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  1. I'm gonna have to mute this in a minute. Commentary is doing my head in. Mulgrew is having a good game but I want him off so I don't have to listen to him say his name again.
  2. I'm sure their sales are going fine. Home fans on the other hand.... This is probably Waggot trying to cash in by letting them sit in the home end. Class A moron he is.
  3. Coming over as well and was quoted 50 quid one way from Blackpool North for 3 of us so they must be selling plenty of seats on that route. Taxi quoted me £46 so opted for that to avoid them
  4. How is Blues bar these days? Worth taking a Czech father and brother in law on Saturday or should I just head for the Brown Cow? Would be nice to show them the inside of Blue's but not if its crap. Benefit of course would be avoiding possible trouble.
  5. The Mowbray out brigade I refer to is on Twitter rather than on here. That's probably my mistake. I've uninstalled it now! I understand why people are against him I just don't see the point in making a change now. Who could we even get? Last time we did this mid-season we ended up with Coyle. Just see where we are at the end of the season then if he goes (and if there isn't progress it might be a mutual decision) the new guy can have a pre-season.
  6. The Mowbray out brigade are really starting to bore me to death. So fickle. It changes weekly. Here's an idea....how about we just get behind the manager and the team. Support them properly and see where we are at the end of the season. Decisions can then be made on the best way to take the club forward.
  7. That's twice Rothwell has lost the ball and just slowly jogged back. No attempt at all to make up for his mistake. Can't stand players with that attitude. Get him off.
  8. Yeah just seen their tweet. Someone at Rovers is really confused.
  9. Strange. Ifollow themselves say there's no video coverage for UK users at all. Only audio. I suppose it could be possible if you connect through a VPN. It then depends on the country. Today the match isn't shown for me to purchase on ifollow because it's live on normal TV.
  10. In the UK? It's not possible it's only for non UK.
  11. Third Rovers match in a row on Czech/Slovak tv today (Arena Sport 2). Definitely better to buy ifollow matches individually and not the monthly sub.
  12. Because it was on normal TV in most countries. Was shown on the normal premier League channel here.
  13. Jesus...what does he have to do!? It was an excellent performance from both keepers. Ridiculous comment
  14. No need for the negativity (twitter is full of it). It wasn't a terrible performance it's just Wigan were excellent and stopped us playing. Both teams had chances to win at the end but it was a decent and fair point.
  15. Great win and performance. Never in any trouble and an excellent bit of management resting players and building some squad togetherness. Bring on the rest!
  16. Seemed to be before the players got there so it must be managers/backroom. Players then started running there from the pitch.
  17. Also only had an audio link but turned the tv on and it's being shown on 'Arena Sport 1' here in Czech Rep. Hasn't started yet though because the effing ping pong is running overtime.
  18. Dack needs to screw his head on at half time. Lucky to be on the pitch.
  19. I found him quite entertaining and enjoyed his passion.
  20. Pathetic No reason at all that this should be category A. He knows Birmingham are likely to fill the Darwen end so puts the prices up and fleeces home fans in the process.
  21. Very good start. Brentford look surprised. Anyone know the name of the guy doing guest commentary on I follow? Apparently local Blackburn comedian.
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