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  1. Cheers Chaddy. One thing I would say is a ten reasons behind why I have this view: 1. “Chequebook journalism” - aka the person benefiting from the story pays for it 2. phone hacking scandal 3. Owned by Murdoch 4. Miners strike 5. falklands 6. hillsborough 7. homophobia and aids articles 8. employing Katy hopkins 9. Stirring up racial tension (as recently as Brexit with use of “frogs”, “krauts” etc) Probably Loads more
  2. End of the day my opinion on this matter is the “national” press and standard of journalism in this country is appalling. Its particularly bad in the Sun. I don’t care if you agree or not.
  3. We need a shield from Murdoch rags, we have enough problems as it is.
  4. The Sun? Thats what I call scraping the barrel. Also if the lorries are half empty, doesn’t that mean more than “traffic”?
  5. I was being flippant. I think credit should be given to those in frontline NHS services, prepared to go back out again and again for our care, testing and now vaccines. Give them more money and holidays. We are living in one of the richest and most scientifically advanced countries. In years to come, I’m sure the overall narrative when looking back will be “how the f*** did we get it so wrong, so many times”
  6. I’m not sure credit is what I’d call it. I also think relatives of the 100,000+ dead may baulk at the idea of “clap for Boris”
  7. Whataboutery again? I don’t care what Kate Green, a person of no power and little influence says about a crisis. “But let’s see how he does”...”let’s judge him on the role”... this is someone who shouldn’t be anywhere near it. You can’t even bring yourself to critique. Would this be your answer for literally any nepotistic appointment they make? I think it’s fair to respond to whatever you choose, but I don’t recall anyone else being quite as picky about the parts they reply too. Hence why you probably got so upset about being called a socialist. Something now a dirty
  8. You read all my post and then start with that. Hence why BB and others think you cause arguments on purpose. I told you exactly why I think many of the country think like the first point you made - the stories they’re sold, day to day in the press. Also I don’t think the leader of the current party would be that popular with many “actual” conservatives but it certainly won over many who couldn’t see themselves being played. Also I mentioned being played by slogans - which is exactly what you’re saying when you call “get Brexit done” a policy.. When the conservatives say 20
  9. It’s a shame it doesn’t actually drive people away from politics in one sense, because this perceived “elitism” which is based on taking some things with a pinch of salt, hasn’t stopped people voting against or for things. Hence why I’m sick of hearing this “being talked down too” rhetoric (that elitism / class sneering is turning people off politics) for explaining why votes for Brexit / conservative in places that won’t benefit from either. Do you mean this is driving people to further right wing attitudes? Perhaps could agree on that, maybe it’s just people’s natura
  10. Thing about this joke - it’s one of the reasons I seldom ever discuss politics with “factory working” friends anymore since that frigging advisory referendum... No disrespect to that environment for their employment / work, it’s the way Rupert Murdochs narrative seems to be prevalent and parroted as those papers are the “voice of the people” The minute you try and explain that the sponsored article or “journalist” attacking someone or something might have an axe to grind or “friends” to help; classic lefty, lib, commy, idealist etc etc
  11. He’s not being hounded - he regularly posts but removes stuff that’s easy to ignore than rebuff. I guess the difference with Chaddy is none of us quite get how he can claim to be so righteous, caring and a northern, working class tax paying family man / humanist/ socialist but then also be so blindingly open to every single right wing narrative going.
  12. I wrote about 7 “what about when’s” which was a bit sarcastic - but at least accept that some of our money has been deliberately sent into dodgy Tory party connections and donors. What about the “jobs for the boys” mentality? Twas ever thus that it’s “who you know” not “what you know” but the Tories and this government don’t even try to hide promoting their friends and family (donors!) Is this something you’re happy to support? This link is just one example in a thousand; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-56011318
  13. Before I even go near attempting to answer this (bold part) You tell me what the answer is for the companies who’ve made loads of money but produced nothing or unusable equipment? Also the fact you removed chumocracy and cronyism shows there’s no answer to that - you know as well as I do it’s “jobs for the boys” mentality in our government.
  14. They spent over 10billion. Of course some would’ve been usable This level of “whataboutery” is just ridiculous - surely anyone who cares about the country wants transparency when it involves tax payers cash. Google “chumocracy” and “cronyism” because the people in power are laughing at people like you for enabling them.
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