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  1. I was critical of the decision to use Blackburn Cathedral at first and hearing the queues experience by some backed up my thoughts. Don't know if they've reduced the numbers going through to a steady flow but credit to those doing the organising now. I hardly stopped walking through the Cathedral and was in and out very quickly. Did notice senior people there observing what was going on which is what you would expect to see for a world wide answer to this pandemic. Well done to all.
  2. Cyprus saying they'll accept UK vaccinated tourist by mid May 2021 but that doesn't mean UK Government will allow anyone to go. At the moment its not illegal to book a holiday, just illegal to travel. Too early to say if this is a good idea, the ball has to start at some time and the travel companies/hotels will need notice. Fingers crossed that over the coming weeks number of deaths & cases will fall dramatically but we aren't there yet.
  3. The team are going to have a massive loss of confidence now especially after TM Sky interview. They need a boost and it wont come from any journey talk. Got to look short term and DJ will know the situation from inside. Good call. VENKYS READ THIS MESSAGE BOARD!
  4. Just had my first Oxford/astra zeneca jab at the cathedral. Very well organised. Bag search for some, new mask provided then asked a few questions before moving along an orderly que to one of the 8 bays. I counted 12 people ahead of me so was in and out and didn't have to wait 15 minutes. Was told by time I get to car 15 minutes would be up.
  5. Bit unfair rigger. There's little for many to do during these days. The problem is at club level. You can't blame fans who want to see the team.
  6. Its kicked off at the end of Bournemouth v Watford. Players fighting after a Joao Pedro (Watford) red saw a Wilshire red for Bournemouth.
  7. Mowbray will be throwing his weight around knowing if he mucks this one up (again) he will be doing the mixing for next weeks lemon drizzle cake. He may say he's under no pressure. He is.
  8. I do the same and use search engines to see if there's a whiff anywhere. No doubt when if happens there'll be a new thread on this message board first so my first port of call is here.
  9. Assuming Mowbray is sacked tomorrow, they've left it too long imo.
  10. Damn shame Mowbray doesn't hear the anger of our passionate support. From his professional view how on earth is can he manage another game?
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