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  1. A decent manager could make something out of this squad of young lads, just need a couple of experienced additions.
  2. Mowbray probably annoyed that his team were booed off at HT by some home fans, although they fully deserved it after a shocking performance in the first half, i'll bet he got an ear full from the fans around the bench too.
  3. I was meaning the many ST's that don't bother for midweek games, probably more like 7,5 k - 8 on actually.
  4. John Swift scores again for Reading, top scorer now I think, not bad for a midfielder. Were'nt we after him a couple of years ago.
  5. Has Mowbray sent them back to sleep again, no chances for ages.
  6. But if they are owt like against Luton, we'll probably end up worse.
  7. Any half decent manager would get much more from most of those lads.
  8. Typical Mowbray performance, severe lack of decent tactics and little energy. Just leave please.
  9. Davenport and Magloire subs, when we need a shake-up. I thought Butterworth had been on fire in training.
  10. His fault too, can't think of another manager who would have thrown money at those two.
  11. Please folks don't be blaming the players, we all know who's fault it is.
  12. I'd swap Mowbray for any manager in the league, even non league. Actually i'd swap him for a wheelie bin.
  13. I think Mowbray will be happy with a draw, he doesn't want the fans getting any heady ideas this early in the season, creates pressure.
  14. Our weakest link is the manager, should have freshened things up 10 mins ago.
  15. Burke was born in Kirkaldy, Scotland, he grew up in Melton Mowbray, he signed for local club Mowbray Rangers aged 8. You couldn't make this up.
  16. 8 points from 5 games, 3 of those away from home not too bad I suppose. Sounds like we need a couple experienced, battle hardened men in the squad.
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