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  1. Very surprised club is selling tickets on 3 sides of the ground. Even if restrictions are fully lifted JW Darwen End upper and lower will be empty. I'm guessing that a few will go for the Riverside for being outside, not needing to walk through the covered area, and there's nothing wrong in that. But it not just covid that will keep fans away because as long as we have Mowbray in charge with his CEO reporting to him, along with the very distant "we aren't showing our faces" owners, people will be saying no, ney, never! Very little thought has been put into this but watch out fo
  2. Correct den. Headlines this weekend will rightly put blame at Johnson's door and on Hancock's watch. Hancock has already practiced his reasons with dates that even confuse the press so expect more of the "as I've already said". We saw this coming in the NW over a month ago so why didn't the government listen?
  3. Call me kill you but seeing 20,000 cricket fans without masks packed into Edgbaston doesn't look healthy. All attending needed to show a self administered negative lateral flow test. Maybe living in Blackburn's getting me down.
  4. According to BBC NW the difference made in Blackburn could stop wider transmission. Blackburn is the highest in the UK and still going up with 438.9 per 100,000 as at today. On 29th May the covid beds have almost doubled in the last week from 15 to 27. Bolton is slowing down with 41 to 42. Yet Councillor Khan has authorised a Fun Fairs in the town. The NW news focused on the Blackburn areas worse hit. By the looks of it the council is doing all it can to stop the spread but they are not going to succeed if they do not or maybe cannot convince certain members of which policy to follow
  5. Looking at Blackburn there's almost 20,000 had the virus since it began including 584 in the latest 7 day government statistic. Top of a league we don't want to exist and after over taking Bolton the figures are increasing rapidly. Yet no matter how much the NHS, volunteers or even friends and family try, advice continues to fall on deaf ears. The government cannot open up on 21st June.
  6. Marr asked Nadhim Zahawi a few questions today about allowing people back and not closing boarders but like a true politician he talked round the issue saying UK have the best controls in the world. Bolton, Blackburn & Rosendale have the biggest cases but thankfully there isn't the same same rise in people hospitalised. This will be a big part of the data the government will consider when the decide about opening up on 21st June.
  7. Blackpool promoted back to championship. Can't wait home & away.
  8. Like I've said before, Howe will not come north.
  9. Yet another communication error by the conservatives. Joint statement from 8 local health directors now says there are no travel restrictions in or out of their areas.
  10. Utter disgrace this government. National Test & Trace failure between 21/04/21 to 11/05/21 resulted in 8 authorities (including Blackburn, Burnley & Blackpool) not receiving information - how much did it cost!! On 23/04/21 India was put on a red zone allowing people to return back to the UK. Unfortunate timing maybe but if those returning where made to quarantine in hotels instead of self isolate in their own homes we would not be reading: This truth is only now hitting the fan.
  11. Like me you're full of hope. Rovers close season is exactly that and those making decisions are on the beach. Howe won't come north.
  12. According to BBC, Professor Dominic Harrison has tweeted the gov will now provide 1k extra vaccines per day for the next 14 days to be given to over 18 year olds in the higher risk areas of Blackburn. Good news to help with the problem.
  13. Maybe but the council should have acted weeks ago when case within the different Blackburn areas rose alarming compared with other towns.
  14. You're correct in the don't give a damn bit and I'd add that they don't understand. As business people, just as we saw with the ESL that rightly fell apart, they don't apply any football club philosophy because its not, in their eyes, the right thing to do. Since their ownership began their engagement has been zero other than two visits, one of which started with a snowball and ended with an earlier exit. The odd "letter" put together by a PR team is not their style but those involved know it goes well with the club. Therefore their engagement to appoint a new manager is not their style.
  15. Authorities should have seen this coming. Could have been prevented but they waited.
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