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  1. Emphasis on entertainment not an endless supply of bullshit excuses and being taken for mugs . Somehow this could be a different situation once the initial honeymoon is over . And ours has been over for ten years .
  2. Douglas was decent 1st half when going forward and we had more of the ball In promising positions . we’ve been beaten again when top 6 beckoned , by a nothing team really . We played some decent stuff and I’d have been a bit disappointed with a draw tbh. Not sure subs gave us anything either . But I can’t help thinking a more demanding ruthless manager would get far more out of this group of players . we are half decent but no more or less than many others and we will need to discover a killer instinct if we have designs on top 6 . But let’s not forget that top 6 isn’t the
  3. Totally right . I also think we need to just calm down a bit over the justification of BB & SG. yes much better from BB this year largely down to a much improved work rate and far better use of his strength . Is he a finisher ? Not in my book - his one on one in the 2nd half today for example was embarrassing . So he’s doing ok but £7m ? Not for me. SG getting lauded for a couple of goals which is fine and today’s was great . But 4 games ago I didn’t want him near the team . Still too much reliance on AA for our goals . If he has a quiet spell or gets injured I worry for us
  4. Not disputing his quality and he’d play above Gallagher for me every week on the right side. But just saying you have to manage a young lad carefully . Tbh I thought today was one of his quieter games .
  5. I doubt it was ‘dropped’ , Joe. The lad is 17 and has gone into hard competitive football playing a daft amount of games including England last week . I think Liverpool would expect us to look after him a bit not flog him to death .
  6. Badly advised.... particularly by the global adviser they brought in themselves to advise them ! You couldn’t make this stuff up . what’s the story with Anderson being in a bad way? Have I missed something ?
  7. But he does give out £12 million on two complete and utter embarrassments
  8. Like a little boy rocking up in the park and the men ask him if he wants to join in . Enthusiastic ( which is more than many out there) but brushed off and out muscled far too easily to have any more than a fleeting impact every so often . it’s not bashing the kid , it’s stating the bare facts .
  9. Or our result last week to be outstanding ??!! Far too early to be getting hung up on league position/ result patterns . Far more relevant to know that you have a settled team with good players in a system that will work over the course of a season and with a manager who is tactically astute enough to manage it properly . The good clubs will concentrate on themselves and make sure they can defend properly when needed but have the class and firepower to impose themselves and to boss games more often than the others in the league . that simple really . Are we that team ????
  10. Yes the cumulative cost of these 2 - especially Gallagher and his astronomical wages ( By our standards at least) makes the case for signing them even more far fetched . By the end of their first contracts the £12m transfer fees plus wages for 3 or 4 years will take the cost of the pair of them above £20mill. Absolutely frightening . At the current rate it will be close to £1m a goal !!
  11. Not kidding! what position did we think we were filling for £7million ?? Serious question . That’s the kind of money you’d pay for a pretty Decent goal return , very likely a central striker .Safe to say that ain’t happening .. ......ever. So when we bought him what did we have in mind? There can’t be an answer that justifies it so ergo a waste of a lot of money . Then we move on to Gallagher - hells bloody bells. Somebody at that Club should have been relieved of their post for such crass misjudgements and reckless squandering of much needed cash. All this carried out in t
  12. Europe or Teeside - the much vaunted new scouting system, Merc . Come on keep up !!’ ?? We have a million pages going on here and actually some of the stuff we play is pretty decent and we do have some classy players . But when all is said and done Mowbray couldn’t get a tune out of the London Philharmonic. It all rests on him and he hasn’t got a clue how to set a team up .
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