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  1. Arsenal boasting about how expensive their seats will be.

    Their match day income will be twelve times greater than the Rovers'.

    Rather re-enforces the campaign to get a more even distribution of the Sky money.

    After all, they wouldn't earn £3m per match to watch eleven men playing with themselves.


    I personally think the FA should have a 'tax' on gate receipts. All 92 league clubs could pay 1% of their gate revenue to the FA. This is then redistributed as 1% of the total collected to the clubs (92%), and the other 8% is used by the FA to support grass roots football etc (except the 1% that comes to me for coming up with the idea).

    True the 'big' clubs would lose out, but there would be a marginally more even playing field in the Premiership, and a number of lower league teams could be saved from extinction by the input.

  2. It seems a fine document in principle, however, on reading it I got the impression it was written by a committee (not sure if this is correct or not).

    Why I say this is that the style seems to change everyso often from factual business like presentation, to value judgements, to relaxed social converstaional writing. Did the same person really write the indepth analytical bits as the "that's the moaning out of the way" line?

    Whilst I might be barking up the wrong tree with the authorship, I do think the clash of styles and/or tone of the document undermines a degree of professionalism in the document. At points to me it reads as a transcribe of a round the table discussion and not a unified piece.

    Another potential flaw are some of the contradictions in the piece. One page complains about the drummer and other ideas being geared up to the younger audience, another grudingly acknowledges that Taylor has helped increase child attendances, and a third says we should have Quid a Kid every week. Are the three comments consistent?

    I appreciate that preparing a document to cover the breadth of BRISAs agenda is nigh on impossible, especially the various members own views - for example, I'm surprised to learn that as a BRISA member I fully support StandUpSitDown, which was news to me as I thought I didn't - but maybe a little more internal consistency is required in proposals going to the club?

    Sorry for being appearing overtly critical, but as I say the fundamental elements of the document seem fine, it's just that certain things seem to jar to me.

  3. Amen to that Smiffy, couldn't agree more. Don't think most people realise how close Souness was to crippling our Club for good.


    Or how close thethe club was to being crippled before he came?

    What Souness convinced me was the 'Italian' mentality of the need to change managers every 3 seasons or so for all but the most exceptional of talents. Sunderland suffered by staying with Peter Reid for too long, and the latest case in the Premiership seems to be McClaren at Boro. Rovers and Souness parted company at just about the last feasible point.

  4. Submitted by a member.


    Former Rovers apprentice Gareth Ainsworth, couldn’t believe it when his father phoned him to tell him that QPR had been drawn against Rovers in the FA Cup. In fact Ainsworth is reported to have burst into tears for the second time because of Rovers and is being quoted as saying.

    “I was out while my dad was watching the FA Cup draw at home in Lancashire,” “When QPR were drawn out he phoned to tell me and said ’What would be your dream game?’ “I said ’Blackburn away’ and he said ’That’s who you’ve got!’ I couldn’t believe it, it was an amazing feeling and there were tears in my eyes.

    The QPR winger and his parents are big Rovers supporters and Ainsworth was a season-ticket holder at Rovers in the pre-Jack Walker days of Simon Garner and Scott Sellars. After a period as an apprentice with the club, he was moved to tears when he was released by then manager Don Mackay on his 18th birthday on the May 10, 1991.

    After leaving Rovers his parents, from Blackburn, have watched nearly all of his 345 professional games, over the last 14 years, at Preston, Lincoln and Port Vale before he became a £2m player in 1998 when he signed for Wimbledon.

    Ainsworth has never played at Ewood Park since being released and missed out whilst at Wimbledon due to injuries. Tomorrow he gets his chance to play at Ewood and is quoted as saying.

    “I was so pleased for my mum and dad because they’ve watched so many of my games and travelled so far for me over the years.

    “And for once they will be able to see me on their doorstep. It will be the shortest journey they have ever made to see me.

    “I thought I’d missed my chance because after 14 years you kind of think some

    things are not meant to happen. But this is the FA Cup!”

    Ainsworth, who is Rangers’ top scorer this season with five goals, warmed up nicely for the Third Round tie with the equaliser in Monday’s draw against the Dingles, and is quoted as saying after Monday nights game.

    “I still love Blackburn and I hate Burnley. I scored a lovely header against them and it sets me up nicely for this one. “I had so many great times at Ewood both as an apprentice and as a fan. For that reason I never bore any resentment towards them.

    “I remember going down to Anfield on the coach with all the apprentices when the first team took them to a replay in the FA Cup in 1991.

    “My dad first took me there when I was eight and I had a season-ticket soon after. I remember them building the WalkerSteel stand and thinking it was brilliant!

    “Now after all the development it’s the smallest one of the four stands and looks a bit out of place!

    “When I was released my dad made me write to loads of clubs. I quite fancied going into music. I have my own band now and my mum sang on the club scene in Manchester. She was offered a contract by EMI but married my dad instead!

    “I ended up at Preston and everything took off from there. I’ve loved it at QPR over the last two years. We definitely have a chance of getting a result and in spite of everything, I’ll be trying my best to make sure we do.”

  5. However, my usual contacts weren't there, and I got a useless jobsworth. 

    I just hoped that like their colleagues this dolt would "think outside the box".  She didn't.  I did.  End of.


    Did you not try the old stand by of "do you not know who I am?" or maybe you could have tried telling the person in the ticket office they were a useless jobsworth and a dolt. Both approaches would no doubt have worked a treat.

  6. What's all this rubbish about people phoned an hour before? So what, At 5.15 the game WAS still ON. at 6.15 it was off.

    The referee didnt check the pitch until 6pm - Rovers cant communicate anything until his decision has been made.

    It was all over sky sports, which has a huge audiance - what else do you want them to do? Phone each person individually?? Dont be daft!


    Or perhaps the fact they didn't even suggest that there was any sort of issue, or the fact that they didn't say there was a pitch inspection, or the fact that not everyone relies on sky sports, or as SAR says don't have it in their cars, is the issue?

    Oh but sorry, I'm daft and not a loyal supporter in your mind.

  7. Proper supporters, support the club. They don’t just support for success!

    They don’t moan about the club @ every opportunity!

    Get a grip and support YOUR club.


    Well thank you for doubting my loyalty to the club. Cretin.

  8. Would those telling others to "stop bleating", "get behind the club" or to "get over it" be as forgiving if they'd had to travel to another ground for this to happen? Of course not.

    Whilst the fact the undersoil heating didn't work as well as should have been the case is indeed "one of those things" the *quality* of communication from the club is something that needs addressing.

    As well as the reports of being told for definite the game was going ahead - surely at least some hint of a problem was known less than an hour before it was postponed? - how on earth can the club be taken seriously when the TO is still selling after Sky Sports has reported it's off?! (See sausagemandog's comments).

    It's all very good for Mattyblue to try to rally the floating supporters, but I feel they are more likely to float off to the nearest local than Ewood.

  9. Oh, give up you moaners, it happens. I did about 10 miles before I found out and turned round, so that's 20 miles worth of petrol lost. No big deal for me. I bet lots of others have been far more inconvenienced.


    Yep, there is always a risk that the undersoil heating packs in. (Didn't we have the opposite problem a couple of years ago when they couldn't switch it off and the Darwen end goal mouth was parched in middle of winter?)

    However, you can't legislate for the club being so daft as to give assurances there wasn't a problem.

    Martin - as I've already mentioned - had just arrived at Ewood from Scunthorpe after being told there wasn't a problem. A real good 200 mile round trip for him. I'd only done 20 miles or so before finding out that it had called off, but it was again a 40 mile round trip that needn't have been made if they hadn't stated everything was fine.

  10. My guess is the pitch was bathed in sunshine for most of the day and it was not until around 3.30 or 4.00pm that it began to freeze. In the temperatures we had today and are forecast for tonight the pitch would freeze very, very fast.

    If the heating isn't working properly that is a club problem but I can fully understand why the pitch was OK at 2.30pm and then needed an inspection at 5.15pm.


    So why the chuff did they tell someone at 1705 who had said they were travelling from Halifax that the game was definitely on? No mention of a possible postponement, let alone an imminent pitch inspection. If there was an element of doubt they should have said so.


  11. After hearing the Bolton match had been called off, I texted my mate to check with the club that we would still playing. Afterall, travelling from Halifax for no reason wouldn't be fun.

    He spoke to the club around 1700 and they said it will definitely be on.

    We duly set off at 1730, only to hear on 5 Live that a pitch inspection was being undertaken at 1800. Ten mins later I get a phone call saying the game was off. We were over half way to Ewood.

    How could the club go from a categoric yes to speaking to the ref and getting the game postponed in about 60 mins?

    I quickly called Martin who I knew was travelling from Scunthorpe, and he'd just arrived at the ground. He too had been advised the game was definitely on.

    Huge own goal for Rovers.

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