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  1. i hate how negative our manager is, we don't do sitting back, we are better when we are going for a win, we sit back it shows how poor we can be defensively
  2. second half a completely different team! like the look of khedra very much, butterworth looked class as did dolan, apart from his goal brereton was shite, but great second half performance, annoyed we didnt hold on against luton!!! we could of been right high up the table
  3. utterly dreadful from rovers, pathetic performance so far.. nothing up top, cant hold the ball up, cant get attacks going its all predictable and Brereton is woeful
  4. ive always stated i hated the signing of Gallagher, im 30 years old and out of shape and i could do a better job and have a better first touch then that useless lump
  5. pathetic all round, got what we deserved going full defensive against a shite side like luton, mowbray can fuck off
  6. Wow, what a shite transfer window we have had, no striker, a bucket load of wingers and some untested kids ...cant wait for this season....yay
  7. LMFAO!! lasted a good 30 seconds well done lads
  8. game over, attacking wise , appalling and i dont think we will win many games playing like that
  9. Dolan has missed a few good chances here, you have to think if that's Armstrong this game is over at 3-4 nil
  10. ahh good ol nixon, a deal that could be a deal, it could be on and it could be good, if if if if could could could ..not totally dead but could be dead, might happen, might not
  11. Takes very little to beat us these days LOL. Even after being by far the better team. Cardiff walk up the other end and casualy stroll the ball into the net
  12. Past two games huge improvments, actually playing players in correct positions too, Mowbray needs sacking as a better manager has this team up automatically.. disgusting how we all know how good we are or can be and the way he sets us up and surrenders sometimes is shocking
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