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  1. If Tony Mowbray stays long enough, he may have enough dosh saved, to buy the club himself.
  2. I don't remember exactly where we stand, but didn't somebody post a few weeks ago that our budget was somewhere around the top 6 or 8 ?
  3. 15 wins from 46 games, 32.6% win rate, that's pretty damned poor for a club with our budget and facilities. He really has to go.
  4. Absolutely right, and i'm very confident we will, don't worry about a thing.
  5. 10 points from the last 5 games = promotion form.☺️ Imagine if TM said that, he might too.
  6. Yeah we were miles ahead of Preston at one point too, absolutely shocking decline. Go Mowbray Go !
  7. Is that 27 league goals for Armstrong now ? Should get a nice fee for him, pity about the geordie's 40% of the profit though. Having said that, If Mowbray is still here next season, who cares.
  8. There's a manager that does'nt give up, playing great football today too apparently. Bring him in now !
  9. 23 points off the top 6. Get out Mowbray, you fraud.
  10. Rotherham have lost their previous 5 games. You can always rely on a Mowbray team to end your bad run.
  11. Rotherham will have heard that scoreline are we in for a late huge effort from them.
  12. Swansea levelled against Derby 1-1 Unbelievably it was their first effort at goal on/off target playing at home too. 63 mins. 2-1 to Swansea now, getting interesting at the bottom now.
  13. Also, Armstong 24 league goals, Elliott 11 assists, doubt either of those two will be here next season to drag him out of the mire.
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