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  1. Wow! One of our group came up with the same thing on Saturday. When we are crying out for goalscorers with BB jet lagged, Dolan struggling with illness and Gallagher, well struggling, why the obvious...er.."reluctance" to play Butterworth? He came from Man Utd, didn't he? What are you thinking?- £100,000 for 5 first team appearances, £5,000 for 62 touches of he ball?...Maybe, he is already on 59 touches...
  2. Vindicate the move? Therein lies the problem for me. In the last nine years, do we think a) players ever been signed to support the current( at the time) team in a genuine push for promotion?....or b)have they been signed merely for future profit?..( while the actual team bobs around between mid to bottom end of the league table......with a series of mediocre/inexperienced managers)
  3. Quite. I am no qualified surgeon, but even I know that you can't remove an appendix with a rusty spoon!
  4. Yes, he is a good keeper. When he was a Rover, he did many super saves. At the same time, there were too many occasions when his awful howlers gifted the opposition a way back into the game and were experienced like a punch in the solar plexus. However good he is now, we shouldn't pretend those things never happened. To be honest, until recently, this has been a feature of too many Rovers keepers.
  5. Actually, I share your hope/fantasy that life could be so much better with the formula of Venky's backing + competent, Rovers oriented management. However, you really do have to wonder why this backing has gone to waste for so many years and why has there been such a dramatic persistence in appointing under qualified people in so many key positions. That got us relegated twice and has given us such a miserable decade. To dismiss reasonable, justifiable anger and frustration with that as mere " personal dislike of the owners" is just going to alienate people.
  6. A Because they are honourable people with integrity? B Because there is a big stinking rat beneath the floorboards? C Because losing money hand over fist at Rovers is a convenient strategy for something else? A season ticket to Purgatory!
  7. I thought she came over really well. What a good representation of Blackburn decency in the face of arrogant Utd crap!
  8. Hahaha.. It has been a long ten years, hasn't it.
  9. The so called massive offer to Armstrong...do we believe that? My sense is that the club needed him out for the transfer fee/FFP etc.
  10. I had hoped the thin squad could make it to the international break! We all knew that a couple (more) injuries in defence would really cost us. As for Poveda, it almost looked like deliberate sabotage!
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