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  1. Do yourself a favour and watch the full game……or the extended highlights ……for free with no sign-up required at Cardiffcityfc.com.uk
  2. I think there’s one man largely responsible for our change in fortunes: Ayala. Not only is he a hard, no-nonsense defender and a formidable set-piece target but most of all he’s organised the back four. He’s constantly barking orders and directing the younger players. Those around him are learning fast and the improvements are already starting to show. He could be the best investment we’ve made in a long while.
  3. I may have more good news. Some may remember that I complained bitterly that my 170 pound international “pass” for Rovers TV did not include extended highlights or full match replays. Well Cardiffcityfc.com.au run their own tv service (via the same mob as Rovers tv……streamamg) and they provide FULL MATCH REPLAYS FOR FREE. From the Cardiff site: I tried it out on their last couple of matches and it worked perfectly, I didn’t even have to subscribe! So, the Rovers match should be available by about noon tomorrow at cardiffcityfc.com.uk I forgot to say that “extended highlights” are available too.
  4. Balls over the top for Gallagher and Diaz to chase have worked a treat. Cardiff look rattled.
  5. Thanks for your efforts at the Fans Forum. If you get the chance, please pass this on to Mr Waggott. I checked out the info from AllRoverAsia. It’s true….you can sign up FREE to watch FULL MATCH REPLAYS with clubs using ifollow. Barnsley was the club I checked. The Rovers game is available in full. Cardiff this weekend, seem to have their own system: Cardiffcityfc.com.uk I checked them too…….I could watch their full replays free without even subscribing. (They also have extended highlights and many other options.) Check it out: https://www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk/video/player/0_r5na45iu https://www.cardiffcityfc.co.uk/video/player/0_4oiu0a27?feed=f5d2eca5-ff32-4b10-b5a5-cd503863359f&section=d820eb59-ff53-4f6c-bd02-00ce65baacfc If these clubs can show replays FREE ………………….COME ON ROVERS.
  6. Unbelievably JR gave a one v one finishing masterclass on bbc sport. Here’s the proof……..unfortunately the video doesn’t show on mine but the headlines are still there. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/skills/7297204.stm
  7. It’s a good question. The three incidents were not the same. In the first minute Buckley played a long ball over the defence for Diaz to chase. It was excellent vision and nearly came off. The goalie was just aware enough to rush out and get there first. On 3 minutes he received the ball on the wing in his own half, neatly sidestepped the defender and immediately released the ball to Diaz who had made a good run towards the box. The ball was not accurate enough but I thought there was an element of good play so I rated it one on my scale. I nearly ignored it. Finally the third cross on 13 minutes was just poor and over-hit. It’s great to have vision but it’s of limited value if the execution is lacking. So after 3 attempts I thought it was worth mentioning the overall picture. I try my best to be fair but sometimes individual incidents are not clear cut and other fans may disagree with my conclusion. Overall though, I hope my commentary and ratings give an accurate flavour of the game.
  8. You seem to be confused. Buckley was on for the entire game! I tried to justify the grades I gave in my commentary. Which Buckley comments do you think are inaccurate? I assure you I don't spend all this time posting to praise John Buckley!
  9. Who contributed most to the win? Although I used a colour scale for relative simplicity, I actually graded each bit of play on a numerical scale: +5 GOAL +4 Excellent play +3 Very good play +2 Good play +1 Decent play 0 Routine stuff -1 Sloppy play -2 Poor play -3 Awful stuff -4 Terrible play -5 Own goal I can then add up each player's score and obtain a measure of his contribution to the game. This is what I got: Kaminski 15 Nyambe 22 Lenihan 36 Ayala 28 Pickering 28 Travis 12 Buckley 12 Rothwell -2 Dolan -3 Poveda -6 Brereton -11 Khadra 10 Clarkson -6 Edun -1 What do you think?
  10. PLAYER WATCH v Barnsley Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Kaminski ****** Nyambe **************** ***** Lenihan ************************** ***** Ayala ******************** ***** Pickering ******************** ***** Travis ************ ***** Buckley ************** ******* Rothwell (71) ****** ****** Dolan (66) **** ***** Poveda (66) ****** ********* Brereton ****** ********* Khadra (66) ***** ** Clarkson (66) ** **** Edun (71) * ** Highlights and Lowlights (A justification for the main ratings above) 01 Buckley plays a ball over the defence for Diaz to chase. It’s a nice idea but it’s just too far and the goalie gets there first to parry away. 01 Buckley just gets a foot in to dispossess the Barnsley man. 03 Buckley in Rovers half receives the ball, moves nicely inside his man and threads the ball towards Diaz, making a good run, but again it’s too hard. 05 Lovely long ball from Lenihan finds Dolan unmarked in the left corner. A lot of nice interplay from Rovers until Poveda does too much, loses control and the move breaks down. 06 The Barnsley forward beats Buckley too easily and moves into the box. Fortunately his cross was just too high. First let-off! 07 Pointless free-kick given away by Buckley. 13 That’s the third overhit long ball in a row from Buckley. This time the ball beats Poveda and runs into touch. It’s also the third time that Poveda has been frustrated by poor balls from his new colleagues. 15 Travis picks up the ball on halfway and cuts between two defenders before laying the ball off perfectly to Diaz in the box. He cuts inside and his shot hits Dolan in the head………..it was heading for the corner flag anyway. Poor effort (the position was very similar to the goal he got against Hull) . The ball bounces out and that’s a high challenge from Buckley but he gets away with it. Travis wins a challenge and the ball runs to Diaz in the box but he’s offside. 19 Oduor picks up the ball in the centre circle. Travis falls over somehow, Rothwell is ineffective and Lenihan is nutmegged just outside the box!!! Kaminski spreads himself wide and makes a fantastic save with his leg. BIG let-off! 24 Another poor pass to Poveda, this time from Nyambe. 25 Nice one-two between Nyambe and Poveda but poor final pass from Nyambe. I think Diaz was offside anyway! 27 Twice in a minute Rovers are daydreaming when the ball comes in from quick Barnsley throws. 30 Buckley chases down a long ball and is hit in the face as the goalie clears the ball. Barnsley get a free-kick for some strange reason. 32 Dolan beats his fullback beautifully and crosses from the right edge of the box…….I think Diaz opted not to go for it…..anyway the ball flashes across the face of goal. Eventually Pickering slides a peach of a pass to Diaz making a good run into the goalmouth and from a narrow angle his deflected cross bisects Dolan and Poveda agonisingly as they waited for a tap-in. Buckley gets a good foot in to dispossess his opponent. 33 Poveda gives the ball away in midfield leading to a Barnsley attack but Nyambe wins the ball back in a dangerous position. 36 Buckley intercepts a pass but can’t keep it in play. 38 Ayala beaten to a header for once but Lenihan wins the second header. After a bit of panic Ayala does well to block the ball out for a corner. Ayala and Lenihan get in each others way from the corner allowing Helik a free header but there’s not much power and Kaminski saves comfortably. The two centrebacks look at each other and shrug their shoulders. Let-off number 3. 42 Pickering slips in the corner making a clearance and Barnsley gather and put on a fair bit of pressure which we struggle to clear. Eventually Travis brings down his man just outside the box. The free-kick is blocked by the wall and cleared by Ayala. Apparently our pass success rate in the attacking third for the first half was 52% 49 Lenihan heads forward powerfully to Dolan but he’s offside. 51 Sloppy from Buckley as he lets the ball run over the line for a Barnsley throw. 52 He makes up for it with some nice control and a pass down the line to Pickering but it fizzles out and Buckley gives away a foul. 56 Poveda dispossessed again. Nicely picked up by Nyambe who puts in Dolan on the wing but his cross is poor. 57 The ball is won well by Rothwell in midfield but Buckley’s pass forward is awful. 57 Travis wins the ball and Rothwell drives forward and releases the ball sweetly to Diaz’s feet, he nets but is a mile offside! Sloppy, he set off far too early. 58 Lenihan intercepts and strolls into midfield before releasing Poveda to run down the wing. His cross is in front of everyone and runs out of play. Poveda looks really fed up! 61 Lenihan intercepts and Travis does well to feed Poveda on the wing but he is dispossessed again. 63 Nyambe wins the ball well in a tackle and feeds Poveda but his crossfield ball sails over Diaz’s head and out. Nothing’s working for the lad today. 64 Another of those ineffective “from behind” tackles from Rothwell results in a dangerous free-kick just outside the box. Deflected by the wall for a corner. Fortunately Barnsley give away a foul. 66 Clarkson and Khadra on. Poveda and Dolan off. 67 Travis beaten too easily but the resulting cross is cleared by Ayala. 67 Adeboyejo turns Khadra inside out twice in our box but the cross hits Pickering and it’s a corner. Frieser outjumps Travis and his powerful header is tipped over brilliantly by Kaminski. Another let off. Finally Diaz heads a third corner clear. 69 Lenihan heads clear and Khadra’s off like a whippet; he plays a superb ball through to Diaz to put him one on one with the goalie but his first touch is poor and the goalie closes him down. Terrible miss by Ben but I have to admit he did well to charge from our own box into the Barnsley box but it’s that poor first touch again! 70 We nearly paid for that immediately, Nyambe fails to prevent the cross and a totally unmarked Barnsley man smashes the ball past the post. How many let-offs is that? 71 Edun on for Rothwell. 74 Edun gives away a free-kick in the middle of our half. Soft. 76 Lenihan loses a header but Buckley is there to clear. 77 Clarkson upends his man on the halfway line. 77 Frieser’s long throw is half cleared by Pickering to the wing but Diaz fails to chase down and is lazily claiming a throw…..but Frieser keeps the ball in and his cross finds Helik at the near post who outjumps Ayala. The ball falls almost on the line but Adeboyejo somehow fails to touch the ball into the net! BIG BIG let off. 80 Free-kick by Clarkson is overdone but the Barnsley man fails to clear but Khadra’s control let him down. 85 Clarkson does well to dispossess the Barnsley man and break down an attacking move. Pickering slides the ball to Edun who avoids a nasty tackle neatly and sends Diaz chasing down the wing but he loses out in a shoulder to shoulder with Helik. Barnsley attack and Pickering wins the ball in the corner but Edun’s clearance is intercepted and Styles smashes a hard, low shot from 25m just past the post. 87 A low seemingly innocuous cross comes in from the wing and Pickering seems to slip and, falling backwards, spoons the ball over his head and it’s nearly an own goal! Deary me we have been lucky today. 88 What’s this all about? Nyambe is the fourth player to pick up the ball for this throw in! 88 Pickering plays a lovely long ball for Khadra to chase into the box. He beats the defender with ease and lays off to Clarkson who takes one touch and tries to side-foot the ball into the net but there’s not enough power and the goalie saves. Khadra gets the ball back and feeds Edun in the D but he loses control. Eventually Nyambe wins a corner. 90 Another panic inducing run by Khadra into the box but this time there’s too many defenders….but still good to watch! Final pass success rate in the attacking third third is 50%!
  11. kaminski - game saver. Excellent. Back four.........ok. No one stood out for me. Rothwell - anonymous. Not one productive run that I can remember. Travis - Getting better. Thank God. Buckley - As usual, 'good' mixed with 'so disappointing.' Has a lot to learn. Dolan - Lots of energy but no end product. Brereton - Poor finishing as usual............it cost us. Frustrating player to watch. Poveda - very disappointing. Nothing he tried came off. Clarkson - looks lightweight and missed a great chance. Khadra - looks the best of the newcomers to me. Set up TWO brilliant chances. Edun - Nothing worked for him today but let's give him a chance.
  12. To be fair, almost everyone slagged off the purchase and the player last season……..some of them in the most extreme terms. Many regular and popular posters included. It was understandable at the time; we’ve had our fair share of high-paid sicknotes. Since the new season started he’s included in everyone’s suggested starting 11. I really like him, a proper hard centre-half and great at set-pieces. Most of all he is constantly organising everyone. I’m sure Lenihan is absorbing a lot of it.
  13. We all seem to be happy with the back 5. Midfield is a problem, even weak teams like Hull waltzed through our half too easily. Travis is a bit off his game but I think he’ll come good. Rothwell is poor in defence and Buckley is worse. If we want Rothwell’s runs we need some real bite to replace Buckley. At times Buckley seems so pedestrian…..he is dispossessed while stationary a couple of times a game. Davenport? Or what’s Edun like? Dolan has improved considerably and I like him but Khadra looks more like a finished product. He has the trickiness of Dolan but knows that he doesn’t need to beat the defender 3 times before he passes the ball. ( could be that honeymoon period though). Butterworth deserves his chance. I’m looking forward to the match.
  14. Yes, I thought that myself but there were no trademark, dominant, defensive headers required on Tuesday………at least not the half I saw. I’m a big fan of Ayala, I love the way he organises everybody!
  15. Who contributed most to the win? Although I used a colour scale for relative simplicity, I actually graded each bit of play on a numerical scale: +5 GOAL +4 Excellent play +3 Very good play +2 Good play +1 Decent play 0 Routine stuff -1 Sloppy play -2 Poor play -3 Awful stuff -4 Terrible play -5 Own goal I can then add up each player's score and obtain a measure of his contribution to the game. This is what I got: Kaminski 3 Nyambe 17 Lenihan 15 Ayala 9 Pickering 19 Clarkson -2 Travis 6 Buckley -8 Rothwell 9 Dolan 11 Brereton 3 Khadra 18 Butterworth 14 Davenport 2 What do you think?
  16. PLAYER WATCH v Hull City Thankfully I only got to see the second half! Each player was judged on the following criteria: Instance of excellent play * Instance of decent/good play * Instance of disappointing/poor play * Instance of terrible play * E&OE Ratings Kaminski * * ** Nyambe ** ****** Lenihan ********* * Ayala * ** Pickering ** ******* * Clarkson (54) * Travis ******* * * Buckley (54) ** * Rothwell * ***** **** Dolan (89) ******** ** Brereton * ****** ****** Khadra (54) * ******** Butterworth (54) ** ****** *** Davenport (89) * Highlights and Lowlights (Justification for the main ratings above) 45 The Hull defender fails to clear a long ball, Buckley picks up and drives towards the box. He slips the ball sideways to Ben but the pass is poor and a good chance goes begging. 46 Hull attack down the left and Nyambe has his man covered but Buckley chasing back gets in everyone’s way and allows a shot on goal but Kaminski collects the bouncing ball. 47 Neat ball from Rothwell to Pickering on the wing. He carries it forward and puts in a good cross but Ben gets under it and it’s high over the bar. 48 The Hull player attacks down the right, Travis makes a weak attempt at a challenge, fortunately Nyambe makes up a huge amount of ground to block the chance and it’s a corner. 49 Hull throw-in into the box, Lenihan is too far away from his man, Clarkson’s challenge is totally ineffective and there’s a bit of panic but it’s cleared by Dolan. 50 Buckley in the full-back position is done comprehensively by the winger, the cross is good and Magennis nets but he’s offside. Lucky!! 51 Nice long ball from Lenihan has Ben chasing into the box but it’s just too long. 54 Khadra and Buttermouth on, Buckley and Clarkson off. Immediately Khadra shows off his skills, dancing past defenders to get out of a tight spot. Blimey he’s off again, jinking in from the wing he lets off a shot but it’s deflected and the goalie collects. 55 Rothwell goes on a great run from halfway and slides a lovely ball to Butterworth on the edge of the box. He takes it on but is well marshalled and his shot is deflected behind. 57 Lovely ball down the wing from Lenihan to BBD who falls over but wins a free kick on the edge of the box. 59 Butterworth picks up the ball 25m out and unleashes a rocket. The goalie can only parry it out to Dolan but he can’t get a clean foot on it and it’s wide. It’s really livened up since the subs came on! 60 Rothwell’s corner is well placed but there’s not much pace on it. Never mind, that man Ayala thumps his header into the back of the net anyway! What a player he’s been this season! The ground’s rocking! 62 Butterworth picks up the ball in the centre-circle and the Rovers steam forward. He releases the ball beautifully to BBD who shoots from inside the box but it’s saved. 63 Khadra passes a neat ball through to BBD on the wing but his cross is disappointing. It finds its way to Travis outside the D and he unleashes a powerful shot but it’s wide. 64 Travis passes to BBD just inside the right corner of the box. He nudges the ball goalwards and crashes the ball magnificently into the net. Where did that come from? 70 The excitement is over for now. Hull are allowed to stroll through midfield, Rothwell and Travis look lethargic. A great cross is floated to the far post and Pickering did well to get his head there first when he wasn’t favourite. 73 Dolan flicks the ball over the head of the defender for Nyambe to chase. Nyambe does well to get a cross in but it’s cleared. 74 Hull are strolling around midfield again and we can’t get a touch on the ball! 75 Lovely ball from Pickering into the corner for Butterworth. He beats Smallwood and runs into the box but his shot hits the side-netting from a narrow angle. 76 Good challenge by Travis allows Nyambe to slide a ball through for BBD to chase towards the box but it’s normal service resumed as his shot is weak and misdirected! Moncur is allowed to waltz all the way through midfield, Rothwell’s challenge from behind is ineffective and Moncur smashes the ball at goal. Kaminski saves well, Moncur has another go but it’s high and over. 78 Nice ball from Rothwell to Butterworth near the D and he wins a foul in a dangerous position. Rothwell hits it over the wall but it’s too high. 80 Another stroll through the Rovers defence …..far too easy…..it ends up with a shot on goal but Lenihan blocks. 82 Brereton attempts to drive forward on the halfway line but loses possession and it’s dangerous. Moncur lines up another shot but it’s deflected for a corner. Pickering just put him off. 85 Khadra whips in a wicked dipping cross behind the defence but Hull do well to clear as Ben lurks. 86 Sloppy loss of possession from Rothwell on halfway allows Hull to attack. Potter, inside the box, smashes the ball into Nyambe’s face. Nyambe was brave there, he never flinched or turned his back as Potter pulled the trigger! The corner comes in and Kaminski under pressure fails to punch the ball clear. Fortunately he manages somehow to grab the ball at the second attempt. 88 Another “too easy” stroll from Hull but Lenihan tidies up. It comes straight back and Lenihan slides in to block a low cross at the near post. 89 Moncur allowed time to shoot again from the edge of the box! 90 A persistent Pickering holds up the winger and wins the foul. Travis wins the ball but passes it straight to Potter in our box but Davenport intercepts. Constructive criticism is welcomed.
  17. Sorry El Tombro I can't agree: the price has gone up and is higher than for clubs still on ifollow. ifollow allows fans to watch full match replays on demand; e.g. Rovers v Luton (also "extended highlights"). I don't know where you live but here in Australia the Hull match kicked off at 4.45 am and the Saturday matches at midnight (or 1 am during daylight savings.) At 70 years of age, I need the replay facility.
  18. Thanks for your reply and your efforts at the Forum. To contact the fans forum I went to their website where it gives ************@GMAIL.COM as the appropriate contact. I didn't think of going through BRFCS! I will next time. I didn't receive an acknowledgement from the FF. I'll send you my email via private message.
  19. Yep, that's the raw truth. That's what really hurts because there's no way out....we have to live with it...........unless some kind of miracle happens!
  20. Hi Joey, see my post of 11.46 Sunday (page 7) on this thread. It covers these points. I have written in that vein to the club and to the Fans Forum. I encourage anyone in a similar boat to register their displeasure wherever they think it will have an impact. We are being ripped off!
  21. I know, most thought he was garbage. I was in this mood when I wrote that: "He’s had plenty of time on the pitch, today he was in his favoured position and he was embarrassing. I never want to see him start again." Some thought I (and other posters) were too harsh: "I'm not going to join the gallagher bashing band waggon, I personally think he's a decent player at this level when he's on form." "sounds like gallagher had a shocker but some comments are a bit harsh. he is what he is, he needs a decent run up top to build confidence , capable of brilliant goals, capable of bad misses." "not his best game but I'm not going to be over critical of him today or write him off from playing up front. For me, thats is where he should be playing. He had a good game at Boro and not the best today." "Gallagher through the middle is still the way to go as it's better than him messing up on the wing." "I was keeping up to date with posts and some were saying brereton missed a few too, so I find it odd that gallagher is singled out alone" "Oh, he's never going to be a world beater but he can be a big lump making a nuisance. That said, sometimes he has shockers and yesterday was one."
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