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  1. We are pathetic. I can't even be bothered to rant or anything anymore with this awful disjointed team. Until mowbray goes IL only be on the board to keep up with news. Hope you all stay safe and have as good as a year as you can ..much love
  2. oh wow, well Dolan has done more in 5 minutes then Gallagher has in the past 7 or so games!!!!!!! infuriating .. well done dack! glad hes back, him and travis being back is huge for us. this squad under a brighter better manager would be lethal
  3. could and probs should be 4-0 up here. crazy amount of chances
  4. Fully expect Travis to breakdown today and be out for longer. No where near ready for first team football. Needed an under 23s game before a few sub appearances I think. Rushed back to soon
  5. Lol he didn't get it wrong per say but no it's not from him, he hasent said anything since then lol just a guy feeling our line up will be shaken up today
  6. Something does feel different tonight. I have a funny feeling this was mowbrays last game for us
  7. We robbed rotherham, Millwall and barnsley. We were not going to rob Huddersfield ..loss is what deserve. Mowbray out
  8. Such a Lucky manager! I want us to win or gain points so I'm elated but mowbray saved again!!!
  9. I really really hope the press ask pressing questions here. Blizzare subs and tactical game plan. Really is so odd. Players don't look like they care either. Mowbray seems to have lost the players
  10. Ayala off? So do we have one CB and one LB on the pitch? Wtf is going on
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