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  1. Was just going to post that David Goodwillie had scored for Clyde it's usually a good omen.
  2. So it seems we are expecting about 17,000 on today, how many have Preston sold ?
  3. The PNE game will be a real tough battle, Preston have been in pretty decent form of late and could and maybe should have beaten Fulham today, according to radio commentary they were the better team.
  4. Is Mowbray really going to India, or just going to pretend he's been ?
  5. Blackpool playing good football and looking the better team.............. Talksport.
  6. I can remember shorts being called Knickers, look at any old Man Utd program ,1960s say.
  7. I remember losing 5-0 at Blackpool, on a day similar to today, probably 40 odd years ago. Hatton and Walsh ran us ragged.
  8. Another bad start like at Hudds, they could have scored early too.
  9. Don't worry folks Poveda is on the bench and raring to go. He was one of Hudds best players the other night, I was hoping he might have picked up a niggle in training.
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