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  1. I really should pay more attention to the wife instead of reading some of this drivel. Still, Andy's an ok guy and he is a good joiner
  2. No doubt Grayson junior will of given senior an heads up on Nuttall. How he trains, attitude etc I for one hope Nuttall does well and lights up league one, and wish him all the best!
  3. Does'nt mean owt, for all we know it could be the last 15mins of the game and he's just come on as a sub running down a players who's been on all game Promo vids are'nt going to show him in a bad light
  4. Well at least he's used to playing in an empty stadium
  5. Has i'm mainly a lurker, i do find all this squabbling beggers belief. Whilst we're on the subject may i add that i think this mb is in free fall, whether thats because theirs 1. No transfere activity hence a build up of frustration 2. Nothing to post about except petty juvenile squabbles who knows.
  6. Why is it, whenever i read your posts Mercer it's always full of negatives? Do you have a good thing to say about anything? or anyone?
  7. Alot easier said than done, the trophy hunters have gone, relagation, and Venky's ill feeling have all taken it's toll. As the saying goes .. Customers are easily lost but hard to find. Also without wanting to sound rascist, the demographics in and around Blackburn have changed so much in the last 10 years or so. Burnleh a east lancs prem club are only around 17/18k gates
  8. Get Chapman in and i think we've had a very good window. Cant see how anyone can moan about it really, Ok we never got a CB (not counting Rodwell) and i'd of been miffed if we paid £2m for a defender with only 12mth left on his contract. I think we can cope till January The futures bright in blue n white
  9. Oh look, my hearts bleeding. Karma Anderson Karma
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