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  1. Is it beyond the rules to say this kind of made up faux comedy post is exactly why I go from reading this website to months off at a time?
  2. Certainly agree that he needs more time to be properly viewed on his input!
  3. Was listening to Undr the Cosh’s Craig Conway interview and he used those very words! He had some interesting things to say about playing in front of home crowds as opposed to away too.
  4. Some very basic wage welfare examples - I think in Estonia they basically pay you 50% of an average salary for 100 days. France is 65%. Germany is 66.6% if you’ve got kids, 60% without. Denmark it’s €1200+ For unemployment per month but also ALL students receive €800 a month to continue graduate study. Italy is 75% but you can’t claim without paying at least 52 weeks of “NI”. Ireland it works out as €750 euros a month. In the UK it’s £330 per month without other benefits included. This discussion reminded me of Fraser Nelsons doc. A member of the conservatives is basically arguing what moderate or liberal politicians have suggested since 2008; the government here are using UC to force people into low paid “flexible” contracts.
  5. I thought that I don’t remember TM saying Oba bid cost 6m, or that Bauer wanted 40k. In fact I’m 100% they’re actually made up, or some sensationalist reporting of the time! If we’re criticising someone, why make stuff up when they’ve a plethora of actual reasons to grumble?
  6. We’ve certainly missing a key to our high expectations last year, but I don’t think we’re anywhere near as bad as simply hoping we stay up. I think part of the reason why the club is playing expectations down is to take pressure off a young squad. Certainly ramped it up last season
  7. I think the best case scenario is they all stay? I can’t see Nyambe staying tbf. Bit of a kick in the face when he clubs supported him, with his academy too. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone though, short careers - get the best contracts you can!
  8. If it does happen- I’ll be the first one with a pitchfork. I expect us to lose one (Nyambe I think) but the idea 4 or 5 players walk away for nothing is just predicting the worst case scenario.
  9. I agree Throw a few contract renewals and I think we’re in a far better position than many other think.
  10. I’ve always been glass half full. Started the summer knowing Rovers would lose their main man. The only disappointment is that he’s not been replaced. I actually think the squad balance is better than last year in some ways however. For example, We had 3 main “attackers” who all probably preferred the central berth last season. This year we’ve got two potential out and out wingers. If that leaves one central position for Gally / Ben to fight it out for, the “awful decision“ signing may turn out as good planning if they continue to score. If you extrapolate their current form over the season, Ben’s getting 25+ and gally 15+. Life’s not that simple but I wouldn’t be surprised if they score 30+ between them.
  11. Last year we had three strikers for one central and two wide berths - this season we’ve also got this guy and Poveda who seem actually wide players on the face of it. Obviously performances will dictate how we view this and other signings but I genuinely feel we’ve more balance in the forward line - albeit without adding more depth to the central position.
  12. I can’t seem to find anything online about this season other than free agents can be registered.
  13. I guess it’s words like apologist that bring up old arguments. I think most people would respect others choices really but you’re correct that there’s a minority that’ll blame each other. Overall though - I don’t think it’s been as bad as the general feedback here - I mean we’re banking on Gally or Diaz properly stepping up but then that’s why they cost more initially - there’s obviously a bucket load of goals in either or both… or neither, and that’s football. Like any club, we’re looking for improvement in our senior players, development of our younger talents and a slice of luck - ie a year without any season ending injuries! Hope that minor expectation and actual slight “content” doesn’t get portrayed as support for obvious overall incompetence!
  14. Isn’t there another efl loan window until October?
  15. Sorry mate but as soon as you start pointing fingers at fans, you’re done.
  16. Sam Gallagher 2 in 5 Ben Brererton 3 in 5 x9 = playoffs 😂
  17. I would call going into a season with just one senior left full back in the squad “absolutely mental” personally I also think it’s ridiculous to come here talking about how “I’d do better”. Bit like me claiming to be a world class darter / lover, we all know I’m merely an expert of those things, no need to be big headed…. I never said anything about Mowbrays record, If you want to, go get involved in scouting but posting on a forum about what you’re capable of in a multimillion industry is funny in my book. Especially “you’d do better” without seeing them play. Especially ignoring they’ve been reported to play further forward and in the centre also Especially ignoring that we’ve literally one “senior” left back in the club who has 5 appearances at this level!
  18. I don’t remember saying any of that but carry on
  19. Maybe they don’t say exactly what they’re doing in interviews? Or give off “skint” vibes for agents / other clubs?
  20. Have a look at some point over the next few weeks and see how you’d react! Two things I’m hugely concerned about that relate directly to current governments decisions. Also best for back to politics thread if you do reply 👍
  21. 53000x20 x 12 = £12.7m take out of the east Lancashire’s economy in 1 year this.
  22. I do apologise that this has drifted more to politics than simply brexit.
  23. I will theorise a couple of scenarios for you then; what if someone is required to pay 24 hours care for a close relative? Expensive and necessary, would you feel confident in the support available from the government? What if you owned property with a £250k mortgage that’s now valued at 0 because it’s got cladding on? You can’t get anything from the developer as they’ve gone bust and you can’t get out of your mortgage/ sell your property? Do you know if there would be the right level of support for a problem like that?
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