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  1. No criticism from me Joe - fans forum is exactly for the type of chat you brought. Many thanks for sharing it. Seems there's so much complexity to signing a new player that we're not aware of and nothing is ever straightforward. IMO Mowbray is a very cagey operator, keeps cards close to his chest and only shares what he wants people to know.
  2. I've no idea, but could be sports nutrition company like Musashi, or compression wear like 2XU?
  3. Dack didn’t look anywhere near a £15m player yesterday. Can he perform without Graham? They have a chemistry that makes them both better than the individual parts.
  4. Nuttall scored 2 goals today for the U23s against a full strength Southport FC team. First was a peach, free kick, outside the box, keeper didn’t even move as it went in off the post. Great technique. Second was a right place right time effort. I think it would probably gone in any way, but Joe was there to apply the finishing touch just to make sure. IMO he really needs to be playing first team football somewhere. if he does move on a permanent basis then I hope Rovers build in a future sell on clause, because he does have a very handy knack for scoring goals.
  5. I recently re-watched Moneyball. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you do. Billy Beane’s recruitment policy and team selections baffled people too.
  6. But what if their basic wage is relatively low, with top ups based on games played? As we don’t know details of how players wages are packaged/ incentivised it’s futile to speculate. Good fun, but futile.
  7. Jedinak has also been released by Villa. Has been Mr reliable in the past, but is his race run now? Genuine question - I ain’t seen him play in ages.
  8. Ah, the remain or leave conundrum. We all know how that one plays out...
  9. Un f ing believable Some people just can’t resist meddling where meddling ain’t required. Patience.
  10. Players or Manager to blame? It’s never so binary is it? ’it’s a poor workman that blames his tools’ vs. ‘give me the tools and I’ll do the Job’ There’s a bit of truth in both. Personally I like the stability that Tony Mowbray has brought to the club and think he has played a major role in restoring pride. I think it would be foolish and impetuous to get rid of him. For every piece of Arte there needs will always be lots of Labore required.
  11. If Don is willing to chat more I’d love to hear him. Congratulations to all involved - very well done.
  12. My ‘other’ is Tony Parkes. I don’t think there’s any need to explain the rationale for him. As the HOF has been created by the former players association they can write their own rules. If they choose to limit to former players only then so be it. As for future inductees - showing my age here - I’d like to put forward Glenn Keeley, Terry Gennoe, Howard Gayle, Noel Brotherston or Howard Kendal.
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