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  1. Hate is too strong a word I admit. However, it’s bizarre to me that our top scorer and only the 20th player in our history to score 20 league goals in a season is criticized for being selfish in front of goal. There’s nothing wrong with playing for yourself when you’re scoring more goals than the rest of the team combined. Sadly I think you’re right about TM and I totally agree that we need a replacement before we can move on, and to stop us from regressing further. I disagree though in that anything needs to change with Armstrong. He’s different class at this level and we’re do
  2. I don’t get the Armstrong hate. He’s actually scored more than enough for 3 of our players and constantly drags us out of trouble. When he goes we’ll be lucky to get a striker that is anywhere near as consistent.
  3. Yeah I think we’re more or less on the same page. When I was younger there was no prospect of a United ireland but I believe now that it will happen in the next 50 years. Was just trying to show that it’s not really as simple as seeing more catholic/republican voters vs Protestant/unionist. Although that still counts for a lot!
  4. I don’t mean to get stuck into you but that is an incredibly callous statement! That 3% represents 1.5m men, women and children who potentially face economic ruin, or even a return to bombs and murder. NI is only in the last ten years beginning to show signs of emerging from a 40 year civil war and now we are contemplating the violence beginning again and the hard-fought progress being reversed. I’d also point out that when things were bad in NI before there was a huge effect on mainland UK so it’s short sighted to pretend that a return to violence here would not affect people ov
  5. I don’t think there will be a referendum here for a while yet. NI is very poor economically, there is very little industry here and we are heavily reliant on funding from Westminster and public sector jobs. Infrastructure is very poor and there are massive inefficiencies regarding the local health and education services. The Republic of Ireland hasn’t got the resources to support us and I don’t think there is much interest there in a United Ireland apart from on romantic or nationalistic lines. The coronavirus crisis has shown a lot here how useful it is to be supported by the UK
  6. No, the problem is that a land border in Ireland is completely unworkable so it is not an option on the table. Aside from the fact that we’re only recently out of a bloody war which was settled by all parties agreeing to no border checks on the island of Ireland, too many businesses and communities depend on cross border trade. It would be political suicide to come out in support of a hard border, which is why the current agreement was passed by the main Unionist party in NI. The only feasible alternative is what we’ve gone with - NI is economically aligned with the EU which means that w
  7. As hoochie bloochie and others have said, the border in NI and potential repercussions came up in the pre-brexit debate. In Northern Ireland it was considered a very serious issue, hence we had a majority vote against Brexit along with the Scots. I seem to remember a poll conducted on leave voters or Conservative party members that showed that they would be happy with a hard brexit even if that meant NI seceding from the UK. it looks like that might actually be on the cards now. Anyone who looked at Brexit logically could see that the land border in Ireland would be a hugel
  8. Depressing news after we’ve watched him develop into a respectable, promising right back. If we kept Nyambe for next season, performed well in the league and got promoted then we’d have a very strong bargaining position. I’m not saying that’s going to happen by any means but if the decision above is made and he’s off on a free then there is no ambition at this club, clearly there is no appetite or expectation of success next season. We didn’t make much on Josh King either.
  9. I guess this is old news but Daft Punk have split up. Surely one of the best electronic artists from the 90s although I haven’t always been convinced by their more recent stuff. Back in the day Thomas Banghalter released this banger, in an alternate universe Daft Punk released more genius house music like this rather than going mainstream I also came across this act while reading about Daft Punk. Dunno how I didn’t catch them while they were still active. Etienne De Crecy and Philippe Zdar - Motorbass.
  10. I’m still old school with the stereo, got an old Sony home cinema amp hooked up to some speakers for vinyl etc. recently got a pair of AirPods for my birthday and I can heartily recommend them for on the go listening. Great sound 👌
  11. Glad you enjoyed. I’ll check out that album, was playing original Nuttah last night!
  12. After hearing of the sad loss of MF DOOM I started listening to some of his albums (excellent) which led me down the rabbit hole to Madlib. Any hip hop heads here will probably have heard of him but to those unaware he’s a very eclectic hip hop producer, his album with four tet is unreal and I’m also loving his collaboration with Freddie Gibbs. The beat on this track is immense
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