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  1. This. What a long list of duds, dickheads and crooks they have appointed! This is why it is hard to see anything but this death by a thousand cuts. For me, they have to go. Nevertheless, if someone could intervene and work with them to implement a proper structure with employees, who are suitably qualified, you never know. If someone could drill a hole in their heads.... for someone sensible to shit in
  2. TM's own messages about planning for next season, I guess. Personally, I haven't given up hope of his departure, but every day he remains makes me anxious.
  3. Oh, come on now! January 2013 as year Zero? They had already ripped the club apart and made it a laughing stock and..er..taken a helluva lot of "bad advice" by then. I am not justifying the snowball, but why was the "reception committee" there in the first place?
  4. He didn't start off like that at all. We endured a terrible run of form, when he first took over/sold Field etc...but it worked like Souness's appointment. He had a few games to assess the squad before the summer and aid his preparation. Mowbray remaining until the start of next season would be worst case...
  5. Sky TV...Motorway banner..promoted big discussion of Venky's "ruining" the club-Sutton/Savage...
  6. Only Glenn Hoddle knows...There is a rumour that lots of war criminals and villains from history all happened to be reincarnated and born into new lives, as Blackburn Rovers fans. Trouble is, none of us even knew-apart from Hoddle... What a truly awful decade....Everything and I mean everything comes down to the ownership, no matter how hard some try to find excuses and free passes for them... Badly advised/trusted the wrong people (again..and again?) Give me f*** strength!
  7. No, he went into retirement, as soon as he signed!
  8. Unless there is a massive street/ground "presence", the others will merely utilise the low numbers to dismiss and minimise. Meanwhile, I have learned that so much can be achieved by "working smarter-not necessarily harder-on line and by other methods of visibility. Without saying too much, does anyone remember what gesture had the most impact before one of the FA Cup ties...(v Liverpool or ManUtd, I think) and made the ownership the talking point?
  9. Well, I think that we should go the whole hog and wear the Coventry kit-the brown one from that famous cup tie...
  10. Unfortunately, I think that may be what happens before we start to become a normal club again.
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