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  1. I would have saved that shirt for someone else. Worst number 10 since Craig Hignett?
  2. Shouldn't be a window at all. I'm sure if a player went to court like Bosman did then there'd be a new law (in the EU at least).
  3. https://twitter.com/reluctantnicko/status/1423211551490707458?s=20
  4. Maybe an agent or the club being clever to get Southampton and Watford to up their bids/interest...?
  5. Normally there's discussions before a formal bid is made. Norwich have been mentioned before and confirmed as an interested party by Rich Sharpe. We'll see who gets it right in the end.
  6. Ings is 29 with an injury record, but a proven scorer indeed. In five years Ings at 34 will be worth a lot less while Arma could still fetch £25m with one year left of his contract 😉
  7. We need a goal scoring striker to replace Arma from the get-go.
  8. Rewarding players for promotion by handing out new contracts was a big mistake when it was glaring obvious that some of them weren't up to the task of Championship football.
  9. Not so sure. If there's a three-way bidding war going on, then Rovers should be able to push the fee up to £20m. The question is whether they have someone lined up already if they refuse all the swap proposals. If we end up selling Arma and replacing him with a loan player I'll be very disappointed.
  10. Venky's might pour cold water on any swap deal but certainly Obafemi or Idah would fit our profile and is well within what Mowbray and his staff are trying to do. Armstrong would be the perfect example of course. Idah is still valued at less than we brought Brereton in for, and has earned full caps for his country. A little haggling to bring the total sum up to £17m + £3m Idah and he'll be ready to make his debut around Christmas.
  11. You'd rather keep Arma for 12 months and let him leave on a free?
  12. Big risk if he suffers a serious injury, and he will lose out on top wages as well for the next 12 months. Have only seen clips of Idah but looks a bit raw, but very strong and quick and suited to lead the line. Armstrong is a goner sooner or later, and another promising youngster in our forward line would be great. Hope Nixon doesn't mean large loan fee, think he would have specified it was a loan if that was the case. Probably will want a buy-back clause or a sell-on or both. Would a swap deal reduce the share Newcastle are entitled to?
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