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  1. A hoof forward to a lone attacker, over the majority of our team (who were in their half, which turned our fullback and caused a mistake in communication. Maybe not ‘hit on the break’ as such, certainly not good defending (not even close) but also not exactly evidence of a team camped in with 10 men behind the ball
  2. You’re right - it’s just pure coincidence and dumb luck that we score more than most inside the first 15 minutes and absolutely nothing to do with us attacking teams from the start of games. And yesterday, after the equaliser, we had 3 decent chances to score and were camped in their half for the majority of injury time. You’re confusing going all out for a win with launching the ball into the box (which given the height of our team compared to theirs would probably not have yielded much success)
  3. That’s just bollocks Last season we scored 15 goals in the first 15 minutes of games (I don’t know how that stacks up against other teams in the end, but I remember against Brentford the commentator on Sky saying that it the most in the championship at that point) and this season, so far, we have 5 inside the first 15 minutes. So the idea that we only start playing after we go behind is just not backed up by the stats. And the idea that we play for a draw, camped with men behind the ball - do you even watch our games? If anything our problem is that we commit too many players forward and get caught on the break - see the goals conceded yesterday, at Watford, at Bournemouth, against Reading... to name just a few
  4. Nyambe, Johnson and Gallagher were all excellent today, and Rothwell was good first half. But Elliott was really poor all game today - maybe he needs a rest on Wednesday and let Dolan, who looked good when he came on, have a game from the start.
  5. Agree - although I do also wonder if that helped a little with the late handball shout. Certainly, on the first reply they showed I was fairly certain that it was their player that had handled the ball, and it was only on the 3rd viewing that I could tell it was Lenihan. I wonder if the ref, even if he saw the handball, decided not to give it as he couldn't be 100% certain which 'white sleeved player' had actually touched it?
  6. Presumably a knock-on effect of this is that prices for young British players will go through the roof. So it could be a very good time to have a team full of promising young British players (plus others such as Nyambe who have been here long enough to qualify for citizenship). Maybe the £12m spent on Gallagher and Brereton was an inspired investment after all!!
  7. Wharton has done ok, and certainly looks pretty solid defensively, but on the ball has looked incredibly shaky and, in my opinion, would rightly be behind Williams and Ayala for that reason. You could see yesterday, particularly in the first 30 minutes when Barnsley were really pressing us in our half, they stepped off and were happy for Scott to have the ball, knowing that he would either go back to Kaminsky or just punt it forward aimlessly (which he did a number of times and lost possession every time) Compare that to Lenihan (who is not exactly a Tosin himself) who played a few decent balls in behind the Barnsley defence and almost got Armstrong away a couple of times.
  8. I think it depends on what comes most naturally to you. I too played at a fairly decent level and started as a winger, before moving up front where I played for the majority of my time, before then moving back in my final couple of years to DM and then eventually to CB. I definitely found playing up front easier as I had to concentrate on what I was doing less, although obviously I found the deeper positions less physically demanding (hence why I moved back there) Anyway, on BB (as this is his thread) it is great to see him contributing to the team and I do think to an extent that the stats don't really tell the whole story. For instance, I was thinking during Saturday's game that if Armstrong was as unselfish as Ben, then he would probably have more than just the 2 goals - on Saturday alone there were two occasions where Armstrong took the harder option of trying to shoot past (or through) a defender where a relatively simple square pass may have put BB in with a chance on goal. (BTW, I am not criticising AA for his 'selfishness' - good strikers need that, and when I played I was often the most selfish player on the pitch, but it is just worth noting that if BB were to develop that more 'ruthless' side to his game, it may well also result in less chances falling to AA and maybe even less goals for the team as a whole)
  9. That one was Brereton - the player that I keep reading on here offers no goal threat whatsoever It’s not the manager out there missing penalties, or blazing over from 10 yards out, or fluffing 1on1’s, or scoring ridiculous own goals. You could argue that the chances we created showed he set the team up right - he doesn’t tell the players to miss them on purpose you know. Saturday’s performance was poor, devoid of ideas etc. Tonight we had enough good chances to have won 3 games - if you can’t see that, I don’t know what game you’re watching. But then, since we played 4-3-3, and definitely not 3 at the back, maybe you weren’t actually watching the game at all
  10. Lots of criticism on here for Brereton, but he was comfortably the pick of the 3 forwards that started this afternoon. Not saying that he played particularly well, but the other 2 were worse and the fact that Ben is getting pelters and the other 2 aren’t being mentioned says more about the posters on here than it does about him.
  11. Not sure how much truth there is to this since Whiteman played for Donny last night in the EFL Trophy. Surely if he’d already met with Mowbray and ‘everything was signed’ then he wouldn’t still be turning out for them - especially in a fairly meaningless game.
  12. “a masturbatory gesture next to his backside” apparently https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2014/apr/09/colin-kazim-richards-guilty-homophobic-gesture-brighton-fans
  13. Must admit I was thinking something similar myself the other day. I found myself annoyed by the price rise, but then remembered that myself & my dad moved from the DE to the JW Upper when they reduced the prices under John Williams because we decided that £400 for a ST in the JW Upper was decent value - we also got a free under 8’s ticket for my son who was 3 or 4 at the time and who only came to about 5 games or so. We’ve since moved to the JW Lower and to renew for the 3 of us it would be £760 (my dad is now a senior citizen and my son is 17), so although a price rise on last year, in reality £40 cheaper for us as a group than 14 years or so ago.
  14. Whilst technically an 'assist' for the stats, in reality it was a short square ball across the middle of the pitch 35 yards from goal from which Johnson took a long range pot shot, which squirmed under the keeper who really ought to have done much better. Hardly a defence splitting wonder ball which laid the goal on a plate is it? *Edit* - Just noticed that roversfan99 made the same point much more eloquently
  15. As others have said it's all about opinions, but for me Brereton has looked a much better player and has contributed to the team more so far in the opening two games than JRC, yet people are arguing that Brereton needs to be dropped whilst JRC needs to be given a run of games to show what he can do. I'm guessing that's because JRC is seen as a young player, and Brereton as an established one but the reality is that the two are the same age (3 months between them). I know that Brereton cost a considerable amount of money, but the reality is that he is a young player and we need to view him as that - raw and with potential to get better. Yes, he'll have some bad games (hopefully amongst some good ones), and he is not the finished article, but I honestly believe that, as he develops, in a couple of years time we will have a very good player on our hands
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