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  1. Exactly! If you are not prepared to back the manager, you have to get rid...I am worried that TM is just a dead man walking, going through the motions, wanting others to take the decision -resulting in a pay off. We could go on like this until it's too late! Venky's OUT!!!!
  2. Port Vale at Ewood circa 1971 in the snow-round 1 of the FA Cup, I think... In poor visibility a sparse Blackburn End booed Rovers onto the pitch, seeing them come out in red. It took a few minutes to recognise that the players were not the away side..
  3. I also think there is an added issue about the actual manner in which our hard-won premiership status was p****d down the toilet by the arrogant, kamikaze "decision making" in the first 18 months of this Venky nightmare...
  4. Apologist? You're not kidding either. Well, Myers makes me f*** sick! He'd be singing be a very different tune, if Venky's had done this at Everton...
  5. When I hear the phrase "badly advised", I reach for my revolver. A few years ago, Kate Hollern used it to some Rovers fans on election night...to a chorus of gasps, guttural noises...and worse!
  6. Yup..and no more bargaining crap from me either ...No meaning... and merely getting more angry, whenever I even try to tell the story... Falling Down the Leaguehttps://screenradar.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/FALLING-DOWN-.jpg
  7. Dear, oh dear! The only question that matters here is whether the dire situation at Blackburn Rovers is acceptable. Of course, it is more than reasonable for fans to be extremely p***d off with what these people are doing to the club. And if someone wants to use the word "depressing" in its colloquial sense, so what...It is a messageboard not a case conference!
  8. If we lose tomorrow, we can sing, "We are the D-day dodgers, who went out to Italy"..
  9. When England were playing Germany, to manage my nerves, I was channeling the spirit of Douglas Bader, ...but I didn't really have a leg to stand on.
  10. Maybe he could record All Along the Watchtower...There must be some way outta here!
  11. Agreed. Rolivier 's speech certainly rallied me. I can't help wondering if Rolo loves Charles Laughton and Olivier, as much as he obviously loves Rovers. How dare they!!!
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