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  1. Our loan signings this season really haven't done too well and not much of an improvement on what we had before the season, taking Elliott out of the equation as he'll be a PL starter next season. Branthwaite - looks like a poor man's Wharton Harwood-Bellis - too early to judge Elliott - gem Douglas - legs have gone, lacks attributes altogether Trybull - gets stuck in, but injury prone and ball hugger. Passes backwards more often than not, putting our shaky defenders in trouble Permanent signings haven't done much better Kaminski - not m
  2. Terrible second half. Douglas and Branthwaite nowhere near good enough for this league. The usual Houdini act from Rothwell as well. Disappointed.
  3. I didn't get to see much of the game against Forest but against Barnsley Mowbray was looking as weary as the team and sat on the bench for most of the match. A lot more active coaching tonight, but to no avail.
  4. Been here since 2001 and before that on Lee Grooby's old site. Have a look at my posts during and after the Barnsley game and you'll see a different tone, but I try to judge the game as I see it. I came into this one with less expectation and out of it less disappointed.
  5. Think Tony is a bit desperate trying to get Dack going. Ideally he could gel him into a winning side, but that's not our current status unfortunately. He doesn't look too happy either, should be loving coming back after such a serious injury. Usually injuries like that take months to come back from mentally. Thought we would be able to link up with Elliott better but when playing on opposite sides that's not easy. Armstrong also needs to start looking for teammates or it's a two horse show at the moment with Elliott providing the key passes and Armstrong scoring his share. Think he
  6. Fair point. Mentally it'll be a tough ask for the group to pick themselves up now. I don't know who will be available for Saturday but not sure I would choose that central defensive partnership again. Nyambe inside and Bennett at right back probably a better choice. Bennett because that will be Tony's go to man now. Elliott was superb tonight by the way. Has had a poor run but back to his best. Player of the season.
  7. Well, that too. Don't think he has brought in the right players and more often than not I disagree with his chosen eleven.
  8. We've been poor alright, but looked sharper and better tonight. We're a Tosin plus a left back away from being a clear promotion candidate this season. And letting Raya go was probably a mistake in hindsight.
  9. Good game that. Crunch time come Saturday. I would have started with a different player than Dack vs their exposed right back, probably given Brereton a run. Other than that good to see Corry playing well again, although Travis hasn't looked the same after injury. Dack probably one for next season by the looks of it.
  10. Watford not a team we should expect to beat at this stage. Think we have done okay, but sloppy defending again. Coventry make or break for Tony I hope. Will try and enjoy the game for what it is, good evening to you all.
  11. I think we'll score here, but they'll score again too unfortunately.
  12. Good start but they've found our weakness in Branthwaite who has been exposed.
  13. Didn't look like it on Wednesday night, it was route one all game. He's not getting the best out of our players currently, and needs to step up and take responsibility for it. It's that simple.
  14. Wouldn't give Dolan 3 1/2 year contract. Bright start but can't see him becoming a real player for us. L1 standard I'm afraid, but so are we at the moment.
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