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  1. Please Join Rovers Trust today!

  2. "@JacquiOatley: The bizarre, surreal Shebby Singh interview on @bbc606 with @RobbieSavage8. Poor Rovers fans. http://t.co/ZPoKSLGu"

  3. Two hours of Rovers euphoria totally blown away by Global Advisors appearance on 5live.

  4. Me and Matt Jansen on 5Live this afternoon. http://t.co/urEONJx2 12 mins in.

  5. "@GrahamLiver: Oliver jones from @brsit_trust talking sense on 5 live just now #rovers"That's me! Thanks Graham

  6. By the time Leon Best (Brought to you by @RoversTrust BTW) starts a league game for Rovers, he will have had a minimum of FOUR managers!

  7. Rovers-If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. http://t.co/A9KP7wSy Join today.

  8. Its xmas when this is on breakfast duty. http://t.co/X9jYyVO0

  9. Find out more at http://t.co/A9KP7wSy or follow @RoversTrust . There is always an alternative!

  10. http://t.co/lAAQOnue Wigan Athletic have 46,000 followers on their official Twitter site!

  11. Stick a fork in me-I`m Romeo done.

  12. I remember when Corbierres was the Bohemia capital of Manchester city centre night life.Now its full of old blokes with nasal hair. Like me.

  13. Seen Aguerro getting on City team bus at Hilton. Limping badly.

  14. Here is a still from that game , great away following down the side. http://t.co/tvj320UE

  15. Coming soon on BBC3 "Help-My Kids Are Older Than Me"

  16. "@Schalke_UK: Supporters and members overwhelmingly reject the deal. Simple." RT Fans hearing their voice heard with great effect.

  17. If you have found time to decorate your business premises with Christmas stuff this year, you need to have a hard look at yourself.

  18. Must read for all football fans RT "@jimwilkz: When the roars die down even old heroes need love http://t.co/k7QfpcFz"

  19. See? Christmas IS all about misery! http://t.co/aMG3jEtx Its true!

  20. Kudos @ChorleyCouncil for giving us 2 things Preston haven't- BIG Wheel and a modern clean bus station/rail interchange http://t.co/J84J8aOs

  21. Need some boots with fur to go with Apple bottom jeans.

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