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  1. Rather unrelated, but just came across this photo of Mowbray from 1980. Not quite sure what he's doing there, but does anyone ever? On a serious note, surely a 'mutual' parting of the ways is the way forward. If he is genuinely concerned about the way forward and the steps he has supposedly put in place, I might not even mind him moving upstairs and a coach being brought in who has a greater tactical awareness and can motivate the players.
  2. Feel complete apathy towards this, to the extent of not watching! That says a lot in lockdown when I've more or less watched all other football. I know this is sacrilege, but I would be okay with us losing if (big if, I know) it meant Mowbray going. The season has gone to pot anyway.
  3. To be able to draw on WIlshere in the Championship is just a cheat code A goal and assist today.
  4. BBC correspondent has us dominating. Much improved over the last 15. Sucker blow time?
  5. Bournemouth and Bristol City losing, with Boro drawing. Whisper it quietly, but a win would see us in the playoffs as it stands.
  6. Interesting to see the comments of our new recruits upon signing: The ambition of the club (Credit has to be given to Mowbray here, he does talk a good game) Recent history and status (I feel we still have kudos from being one of the few clubs to win the Premier League) Facilities and youth system It may well be the line they have been fed, but it does bode well re: the direction of the club. The trust we have developed with the big teams re: their players is also a big plus. It is such a pity that Mowbray cannot produce the results on the pitch as he has been doing of
  7. How unpredictable is this league? Watford were 1-0 up at home against QPR, having won 10 of 13 at home, and contrived to lost 2-1 in the last 15 mins. Whisper it quietly, though we felt the same way at the end of the last window and no doubt this is where our nosebleed occurs, but surely we're not going to get a better opportunity to make the top 6.
  8. Coincidental that everyone form 3rd to 11th are playing each other (8 teams today. All drawing too, except us.
  9. Team for Saturday (though no point second guessing Tony!) Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams/Mulgrew Bell Travis Downing Samuel Buckley JRC/Rothwell Arma Mulgrew possibly instead of Williams (if he is even fit). I understand his issues defensively, but set pieces were dire today. So desperately need creativity, and Swansea are not the bruising side Stoke are. Johnson was pretty poor today anyway.
  10. Bottom 3 all winning too... Everyone from Reading in 16th in significant danger now. Really hope Wigan can stay up.
  11. What a disappointment. Looking at it with rose-tinted glassed, Swansea and Milwall lost in the fight for 5th/6th. Because that is the group we are working with, considering our limitations. Leeds, Forest and Fulham (maybe Brentford) are probably a level above. We just have to hope we can break the glass ceiling, somehow get in and somehow beat them in the playoffs.
  12. Games for tomorrow.... 1. Fulham - Swansea 2. Milwall - Birmingham 3. Middlesbrough - Leeds We would obviously prefer Boro and Big Club to win. Thoughts on Fulham - Swansea? Best is probably a draw, but if not, leaning towards a Fulham win.
  13. I know his signings have been very hit and miss, and there have been times when I would have advocated the sack for him. However, I would say that he has built a team that is greater that the sum of it's parts and a great spirit. We shouldn't always jump on his back as standard over a poor result, especially in a league as unpredictable as the championship.* *No doubt I'll be calling for him to go if we lose tomorrow.
  14. As you mentioned, the difference should be that we are at home.
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