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  1. Started watching that a few weeks ago. Was pretty good but I wasn't properly into it. Started re-watching seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones, then I think I'll start watching Hannibal. Will probably go back to it after that.
  2. Season 1 is on Sky Atlantic, but it's near the end of the season at the moment. Not sure if or when it will be repeated though.
  3. Just finished season 2 of Banshee, brilliant programme About a jewel thief who just gets out of prison after 15 years, goes to a town in Pennsylvania to find his ex bird/former accomplice and the diamonds, and eventually becomes the town sheriff. He has to try and take down the notorious criminal in the town, as well as facing the Ukrainian gangster who he robbed the diamonds from. Great story, great action, fit girls, top quality.
  4. Barca have spent absolutely loads on transfer fees themselves. Particularly with the likes of Neymar, Villa and Zlatan, plus they have the highest wage bill in sport. Madrid, for whatever reason, don't use their youth team that much, and release the majority of their youngsters with buy back clauses if they come good, like with Carvajal. So Spanish youngsters all know that Barca is the team to join, and therefore due to their size compared to the other teams, they essentially have the pick of all the decent Spanish youngsters.
  5. Franco didn't particularly like football, but was originally an Atletico Madrid fan, however he grew to like Real as their success reflected well on his regime in Spain. Also, Barca have their own far right-wing element of their fan base, called Boixos Nois. Franco was around over 50 years ago and it's a little sad imo to call them fascists when it clearly has nothing to do with them anymore, as well as the fact that it was only their success that attracted Franco anyway. It would be like hating Bayer Leverkusen for their ties over 50 years ago to IG Farben and the Nazi's, or hating us for ou
  6. The best team in world football that are 3rd in their league and were pumped senseless last season by Bayern Munich? Nah don't see it. By the "fascists" and "overrated show pony" stuff, I presume you're another Barca apologist. They're nowhere near as good anymore, hence why they're gonna change their manager at the end of the season.
  7. There's all the votes for the Ballon D'or, which was won by Ronaldo Not working https://twitter.com/sportingintel If you go on there, Nick Harris has posted it
  8. What do you mean? The old first division was different as the prem is less competitive. So I've only talked about '92 onwards. Because that's the debate anyway, La Liga vs the PL. Since '92, Utd have won it 13 times, Arsenal and Chelsea 3 and us and City once. In the same period, Barca have won it 10 times, Madrid 6, Valencia twice and Deportivo once. So I don't think someone can say La Liga isn't as competitive based on those figures anyway.
  9. Spot on. Man Utd have 13 premier league titles. The next highest has 3. And the Spanish league is boring because two teams dominate? People say that the PL is the best league because you get more upsets etc but that also ties into what you're saying about Real and Barca being better than their English equivalents. Athletico Madrid would probably be in the top 2 this season if they played in England. And Arsenal went unbeaten in one year....Mourinho's never lost a game at home...three years ago Utd won 18 of their 19 home games. It's just as competitive as the prem.
  10. I quite liked the Phantom Menace. The 2nd and 3rd were dreadful.
  11. New series hasn't been as good. First three seasons are unbelievable though, second in drama's only to Breaking Bad imo.
  12. The Welsh have been getting all arrogant in the media and seem convinced that he'll take them to a major finals. I can't remember Giggs doing it who was top quality himself. I like when British players go and play overseas. I know the likes of Lineker, Gascoigne, Hughes and Keegan did it and it's a shame that it's a rare thing these days.
  13. I've heard it was a belter. Will have to wait for Champions League Goals at 10. PSV vs Milan is a really good game. PSV play some great football.
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