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  1. Why do people rave about nyambe? The man's utterly useless and costs us goals .. same old rovers under mowbray though 11 strangers on the pitch looking sluggish and disinterested. Well done mowbray go for your nap now
  2. That's all it takes to beat us. Just be organised and we won't break you down...that's it that's all it takes
  3. Mowbray such a poor manager. Has us playing some turgid stuff sometimes. And Half the time the team look like complete strangers it's unreal
  4. Has Dolan told mowbray he doesn't like lemon drizzle cake? Why oh why isn't a tricky creative winger being played when we need a goal
  5. I don't even think the players know where they are playing ..mowbray just writes names down and says just try your best boys
  6. Gallagher on the wing when we have Dolan...my optimistic mindset has quickly vanished
  7. We are pathetic. I can't even be bothered to rant or anything anymore with this awful disjointed team. Until mowbray goes IL only be on the board to keep up with news. Hope you all stay safe and have as good as a year as you can ..much love
  8. oh wow, well Dolan has done more in 5 minutes then Gallagher has in the past 7 or so games!!!!!!! infuriating .. well done dack! glad hes back, him and travis being back is huge for us. this squad under a brighter better manager would be lethal
  9. could and probs should be 4-0 up here. crazy amount of chances
  10. Fully expect Travis to breakdown today and be out for longer. No where near ready for first team football. Needed an under 23s game before a few sub appearances I think. Rushed back to soon
  11. Lol he didn't get it wrong per say but no it's not from him, he hasent said anything since then lol just a guy feeling our line up will be shaken up today
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