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  1. Swansea up next at Ewood 6pm Tuesday, they'll be cock-a hoop after their very late winner today. Very tough game, good job we got the points today.
  2. Looks like a poor performance from them today, but they've only lost 9 all season including this game, we've lost 15, makes you wonder how good we'd be with a better manager though.
  3. News Flash - Tony Mowbray will now sign his new extended contract on Monday morning.
  4. They battered PNE the other night here, particularly in the last quarter of the game, should have been more then 2-1.
  5. Matt Smith coming on for them, could cause a few problems.
  6. Not very confident about the 3 points here, second half could be totally different, if we're still winning on 65 mins Mowbray could easily mess things up, maybe sub Dolan amongst 2/3 changes.
  7. You could be right there Joey, might all be sorted already.
  8. If it's only going to take one more defeat, then it'll be at Millwall on Saturday, they battered Preston tonight, even if the 2-1 scoreline suggests a tight game.
  9. Bolton up to 6th in league 2, what a run they are on ! I'll say it again, Bolton will be back in the Prem before us.
  10. Does'nt really matter with this Mowbray team, if Rovers had equalised with 15 mins to go we all know Reading would have come back and scored a winner.
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