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  1. We had the same problem last winter - British Gas wanted £200 to fit a heater to the condenser outlet - when it freezes I just let the water drip into a bucket, takes a couple of days befire it needs emptying.
  2. Rovers website categorically stating Benni was at training.
  3. Sky Sports on TV are claiming he has signed for Wham. Same news now on 5 live.
  4. BAD NEWS - anterior cruciate rupture usually means surgical repair - premiership players usually go off to the states to see Richard Steadman for their surgery - it is the same injury as Michael Owen, 6-9 months is a very optimistic timescale for recovery. Surely this means dipping into the market this Jan - and not just for Dunny.
  5. Hilton Park services M6 J 10A / 11 - dont agree with Ozzie, you will enjoy Holland's pies at Ewood when you come in May.
  6. Sorry people but I think Reading will be too strong for Rovers after a midweek game as well - 2-0 Reading.
  7. 2-1 to Rovers, Savage / Tugay. Sub 10K fans - wonder how many will make the trip across from France.
  8. I will take a 1-1 draw. NUFC are in reasonable form - hopefully Hughes will sort them after the debacle at Charlton.
  9. Agree with the above - do not really care about the style / content - just 3 points will do, 2-0 to Rovers. Likewise hope they do not go down as I enjoy trips to Charlton.
  10. An open post to Mr Hughes, our esteemed manager. Dear Mr Hughes, I appreciate that your toe nail clippings know more about football than I do but it really is time to look at our friend Moulting Gammy Ploderson. Perhaps because he hails from Tromso and it is currently continually pitch black there but what other excuse is there for his performance today - throw ins to the players in black - cunning camoflauge - perhaps it looks like blue / white in the land of the continual darkness. His crosses were expertly delivered to the near post which was expertly marked by at least 2 Fulham player
  11. Only out of the bottom 3 on goal difference - really must get 3 points on Saturday, 2-1 to Rovers, McBride for Fulham, Jeffers / Savage - not looking forward to this at all!
  12. It is on Sunday because Sky choose to feature it. 2-1 to Rovers, our desire will be stronger than Spurs.
  13. I now fear for us on Saturday - Fergies hair dryer will be burnt out by then, thanks for nothing Southend! 4-1 to the Reds
  14. Sorry people but Villa will be too strong at home after last nights exploits,that squad looks rather like tissue paper 3 - 1 to Villa.
  15. Felt a bit sorry for Basel, I didn't think they deserved that scoreline, plus their sponsor is a bit close to my heart. Q - Who knows what novartis do? A - It is strange to see drug companies freely able to advertise in Europe but not in the UK.
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