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  1. Yeah. Putting aside all politeness, he was shit...
  2. So awful to read that. Even you! One day, someone will have to do a selection of such posts from this very board, since 2010 and publish them, as the emotional record of the distress associated with the wilful destruction of a historic football club. Do you remember us miming Tony Field's toothless goal celebration at Watford on a dance floor sometime in 1973?....Mamamama.Those women thought we were on "our day out"! I boycotted 2011-13 in disgust and sadness,..... but I still kicked every ball.. I did it again on the appointment of Coyle..The outstanding candidate!...Such a in
  3. I think you should travel over from Sheffield to attend, if only to storm out in protest at the sheer mendacity. At least the minutes can record those five immortal words.. "Elvis has left the building."
  4. Yes. I have reached the conclusion is that nothing will ever be right, until these owners are out of the club. As long they remain, the best we can hope for is second rate appointments in key positions and bumbling along mid to bottom half of the Championship. This will have an obvious detrimental effect on the investment of the fanbase. The club will go to the wall in a slow death... If they are going to go, I just want it to happen sooner rather than later. Then, we can start to build an honest future, where the raison d'etre and all emphasis is on trying to build a team that
  5. In huge danger imo. I was thinking of Blackpool's fall way back in '78. TM's interview last night was very sad really. The working class Blackburn bit won't win him many friends, as if our fans should lie down and accept mediocrity and suspended animation. Even a blind man can see that this team is going down, unless something changes quickly.
  6. In my case, I am starting from such a position of non-trust, I don't believe anything...Everytime I read a Waggott quotation, I just think Mandy Rice-Davies....
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