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  1. Why did I leave it till today to try and get tickets? Been busy at work but I’ve just spent 40 minutes failing to get through to the ticket office and refreshing the website online. What a tit. If anyone ends up with 2 spare tickets somehow could they give me a message.
  2. Well let’s see if I look a fool in a couple of years Paul. Be interesting to look back on, I hope you’re right, it’s not that I don’t rate Buckley I just think currently in our team Rothwell’s drive in midfield is key for us and there’s no doubting his ability. Top player is Joe and Buckley certainly has the potential to become a top player also.
  3. If it’s been selected for international coverage you’ll find a stream easily if your usual source isn’t available.
  4. If that’s true then that’s gutting, he’d have been an absolutely fantastic signing.
  5. I doubt we’ll sign someone within the first couple of days of the window, we don’t do business quickly here Chaddy mate! Let’s just hope we aren’t in trouble come January, I still think the squad as it is will be good enough to avoid getting pulled into any danger but other than West Brom and Fulham this season the standard of the league is pretty weak and I can’t help but feeling if we had of replaced Armstrong and also replaced the manager earlier this summer, we’d have a shout of pushing for the top six.
  6. I’m all for longevity but looking at the list of players out of contract next summer is frightening. We are up shit creek if we don’t get those lads tied down.
  7. Most of our permanent signings have always been kept well under wraps till the last minute, hopefully it’s the same again for a striker.
  8. I know it won’t happen but if we signed Josh Maja that would be an unreal signing.
  9. Maja to Forest fallen through…. Imagine 😍😍
  10. Well it could be any player at any club, I doubt it’s Obafemi.
  11. Sharpe hasn’t been replying to tweets today so wouldn’t read anything into him not denying it if he’s not replying to people anyway. I bet you’ve already tweeted him asking about this though 😂😂
  12. Salernitina, it was Crotone where he scored those goals last season. They went down and Salernitina went up and have now signed him.
  13. With the funds we have and the players we’ve been linked with you’ll be gutted with whoever we sign Rev. I’m not overly excited by Lowe but we could do worse.
  14. We could do a lot worse than Jamal Lowe in my opinion, he’s not gunna get you 20 goals a season but with the funds we have I think he’d be a decent enough signing. Seen a few people still mentioning Obafemi but it’s pretty clear that guy has no interest in coming here!
  15. Forest in for Josh Maja from Bordeaux. 4.5 million. He’d be a class signing, think he’ll score goals at this level. Clearly out of our price range though!
  16. To be fair to Warnock the ref was awful, Boro should have had a pen in the first half and also as much as Morsy is a dirty bastard his red was soft, Carters second yellow was harsh as well. Gallagher played really well yesterday through the middle, give him a run of games there and let his confidence grow, I hope it’s the last we’ve seen of him on the wing but I doubt it!
  17. Be interested to see how he does in league one, I think he’d do better than a a Nuttall or a Samuel for example. Oxford are a better side than Donny so hopefully he gets a move there and gets plenty of games under his belt.
  18. He’s said he wants to go into the agency side of things rather than coaching, shame though as I do agree with you. Although from all the interviews I’ve seen of him I don’t think he’s a massive fan of Mowbray.
  19. I found a stream and watched the game. We started okay and I’d say it was pretty even when we went in front, then it was all boro till the end of the first half and they were in the ascendency for the majority of the second half. We were sat back so deep just inviting them on. They probably could have had a pen as well, there attacker looked like he was getting his shirt pulled from a Boro corner towards the end of the first half The sendings off killed the momentum of the game and it turned into a scrappy affair, they were the better team for sure but we fought on without creating much and could have nicked it at the end when Gally got past there defender and squared it for Diaz who’s shot was probably going in but for a great block from there defender. Kaminski didn’t have his best game, palmed a lot of shots back out and looked shaky at times. Poveda looked decent when he got on the ball which admittedly didn’t happen that much. Our motm today Ayala or Gally for me. Great point given how the game went. Lady Luck on our side at the minute. Also Travis pulling there player down to stop the break in the last couple of minutes was vintage stuff, I’ve enjoyed seeing Warnock losing his shit on the touchline for the majority of the game.
  20. They were both older pros. West Brom have loaned one of Brighton’s best prospects and we’re loaning a complete unknown, but I’ll be backing him of course like all rovers fans will be doing when he’s on the pitch. Don’t see what point you’re trying to make other than moaning about other fans moaning 😂
  21. They are signing a player with first team experience for Brighton and over 50 games experience in the championship. We are signing Khadra who has never played senior football, there’s a bit of a difference…
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