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  1. I was lucky enough to attend Ewood when we played Swansea at the start of March. Brereton came on for a second half cameo and still looked a bit raw, but he had one lovely dribble down the left flank where he showed an ability to keep the ball and glide inside. Of course it came to nothing and characteristically he had a chance near the end of the game and fluffed it, cueing a mass groan and amused, resigned grins between the fans. All the same I went away thinking that day that if BB could get a bit of confidence and a good run, he could actually be worth the money we paid. It’s so hearten
  2. Now that just sounds like a conspiracy theorist again. “I can’t trust the established and reputable news outlets which employ professional journalists and in some cases have been operating reputably and beyond reproach for centuries. Far better to get my information from a state-run outlet in a foreign country or through facebook and internet sites”. Seriously, take a step back and evaluate what you are saying.
  3. Fair enough, I apologise for insinuating that you have a tenuous grasp on reality. I would still say that a belief in one conspiracy is suggestive of a person who trusts innuendo and unsubstantiated claims over facts and responsible journalism.
  4. The last retort of a conspiracy theorist. You all come out with this line “if only you could see the truth as I see it”. The sad truth is that you can’t explain the logic or reasoning behind your strange views because there is no logic to it. If the answers “are right in front of you” then it’s self evident and not difficult for anyone to grasp. One conspiracy theory is enough to highlight someone with a tenuous grasp on reality. To believe that the “deep state” has tried (and failed) in the past to get Hilary Clinton into the White House, but is currently succeeding in pr
  5. I’m still backing Mowbray. I still hope he can get us back up the table with a bit more luck re: players available. Mystified as to why he plays Gallagher on the wing mind you and that is getting very frustrating... If we’re not in and around the top 6 come Xmas I think it might be time to consider a change. Previously I’d said to give him till the end of the season but tbf we haven’t been great recently apart from when we absolutely bullied some weaker opposition.
  6. I was referring to Gav’s quoted post where he said people were having a good laugh about his account being hacked.
  7. There are some really sad people on this site. Their behaviour is pathetic and pitiable where it comes to Chaddy. Makes me wonder what their life is actually like when they spend their time obsessively arguing with him. This is a new low.
  8. Careful Paul. You don’t want to start the “in the mix” debate again...
  9. I don’t think anyone is saying Brereton was the finished article when we signed him, and until he gets some more goals he’ll not be the finished article in my eyes. As Ossydave said above, he’ll be worth much much more than £7m if he ends the season as well as he started. Watkins was a complete steal for Brentford but you can’t always expect to get those bargains. We lucked out with Dack and Arma, and to my mind paid a premium for BB. Thankfully it’s beginning to look like £7m invested rather than £7m squandered.
  10. And what? He scored twice! He’s doing ok so far this season. Do you want more than a goal a game? This is so wrong that it hurts. King was in no way better than Rhodes when he was with us, and neither was Gestede as evidenced by the number of goals that each striker scored when they were with us. I don’t understand all this nonsense about Rhodes and Arma. They’re strikers, employed to score goals. Armstrong has averaged a goal every game so far this season. Rhodes got us a goal every other game over a number of seasons. How many forwards have we had who coul
  11. It’s funny how opinions can differ so much. I thought we were great in the wins against Wycombe and Derby, very poor against forest but back to a good performance tonight, frustrating as the result was. It’s never nice to lose but we played some positive, pressing football tonight, and were only undone by individual errors. To me that shows that we are moving in the right direction, and with our new LB to come in and Dack to come back I think we’ll continue to get stronger. I’m still backing us for the top 6 this season. I think this is our best chance since we were relegated into this lea
  12. I’m sure he could probably look through this thread if he’s after someone to throw under the bus. Wouldn’t take him long to find vitriolic and undeserved criticism, and if he needs to find something completely bonkers and OTT to say post-match then he’d find the comments here very helpful.
  13. We played some good stuff towards the end of that half. Thought Brereton was excellent also and obviously delighted he got a goal. Real shame that we conceded two early goals but if we take that energy and drive into the second half I can see more goals for us. Nothing to fear here, let’s get stuck into them ?⚪️
  14. Evans wasn’t great but I think others were far worse. At least Evans got involved, even if he was technically lacking. Johnson was truly awful, I’m beginning to think he’s very much a hot and cold type player. Chapman showed nothing. Absolutely a waste of a sub and a squad place.
  15. That was awful. Gallagher was pretty bad and I am beginning to lose any hope of him becoming a decent signing. Forest did well to neutralise us although we didn’t help ourselves by constantly giving the ball away. Buckley did not impress and while nyambe looked very dynamic he didn’t produce enough for me. In fairness we’ve got a lot of players we’d expect in the squad out for various reasons and were unlucky to concede at the very end. It was the opposite of entertaining football and tbh I’m glad it’s over now. Hopefully we can get back to winning ways soon and I hate saying this but the
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