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  1. I do prefer to keep my discussions in the private messages, however, as my opinion has been asked on the public forum I'll answer this time. Some have suggested that Jagdish Rao's visit was an attempt to 'test the water' for family visits to Ewood. As far as I am aware this was not the case. He attended university in England and was in the country to visit friends and complete some paperwork. I'm told that the family feel that their visits cause an unwelcome distraction to the team and the staff at Ewood. Balaji and his son would dearly like to visit every week but I gu
  2. I agree 100% that they should have more recognition. I also know that promoting the ladies team more was put forward to the family upon first purchasing Rovers, however a former Chairman nixed the idea saying that fans only care about the 1st team football and that money promoting the ladies would be wasted.
  3. I know that at least 1 of the family members watched the cup final last season. Calls of congratulations were apparently made to Ewood after the final whistle.
  4. R.I.P. Very sad news. I'll miss our occasional PM's. Sincere condolences to his family.
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