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  1. I don’t believe a word that bloke says. How could I? https://ismympaprick.co.uk/mp/kwasi-kwarteng I judge people by their actions. This man is scum like pretty much 100% of the cabinet.
  2. https://votes.parliament.uk/Votes/Commons/Division/954 Its starting... Slowly but surely Brexit and a majority right wing government will throw slogan after slogan to deny it... But watch those rights evaporate! Cheers lads.
  3. We’re all welcome to an opinion but I’ll sit on the fence till I see more. Same with many players before. Davenport one particular who seems to be enjoying more prominence recently. In the interview with Downing - he mentions how good he thinks he is and the injuries he’s suffered. I’d rather take stock from those insights as opposed to what I’ve seen in 3 starts? I mean that for any young player.
  4. Stewie Downing on BBC Radio lancs tonight on sport - mentions TM calling the team soft and a pushover, and mentions the reaction for the Boro game. Some Good bits on the game, the reason for his anger against Donnie, Harvey Elliott etc https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0922wyh
  5. 1. Reserve keepers are a strange scenario - we signed 2 backups to TK last summer after being in a situation where Fisher was our only “senior” choice. I think it’s been a successful refit - the other lad (greek?) has no experience of English second flight football so a relatively cheap long term second choice makes a lot of sense. Fair enough that you’ve been given info on him, but I don’t see Pears as “favour for a mate” or a lazy signing, just a small cog in our first team. The main job of finding a proper keeper has been nailed by our restructured scouting network - something Tony wa
  6. Hindsight? 1) only in message board world does a player make it through an youth system, academy, and then play at a professional level - to be described as shit after 3 starts. 2) Ayala has been out too much - but you failed to mention the fact two other centrebacks have also been injured, compounding the issue, regardless of if we’d signed DA. 3) Bell was 250k - and we had two homegrown first team ready defensive players and another on the fringe(scotty). We had no permanent senior keeper last season either - an area that needed investment. Goalposts being moved to complain ab
  7. TM yesterday; “He’s a brilliant human being as well, the calmest man in the building. “I’m just delighted that the recruitment department came up with Thomas Kaminski because he is a joy to work with every day. “Him making saves like he does really doesn’t surprise me." To me it just seems like a normal club finally - a recruitment department for the management to utilise if they see fit. Signing Ayala and Pears - again, like any normal manager using old experience / contacts/ relationships to develop his team, not “sorting his mates out” If he is being criticise
  8. Birmingham at home last (or the year before) Christmas was a horrible one but the only thing I remember from that away trip (besides going past scotch corner and the angel of the north in a Nissan sunny) was the biting cold.. I was 6 😂
  9. Pretty sure I watched on Sky at my grandads - I went to the Newcastle away game in 91 and I’ve never been as cold 🥶!
  10. Remember him scoring as a sub vs Newcastle in 93(?) - they put on a load of reserve games too, I remember.
  11. I think anyone who understands elite sport in the most basic terms would understand the days, weeks and months it’ll take to get over a full year off. I did think he looked sharper last night too - I liked the way that the whole sale changes upfront gave us a completely different attack at an important juncture of the game. Travis and Dack being fit are a huge part of our team and hopefully there is more to come.
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