could go past a defender in an instant and left England defender, Rachel Unitt, more than a little embarressed on several occassions. Emma was given the nickname, 'The Roadrunner' by the fans at Shawbridge. Em
  4. http://www.demotix.com/news/1349535/blackburn-rovers-burying-premier-league-relegation-funeral#slide-19
  5. A Rovers season ticket holder for 28 years, football photography know means I rarely get to Ewood. I've been watching Blackburn Rovers Ladies FC for the last six years (never miss a home game)and encourage every other Rovers fan to go and watch the team...they are part of the club and need (deserve) your support. Women's football is alot better than you think.
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