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  1. sorry "mr part of the BRFCS Mb clique" some of us like to JUST read this MB but the amount of guff posted by the righteous few on here make it hard sometimes!
  2. ASEF, I haven't seen the tackle yet but dear god get a grip and have a serious word with yourself. That has to be the most self-obsessed, sanctimonious, up your own arse post I have ever read on this forum. Joey Barton is an arsehole, we all know it, get over it!
  3. It's likely mclaren will want to try all of Lennon, Barry and Bentley on the left, he needs to arrange decent cover for Joe Cole as has been blindingly apparent in every England game this season.
  4. I would suggest that Hughes is going to need more than 4 strikers for next season, primarily with McCarthy (if still here) and Nonda would be bound for the African Nations for about 2 months early in 2008.
  5. I think what people are trying to say is that given the ludicrous wages on offer, surely £30k a week to £50k shouldnt matter. What should matter is the chance to improve as a player, play with better players and possibly win trophies. Obviously Lucas doesn't value that as highly as money, that's his perogative. True, people are entitled to feel aggreived but players come and go, its the nature of the beast. Even as long as I've been watching since 1984 loads of players have come and gone, some worth mourning the loss of, some not. Lucas is good, but not as good as some who have left and Rovers are still in there punching above their weight and challenging bigger opponents.
  6. The shop that is in club grounds may facilitate but if it's not a replica shirt they supply they won't be replacing it if it messes your shirt up! Standard policy of shops that do printing.
  7. He did his knee ligaments whilst at Rovers. His most recent problem was his hamstring which was linked to the operation he had on his back.
  8. Why has it suddenly become the norm to pay upwards of £1.5m for a player with only 6 months of a contract left. People were talking about getting only £1m for Neill in the summer with a year left on his contract now some want to spend a possible £2.2m on Dunn!
  9. Yes I saw that too, he also was roundly congratulated by firstly ALL the coaching staff and secondly by most of the players including Tugay when he left the pitch. I disagree with the booing and thought his celebration was funny to the extent it was just a silence for those booing on Saturday when he was unfarily targeted amongst a whole team of under-performers. I don't agree with those who "won't watch another match whilst he plays" and those who criticise him for what he is doing. So it's a football club and it's different to nearly every other industry under the sun, but who wouldn't in their own job under a short term contract see it out before looking for something else or signing again if offered the same or improved terms? Yes we all hold Rovers very dear and want the best intentions, performances and behaviour from every player, but whilst he is employed by BRFC and picked by Mark Hughes give him the support you give every other player who has played past and present in the blue and white halves.
  10. £8100, UEFA have to stop handing out these massive fines, how will the clubs manage to pay?!?!?!
  11. there were people fighting in the BBE after the game on Saturday over why MGP was given the MOTM award. Ended with 7 police surrounding one guy and a lad (who had been foul mouthed and annoying as hell all the way through) being led away by his mates with his nose pouring with blood and ever so slightly bent! Must admit it was slightly amusing to those stood watching not that I'm condoning it mind. Shows how petty arguments can get out of hand in an environment such as the match.
  12. Well if you are judging them on their organisation of the Blue Bar passes. It took them until 3-4 weeks ago to finally send out the Terms and Conditions for actually having one. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people barracking the door staff on match days trying to get in. Although I must say since the T&C arrived at least everyone knows where they stand.
  13. I noticed this in the summer when I was enquiring about the Blues Bar passes. Although someone mentioned this topic the other day that head of PR Coar is not actually related to Robert. Don't know about Mr 'Marketing' Williams though.
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