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  1. I have paid but when I click watch match the subscribe page appears
  2. My opinion of the links with Stoke are, that it is all conjecture. A journalist will have heard of a connection but doesn't know what. The link is made with Michael O'Neil and Corry Evans, but nothing develops. Rovers need a centre back, Harry Souter is available so this is the next name. Due to Stokes bloated squad they are getting rid of players so Liam Lyndsay's name crops up. Even though they want their £2 million back and Rovers don't have any cash. I am surprised that Rovers haven't been linked with Adam Davies, the goalkeeper. He went to Stoke and hasn'
  3. Rovers signed Duffy for less than £1 miilion and Hanley through the youth system. They were sold for £9 million plus Rovers signed Gordon Greer, Derrick William, Charlie Mulgrew and Wes Brown. And were relegated.
  4. With Barnsley they don't have much debt but the owners won't spend. Last season they sold both centre backs and were nearly relegated. Liam Lindsey to Stoke for £2 miilion plus and Ethan Pinnock to Brentford who cost £500k for £3 million. Similar in a way to when Rovers sold Duffy and Hanley in the same closed season.
  5. A work colleague of mine supports Barnsley and this is what they do. He states that no one will pay mega bucks for a Barnsley player, so they sell with add ons. John Stones went to Everton for £3 million then was sold to Man City, the add on payments to Barnsley were over double what they sold him for.
  6. Enjoyed that. Another first timer on ifollow Who were the commentary team?
  7. I didn't need to re log in clicked on latest match then view match
  8. Ifollow up and running I feared the worst after a week where technology seemed to fail continuosly
  9. Exactly the same for me. Do we get refunds if they can't sort it out?
  10. Cheers Rev Done all this. My fault I expect. This site doesn't link my account with my Email. They must have my old Email details. No answer on the phone lines, so I clicked FAQ which has an Email address to the club. I briefly outlined what I thought was wrong and sent off the Email. I would expect they are very busy.
  11. I get the same as a season ticket holder. No Emails though with a code. I will phone tomorrow. I have been reluctant to contact Rovers as often they're not much help.
  12. The steps you gave earlier, are they better than the Rovers site one? I've obviously missed the deadline as well. I may buy the match and sort out the rest later. I have had a very busy few months so have not paid too much attention to this. I thought it would be a case of type in your season ticket details. Or is this too simple. Anyway, Thanks Rev.
  13. I don't think I will. I am not on Myrovers. I do all my business up front, pay straight for the season ticket etc. The site isn't helpful, there should be a simple what to do page.
  14. OK I've probably missed something. But I have tried to register as a season ticket holder on Ifollow to watch the game. But the site requests a promo code What is it? And how do I get one? This is blindingly obvious to many but......…...
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