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  1. “You know and I know that nobody gets carried away, I never do, because you can lose the next two and everyone will be telling you what you’re doing wrong... This is pathetic. Why go and tell the media that we might lose the next two? The mentality should be we ARE going to win the next two games. This shoulder shrugging, dour, defeatist nonsense will absolutely transmit to the players and more than likely explains why we go on regular death spirals. How about you go and learn the game you've been involved with your whole life so that you're confident of how to win the next two games instead of doing what you've always done and being bang average at it? No drive, no ambition, no inspiration.
  2. Sorry yes, Mowbray is still shit. I'll caveat that with every post
  3. Credit where it's due, the subs have been top drawer, changed everything
  4. All blame lies with Venkys. Mowbray is a clown but he's just a symptom of the disease.
  5. This. But, I will still take some joy in Mowbray leaving. I'll probably even convince myself at some point that they may get it right this time. They won't though, we will continue with this shit show until they're gone.
  6. It was in the context of wanting to impress them. Imagine getting to the point of having to trick the worst owners in football that you know what you're doing. I'd also argue there is a high chance that a lot of people could quite easily run the business they've inherited
  7. If only there was a realistic way to make this work as I'd absolutely snap your hand off
  8. Totally agree, 16/1 is bonkers - though I can't find better than 14/1.
  9. We were 8/1 to get relegated, given our window and paper thin squad I think they were long odds, and 16/1 now (though I can't find better than 14/1) is incredible value as personally I am not falling for the good start to the season.. as much as I hope i am wrong.
  10. 16/1 is bountiful. It's not really like that Odds move, let's see where we're at in 8 weeks. I truly hope we're 25/1, I just can't see it
  11. Why ridiculous? Losing 12 players and 54% of our goals and replacing them with 4 loans and a chap from Lincoln having finished 15th last year would put have us below 15th, for me. This solid start doesn't have me fooled, we're a few injuries from the next death spiral. I'd actually put it to you that asking that if I think 16/1 is generous, when I have just stated 8/1 looks generous, is ridiculous.
  12. Blows my mind that they don't have more ambition than conning some Indian chicken farmers into thinking they are good at their jobs.
  13. I will give you the good start, far better than we could have dreamt of. However, what happens when we get a few injuries? We have absolutely no depth. And - you don't think replacing 54% of our goals last season was an absolutely necessity? You also think Mowbray will change from his insistence of playing our £12m strike force on the wing? The only way I can see us being top 10 is Mowbray's hand is forced and he HAS to play Gallagher down the middle and we have a huge slice of luck and Ayala doesn't get injured all season - highly unlikely given his history. In reality, if we can go on the mother of all death spirals of 2 wins in 17 last year, when we had a 28 goal striker and a mercurial talent that is now starting for Liverpool, how do you expect us to BETTER that this year when we've lost 12 players, 54% of our goals, brought in a few kids on loan and a chap from Lincoln?
  14. 8/1 to be relegated at the start of the season now looks generous after this utter shit show
  15. LOVE IT Still believe we'll desperately need these points to stay in this league come the end of the season, but for now I'll enjoy the win
  16. Good shout to get this thread warmed up again, it's going to get very busy over the next few weeks.
  17. It's done. 11 players gone & none through the door, a clueless manager who took us on our worst run is history last year, wretched owners who don't give a shit and even if they do something about the current regime will likely replace with some other clown(s), most of our goals last yr about to be sold with little or no reinvestment promised - and who'd back Mowbray to spend it wisely in any case, an arguably stronger league with the teams who have come in etc etc 8/1 is ridiculous, hopefully it'll soften the pain.
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