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  1. I'm confused after the transfer window shut many on here were hailing us as having one of the best squads in the division... fast forward a couple of weeks and we are struggling because we are carrying so many injuries and having to use the squad and that is why we are near the foot of the table... ?
  2. Did we not sign a young Greek Keeper back in early 2010's? might have been for the youth team but you never said first team only ? Edit: Found his name, Nikolaos Giannakopoulos
  3. And be paying them a hell of a lot more in wages every week in fairness...
  4. Oh so you accept that Arsenal did have an interest in Raya then? well that's a quick turn around from last night
  5. Maybe he was but I can only find one extension reported before Venkys arrived which was in response to his fine form after arriving for next to nothing and cementing himself as a major part of the first 11, otherwise known as reward for fine form. Could be wrong, who knows but clubs giving contracts to players to ward off interest usually publicly announce the new deal, you know like Brentford did with Raya ?‍♂️ The truth is nobody knows anything for certain but they take from the information widely available to make a educated guess. The educated guess is Arsenal had interest in Raya at the very least.
  6. You take it in whatever way you want. And using Samba and Venkys at a time where they were absolutely clueless with an agent running the show as a yardstick is pointless, you are proving my point that we are not an example to use as a club being run well, especially at that time. Brentford on the other hand are not exactly pumping contracts out to all and sundry when an agent claims interest in his client, if they want to protect their investment from a club who has submitted an interest to the club however...
  7. yep, because all it takes is an agent claiming a link to a club to bolster his clients contract... Do you have any idea how stupid this sounds? If it was that easy every agent would be doing it.
  8. I'm sorry you are right! No transfer ever completed has only ever had evidence that only comes from newspaper speculation... Of course Brentford will accept a £10m bid for any of their players no matter who they are, heck if Arsenal want you they can just name the price they want to pay and all clubs fold... How could we be so blind... Oh wait ? Just because when we issue a hands-off warning/not for sale stance we end up selling don't mean other clubs do. Let's take Brentford for example Benrahma is for sale at the right price with numerous clubs publicly declaring interest in signing him, still at Brentford though... why is that do you think?
  9. Again do a search on google the same people/publications reporting the bids for Sancho have reported the Arsenal bids for Raya. Stop being cantankerous. Nobody has said Raya turned Arsenal down however it has been widely reported Brentford turned down offers from Arsenal.
  10. It is used to serve to prove/disprove an alleged "Fact" but evidence alone is not enough to prove/disprove anything, as evidence can be contradictory. But this is a transfer thread so lets not go off topic here and open a whole can of worms... ?
  11. No not at all, by the same logic Sancho should be a United player... he isn't though is he! Messi publicly stated his desire to leave Barcelona... where is he again?
  12. I didn't ask him to prove anything, I asked for his evidence that Arsenal were not interested in Raya, evidence and proof are not the same thing.
  13. No Its multiple press publications/agencies assertion.
  14. Oh 8 games in the Premier League is Premier League Class pull the other one... And the evidence is all over google type "David Raya Arsenal bid" 100's of websites offering evidence Arsenal had bids for Raya. can you post evidence that Arsenal were never interested in Raya...
  15. Of course there isn't, but then that wont fit the narrative some on here are trying to peddle about the Raya debacle. Sam Johnstone moved to West Brom in 2018 for £6.5m... a Keeper who conceded 7 more than Raya last season and the season before that conceded just 2 less than Raya, but yeah we made out great on the Raya deal, righto ?
  16. It doesn't matter, he was under 24 and we offered him an extension therefore we get a tribunal to decide the players value (which 99.9% of time includes add ons like sell-on profits, hence why the fee you receive is usually low)
  17. Wrong. The youth product will get you a little bit of money for training compensation and future fee with no value in the player as a whole, and is decided by the rules in EPPP regime.
  18. As he was under 24 a tribunal will more often than not insert future fees based on apps/caps/sell-on profit
  19. What's a Bunonion? and let's ignore the incorrect usage of there ? I expected better from Charlie ?
  20. 2 seasons ago they were in the Premier League while we were in League 1 Says it all, really.
  21. Did someone pee in your Cornflakes this morning or something?
  22. Aye and what Walton doesn't have a better back 4 infront of him than Raya had? All I can tell you is Raya always had a Worldie in him also. Id forgive an odd clanger if he is pulling out stops that would otherwise result in a goal against 9 times out of 10
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