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  1. I guess the reason why you’d find my views utterly bizarre is I find the quotes in bold “utterly bizarre” equally. ..and no, I don’t work for the club. I think the commercial aspect has been poor but I’m nowhere near at the point of suggesting something “sinister” is going on. Just incompetence probably inherent from the top. Perhaps a lack of support staff or budget for that. The Buck stops in India.
  2. Reactive not proactive. This ownership lends itself to that entire issue. This is my concern with new faces / bosses below. Won’t make a difference. I guess the difference in the most simple terms, between our view on this - the issues are in India, not Ewood. Or rather the cause is in India for the staff at Ewood. It would come as a complete surprise to see that change without changing the names on the deeds, and we’ve been talking about that for 10+ years now. Still - your point about the price of changing, SW have a very similar problem - a clueless owner. Chansiri causes different issues because he’s constantly interfering whereas we’re the result of neglect… fair enough assertion? I think in terms of the fans view of them - if they wrote the cash off and injected the maximum they can, created some sort of “loop hole” sponsor to avoid FFP (see Etihad) and then immediately gave a top proven CEO carte blanche to do as they see fit… maybe that would entice more people in, regardless of the previous results / performances?
  3. Be a hell of a sign for “taking responsibility” towards the club though?
  4. “These sort of comments don’t help”… who? The club? Your opinion? Lets just start with the first bit about sacking people - you’ve a list of prerequisites for their replacement but you have no names? Equally you mention two years wasted / money up the wall.. does that mean TM and SW should’ve been sacked after finishing 2nd in league 1 then 15th in the champ? Hardly reasonable is it? Maybe in hindsight? In terms of CEO recommendation from the manager, surely that’s irrelevant? Surely we should sticking to the “poor results” argument (in terms of commercial) with Waggott, because simply firing him because of his previous employment makes no sense? You’re experience and view of the current setup is fair enough, I actually would love someone like John Williams - but John Williams made his name in the job. Equally I’d love a top down tooth and nail approach but you won’t even accept that this is hindered by our “freytening” levels of turnover to expenditure, won’t accept FFP impacts this, won’t accept Covid impact… it’s all excuses to you. Would you seriously advocate spending millions on sacking managers / CEOs when we can’t even afford free transfers? What benefit would that bring and what top manager / CEO combination are you bringing in (who seemingly is already a Blackburn fan and knows the club inside out) for free, on the basis they’ll have nowt to spend? There are surely areas we can discuss the club / team - without constantly harping on about how our current setup doesn’t match our expectations. We didn’t even have a chairman based in the UK for 6 years prior to SW… and the initial people the owners trusted with that a shadow of that role…. Feckin Derek Shaw.
  5. All of those “issues” are subjective. I don’t feel disrespected? Disappointed in last years results? Yea definitely but there is no guarantee in anyone signed or bought. That includes staff too; surely you’ve more idea of who these potential staff people should be? Constantly remind us? If ate soup once in 4 years, would that be constant? Apologies if he has said this more than once, I can only recall one article. Style of football too - massively subjective. I actually preferred our style last year than the Danny Graham / Dack axis of long balls. Results matter more though. I’d take Dyche in a heartbeat, but I don’t watch football to “coo” over effort/defensive organisation. What / who are these magic wand solutions to all our worries lads?
  6. JHR what do you suggest would work? Owners write debt off? Manager replaced by Mourinho? 50m war chest?
  7. I’d say owners - 11 year malaise. Do you know what I mean though? As it’s a vicious circle. The more that walk away, the more the ship is harder to steer? Finger pointing gets us nowhere.
  8. Hopefully not. Whilst there’s a whole host of issues we can chomp on, is there a club in the entire football league that doesn’t put away travel on? Does the club having a decent income from supporters REALLY MATTER when it comes to investing in players, staff and contracts? Does the 200m in debt because of constant mismanagement REALLY MATTER?… I get what you’re saying MB, and I agree with the importance / worrying aspect of a few of those. In terms of turnover / debt; We’ve been close to the line even before covid, and none of that has ever been the fans fault…. I REPEAT, NONE OF THAT HAS EVER BEEN THE FANS FAULT! When we’re thinking mindset / approach to a solution; Taking our interest and money out of the club will only make things worse, when you’ve absent (minded) owners, a few self preserving directors and also a FFP system that’s effectively designed to push smaller town teams backwards.
  9. Thankfully - if there was any chance of it happening, it hasn’t. Would’ve been a complete joke if the club suddenly pulled this service.
  10. Also can I point out to those charged with the responsibility of keeping these forums in line with the guidelines- I have in no way “blamed the fans” and I would argue that this sort of response is actually “goading”
  11. Rumour you’ve heard they’re not putting away travel on. Literally quashed.
  12. 1. Possibly and I think it’s beneficial to be early just not a “Scandal” if they’re in June/July 2. Again I don’t buy kits regularly so I possibly agree somewhat, no experience of ever having any issue, but there was with suppliers this season and it’s worth remembering. 3. I’m the man in the orthopaedic shoes on this one but thankfully the rumour about not having club transport was nonsense. Just so you know, I don’t “think it is the job of a true fan to accept being made a fool of by lowlife like Waggott and Venkys but I don't.” Equally - I don’t think the job of a “supporter” is to find every single thing they dislike about the club, manager, directors, owners and peddle it daily on a forum “for the fans”. Its great that we get to make our own minds up on that.
  13. Three word slogan + dragging up old argument = pointless even replying
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