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  1. Assuming Mowbray is sacked tomorrow, they've left it too long imo.
  2. Damn shame Mowbray doesn't hear the anger of our passionate support. From his professional view how on earth is can he manage another game?
  3. Lost all respect for Mowbray. He's staying because they are paying him.
  4. Another training ground move gone completely wrong with Dack. Professional footballers or are they only part time in which case they don't practice every day!!!!!! Yes I'm frastrated.
  5. Harwood-Bellis needs to be careful. Can see a sending off/penalty due to his inexperience.
  6. Missing out on this season's playoff coupled with a manager who refuses to walk - we are not the only one's who can see he's lost the plot, no need to CCTV Ewood Park - it feels like relegation. Just wish we could voice our opinion. Come on Andy Bayes & Rich Sharpe, you can see it! If Alf Thornton was at LT he'd insist on a front page "......FANS WANT MOWBRAY OUT....." . Give us something to cheer about in these historic dark day.
  7. Cases are falling around the UK but parts of NW are falling slower. Blackburn's daily reported cases appear to hover around 50-70 due to 3 ward-areas within the borough increasing. Don't know if it's the same + and - in other towns like Preston, Bolton & S Ribble but Accrington, Pendle & Burnley have fallen faster. Today's last 7 day cases per 100,000 population for the UK stands at 158.7. Lancashire towns include: Blackburn 287.2, Preston 285.7, Bolton 283.1, S Ribble 261.8, Hyndburn 214.7, Pendle 195.4 Burnley 184.4. Difficult opening up
  8. Most on here including me want Mowbray out but he ain't going to walk despite implying he would many moons ago if he felt he could do no more. Even without the fans at games he will know to some extent the anger we have but because he doesn't see or hear there is limited fan pressure. Pressure from Venkys is the unknown but I doubt their involvement, but that's only a doubt. But I think you're tomphil. His daft comments, passing on responsibility to players, playing a forward at right back with Gally shaking his head as he was substituted along with his sitting games out suggests somethin
  9. With the decisions he makes and lack of match contribution whilst he's sitting down, I'm thinking even Mowbray would like the sack. While all this time is precious, if and when he does go we will look back on this season as a season when we could have made the playoffs under proper football management.
  10. Man of the man for me is Gally, for playing fullback when clearly he didn't want to. After yet another home defeat instead of the "...we move on.." hope to hear ".... I move on..."
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