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  1. Archie Knox? Edit - beaten to it by WWWM Am hoping this is the start of the removal of Steve, but... .....suspect it's just another way for SK to buy some more time / generate some more excuses. We've become a football laughing stock and everyone but the owners can see the joke's on us. How bloody farcical does this whole situation have to get before Venky's realise what they've done?
  2. I went to the northern quarter site earlier in the year when it was still called Pau Brasil and had a great night. A few friends went after a couple of weeks later and really enjoyed it too. It got really good reviews a couple of weeks ago in the Go! section of the M.E.N too. Perfect if you loved bbqs! It cost around £20 per person (before drinks) for an unlimited buffet / table service and the quality of the food was superb - there was a salad / cold meat buffet which was very well done and the quality / quantity of the cooked meats brought to the table was brilliant. They have a colour
  3. A friend of mine had one and saved a fortune as he and his wife liked to dine out regularly. He was always trying to convince me to get one too, might give it a try, cheers!
  4. Hope Lucas does the same again next time. Must be hard living in Gerrard's shadow as everyone's 'favourite scouser' on Merseyside. Carragher gets away with giving penalties away almost as much as Scholes gets away without recieving yellow cards for his 'attempts' at tackling. I can't think of another defender who so blatantly pulls shirts, trips and handballs and yet doesn't concede so many penalties. 'Impromptu mission aborted' - what a ..................
  5. Maybe I'm simply wrong then. I do think he wrote a few good songs, but he was never consistent enough in my opinion. Compare him to the likes of John Bramwell (I Am Kloot) and there's a big difference. Bramwell's a better writer, IMO, seems to be alot more prolific and has been consistent enough to get 4 cracking albums done with IAK. Yet, there's quite a few people who haven't heard / seen IAK, due to a lack of coverage in the press (well, outside of Manchester anyway).... Doherty's music just seems to be an aside from his wayward lifestyle and I think that the hype sometimes covers
  6. Have to agree, they were brilliant and didn't get the plaudits their albums deserved. Even their b-sides album 'Out-Spaced' was superb. Would say the same for The Beta Band too - massively talented and criminally underrated. Pete Doherty / The Libertines / Babyshambles? A few good singles and intimate gigs overhyped by the unnecessary media focus on some chancer's ability to take drugs in public, make a mockery of the courts, miss gigs and occasionally play in someone's kitchen - all as a side show to his actual bands. Genius? No chance. Lucky chancer who wrote half decent songs occasi
  7. Brilliant book, really well written. Real eye opener in terms of how corrupt Italian football can be...
  8. We all knew he was ambitious, but he must really be confident if he thinks he can last any longer than Sven did - it seems like Frank has some very lofty goals at Eastlands. That said, he'll finally get the chance to show what he can do with a decent transfer kitty. Ironically, it's just about the same time that we decide to finally back him ourselves, albeit with a smaller amount. I don't blame Rovers, we can't back him with money we don't have. If he thinks he can do better at City then good luck to him, it's a big gamble in my view. Splashing out on 2-3 quality players at Ewood and pu
  9. Picked up 'Our Love To Admire' by Interpol today and already impressed. Not quite a fast-paced as Antics, but sounds great all the same. Looking forward to their gig at Blackpool already!
  10. Bought Boxer this morning on the strength of their last album, Aligator (which is a brilliant album) and have to say I'm impressed already. Looking forward to catching The National on tour in November already!
  11. Do you know if it's his solo material or the new Kloot stuff? Either way I'd bet it'll be a good show. They played some new Kloot songs last time I saw them in Manchester which were superb. He also headlines the occasional acoustic night in Manchester, but I always end up missing 'em!
  12. Latest Rovers Newsflash on SkySports : Benni : Future is in Club's Hands. D'oh ! - Can't get the link to work... Thanks, tchocky!
  13. I saw them in Manchester the other year, they were superb! I only knew the material from 'Good News...', but the other stuff sounded ok too! Songs like 'Float On and 'The World At Large' were brilliant live, but they didn't play 'Bury Me With It' - that'd have made my night !
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