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  1. Hes a damm sight better then Zurab CalamityVishvilli
  2. Some Plymouth fans talking about Derbyshire http://pasoti.co.uk/talk/viewtopic.php?t=9...ight=derbyshire
  3. Didnt think Text language was allowed in this board?
  4. 3 Penaltys given away by Judas half way through a season is not good enough for any player, who cares if he's versatile and good at attacking, conceding 3 Pens is shocking. Some teams dont even 3 penalties all season!.
  5. Anyone know the result? Did Jeffers play??
  6. Kin ell hes not even fat you blind fools, Look at the picture on the official site with the shirt, he doesnt look overweight at all.
  7. beattie was nearly 23 when he broke through in late 2000 - A series of injuries meant he struggled to make an impact at first with the Saints, but that all changed in November 2000 when he began a long goalscoring run. After 18 months without a goal, he scored ten in ten games, lifting Southampton into a comfortable position to secure their place in the Premiership for next season. However, his form dropped off after that and he scored only two goals in the rest of the season. Thank you Wikipedia
  8. Andy Johnson was 22 when Johnson ended the season as top scorer in the English First Division (now the Football League Championship) in the 2003-04 season with 32 goals. Palace reached the Playoffs and were promoted to the Premiership for 2004-05. Kevin Doyle was 22 when he started knocking in the goals for Reading last year, and 23 this season. Our own Jason Roberts was 24 when Despite being fully fit for 2002-03, Albion's first season in the Premiership, Roberts managed only 3 goals in 31 games. Zamora was 23 -In January 2004 he joined West Ham, swapped for Jermain Defoe Marlon Harewood was 25 - He returned to top flight football following West Ham's playoff victory at the end of the 2004-05 season, and the 2005-06 season saw Marlon spearheading Pardew’s Premiership attack. He scored 14 league goals Louis Saha was 23 when Fulham first made it into the Prem. Viduka didnt make the Prem until 25 - The Leeds United manager David O'Leary swooped for Viduka just before the 2000-01 season after tracking the big Aussie striker for some time too many players to go through Only the exceptional talents breakthrough at 20,21. Derbyshire has a few more years before people can start writing him off, lets not forget at the moment he's currently got the build and stature of a teenager, hes most likely a late developer, Im sure once he starts to develop more muscle we'll see a much stronger player, a bit like Bentley who was same when he first started games here.
  9. Naming two players doesnt not go part way to what your saying, If you cant name all these 21 years olds who have made their name as strikers in the prem then why say it? Owen and Rooney dont count they are simple one off's in the last ten years.
  10. So do people now think it was right to offer mokoena a new contract? We could see Axe starting a lot more games now, Robbie is one yellow card away from a suspension, and we know Hughes wont start Tugay in every match, and the fact Mark started Aaron against Arsenal shows he rates him. Looks like the official board are a little less charitable to the Axe then people on here are http://boards.rovers.co.uk/posting.php?mode=quote&p=321208 Rovers6 makes a point, seriously Mokoena would struggle to be a Good player in the championship.
  11. You could be right Mr.6 maybe the fans over at http://www.independentmillwall.com/ will answer the question!
  12. How long does Cruciate ligament usually keep players out for? If its true, surely Reid will be looking at Next season now?.... If Pleasure is right, theres no way Hughes will go public with this until Feb, Club will know Rovers are desperate for a midfielder and obviously hike their price up....
  13. Gibsons Apocalypto was Bloody awesome! A complete edge of your seat surival thriller. The bloodyiness and was brilliant, ripping body organs from people who are alive The acting was immense for all untrained actors I believe. Has anyone else seen it yet? Heres to Mel Gibson staying behind the camera and creating excellent films, Id like to see him create a full on survival horror movie next, stick to what your good at Mel and thats brutalness with great cinematophy and character development.
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