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  1. I remember that day.... I was in a chip shop in Bootle .. getting some grub. I asked for footy scores, he said everton won (I think). when I asked for 2nd division he just said "oh, Swansea won, think they went up" NO vinegar was needed on those chips , I was sour enough that night
  2. i'm deeply saddened to read of chris' death. (and pauls wife as well of course). both chris and paul were the players i used to see in my early days as a rovers fan. in fact, i still believe the days prior to the money days hold the fondest memories for me. RIP Chris, and Sue..
  3. ok here goes.....my daughter found this site via a link over the sam sueing kean video thats on youtube or wherever. i am 49 soon.....been a roverite (old word i know ) , since the 1975 centenary/3rd division champs season. i used to go to loads of games , home and away, and was a member of the Accie Branch . (living in lancaster there was no supp club, so i joined the accie, and used to park my bike at tickled trout to catch the coach.) oh yeah...my name on here GIANT AXE is a refferral to LANCASTER CITY'S ground. i've always watched them from a young age, on and off. i am a member of
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