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  1. I agree, Rhodes will always hold a place in Rovers fans hearts for the sheer amount of goals he scored here. A top professional and a top man.
  2. Wishful thinking from you yet again 😂
  3. As my mums favourite band Depeche Mode would say “Enjoy the silence” it really is deafening from our club right now. We are back to being a shit-show.
  4. Because there was no rumours in the first place 🤥😉 I told you yesterday if you were wrong I’d be sending Steve K**n and the Glasgow mafia round to your house. Message me your address and accept your fate 😂😂
  5. Ahhhh so this is the source of the “rumour” Good old Mercer, knowing his track record the announcement at 3PM today will be a new contract for Tony 😂
  6. I’ve not seen anything on Twitter from anyone credible that would suggest he’s leaving @RoversClitheroe has had an absolute stinker 😂
  7. Think you’ve jumped the gun here mate, if you’re right I’ll buy you a pint, if not I’m sending Steve K**n and the Glasgow mafia round to your house.
  8. This is from November 2019. How the fuck does this man STILL have a job? He’s obviously not going to walk because “the honourable man” is about as “honourable” as Judas after the last supper (It’s Easter Monday why not). Put him out of his Misery Venkys please god. If Rotherham win a few of there games in hand we are fucked.
  9. Coyle and Appleton didn’t stay for 2 years after they should have got the boot, that’s what makes it worse.
  10. We should be able to beat them but if a loss there pushes Mowbray nearer to the door then I won’t lose any sleep over it which is sad to say. Haven’t wanted a manager to go this much since K**n.
  11. I know what you mean, I don’t really care much for the “lads on tour” stories. Hearing about different managers and players though and how they operate is fascinating to me, especially stories from the dressing room which you’d never normally hear. Si Ferry’s stories about Di Canio and Gravesen had me in stitches 😂
  12. True, I can’t see him going there myself but who knows.
  13. Also been linked as a potential number two to Roy Keane at Celtic. EDIT: Just seen he’s now odds on for the Preston job.
  14. I don’t massively rate Sam Gallagher but Mowbray has ruined him. I think in a 2 upfront he could get an acceptable amount of goals. Feel for him out on the wing, playing a role he’s never looked comfortable in.
  15. Such a great character Keegan. I always remember the interview he gave when he resigned from the England job, took full responsibility for his failings and left with his honour in tact. No excuses. Cant remember a time where our Tony has taken any responsibility or blame since we’ve been on this bad run. If he’s still here next season I’m honestly not renewing my season ticket.
  16. The best one by far, although not Rovers related is the one with Simon Ferry (yes you probably don’t know who he is) he played at Swindon under Di Canio and his stories are absolutely hilarious. It’s a 2 parter and they both cracked me up.
  17. I’ve been a massive critic of Buckley but tonight was certainly his best game in a Rovers shirt. Trybull looking like a player and Dack looking like he’s getting back sharp. Still #MowbrayOut of course though.
  18. Have you got us confused with a different team? Unless you’re talking pre 2010 of course.
  19. We haven’t named an unchanged team since the final day of last season, so I’d expect a couple of changes from the Tinkerman Tw@t. Think Johnson may get a start.
  20. Even Johnson, when he’s on a good day he’s a good player to have in the team but he’s still very inconsistent. He’s either an unstoppable battering ram or he’s slow and stuck in the mud and takes far to long to play the simplest of passes. Suggesting either have a huge baring on our current plight is like you say, shameless from Tony.
  21. Made me laugh now he said something along the lines of “my players need the crowd in the stands”. He finds a new excuse every week at the minute! Thankfully though it sounds like he could be finally on his way out.
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