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  1. Just started playing it on PC. I've always had a soft spot for games where people explode into bloody chunks.
  2. I quite like dodgy Asian translations - I have a Chinese dvd of Shaolin Soccer which has the best subtitles ever, much better than the cleaned-up Western release. But the guy who wrote To The Moon is Canadian, isn't he? I have no idea why the male doctor is characterised as a petulant teenager and the female one is like his mum. Still, if you enjoyed that, try Gone Home. It's a bit pretentious but very well done, a rather different way of delivering narrative in a game. Also, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons - that one I did find quite moving, even though it's an action game with no dialogue.
  3. Games forums are full of people saying they cried over that one. I didn't, but it takes more than a badly written romance to get me going. When my wife made me watch My Girl this Christmas I laughed at the bit where Macauley Culkin got stung to death by bees. I looked over to confirm just how amusing it was - the way his glasses fell to the floor - and she was actually weeping! I thought the dialogue in To The Moon read like it was written by a child but the story concept was pretty good. Sort of Vanilla Sky meets Eternal Sunshine.
  4. South Park was really good after I got rid of Al Gore. I didn't die again in any fights, so I could just enjoy the story. I heard they censored the abortion scene in the console version. Not sure why that wasn't allowed but some of the other stuff was - the bedroom scene, the stuff inside Mr Slave's arse, Jesus shooting children with a machine gun...
  5. Lego games must be so easy to make. Maybe the first Star Wars one took a bit of thought, but since then all they have to do is license a movie or comic book and reskin the previous game. And when they've made a bunch of virtually identical games based on the same thing, they can repackage them together and call it a trilogy.
  6. I've been playing that. I love the way it looks and sounds exactly like the TV show but I'm not 100% sold on the gameplay. The entire thing is just wandering around a South Park diorama, looking at in-jokes, fetching items for various characters, and loads of tedious fights that are all exactly the same. Did you get past the Al Gore fight? I almost gave up on the game at that point - I got beaten so many times, it was no fun at all. Listening to him do his stupid speech over and over, then trying a new weapon or buddy character, only to die and have to repeat it... On about the 10th attempt I turned down the difficulty and finally squeaked past it.
  7. I've been playing Titanfall on PC this week - massively hyped up but it's genuinely really good. Meaty Call of Duty-style gunplay mixed with wall-running, jetpacks and giant robots. It plays a bit like Quake 3 crossed with Crackdown. My favourite bit is at the end of each match, when there's a frantic one-life-only dash for the dropship as the defeated team attempts to escape. It's probably the only game I've played where's it's actually fun to lose. Also on Xbox One, if anyone's got one of those, and coming to 360 in a couple of weeks.
  8. There's an excellent downloadable version of it on the Xbox 360 with online play.
  9. I don't play football games any more, but I can imagine that it would be annoying to play now and have all the 2009 teams with players at the wrong clubs. Back in ye olde days, it was just Team A against Team B. Red vs Blue in Kick Off on the Amiga. Even when it got more sophisticated with Sensible Soccer, they didn't have the authentic player or team names, so you'd have to use your imagination. It was much better when you'd just have two identical teams, and the only difference would be the people controlling it. Now, if you pick Barcelona or Brazil or whatever you've got an instant advantage. The game becomes easier. I don't want to play as those teams but I'm at a disadvantage if I don't pick them.
  10. I really liked the first Ass Creed. It was so different and it looked amazing, plus all the sci-fi stuff was a genuine surprise. Second one spoiled it for me. The city design was crap - Venice has all these canals that are just too wide to jump over, so you rarely have a 'clean' route across the rooftops, you're always having to look for bridges. Brotherhood was probably the best one, I think. So much variety.
  11. Five and a half years between GTA IV and GTA V certainly didn't hurt. From San Andreas to IV was quite a long time as well, almost four years. Those games are massively expensive to make, too - a quarter of a billion dollars for GTA V. Call of Duty might not sell quite as many these days but it's much cheaper to produce and they get to do it every 12 months.
  12. Activision have got form, as far as killing off successful games goes. Guitar Hero was massive, then suddenly people got fed up of it and they offed it quite unceremoniously. Having a new CoD every year doesn't help. If they gave it a year off, they might be able to come up with some new ideas. There's still nothing else quite as good for having a quick blast with your mates. Battlefield is probably too confusing for the average player, and you can easily spend 40 minutes playing a single match. Up until this year pretty much everyone on my Xbox friends list played the latest CoD, but only one of them has played Ghosts.
  13. Plot? I can't be bothered with single player CoD, but I loved those games in multiplayer on the Xbox. Black Ops was pretty decent, really. I liked the remote control cars - great for weeding out campers - and the laser-accurate Commando rifle. In MW3 I had my best kill-death ratio, about 2.5:1, so I enjoyed that one too, but then Black Ops 2 was all cartoony colours and I didn't like the maps or customised loadouts. Probably CoD fatigue as much as anything else.
  14. Ghosts is the first one since World At War that I haven't had the urge to try. I played every other one, but I thought Black Ops 2 was so ridiculous it completely put me off the whole series. The bit where you play as the terrorist and run around in turbo 'blood rage' mode, hacking people's heads off, was hilarious.
  15. :blink: I hope they at least gave you a cuddle afterwards.
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