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  1. I guess too many people know my attitude to the Venky's stewardship over the last decade. However, even I could get behind a new formula of Venky's backing plus a properly skilled, Rovers centred management team! Sure, there would be many questions around why such a litany of toxic middlemen-Shaw, Agnew, Anderson, Singh etc in the past few years- BUT I would love to engage my energy in building for a positive future-without the likes of HSH etc ( MHead is right about the dangers of the current regime appointing a new manager). Clearly, Venky's must have huge trust issues. I know for a fact that there are elite business managers out there with Rovers interests at heart......How to square the circle?.....(then I fell out of bed lol)
  2. The club is their "baby"...they said those exact words. Remember the one about the neglectful parents, who went off on holiday, leaving their toddler with dodgy babysitters? Well, our so-called, badly advised parents have done this not once, but several times over... "Why, oh why do we keep getting it so wrong?" Meanwhile, too many of our fans keep falling for the "fresh start" syndrome, where previous context is conveniently ignored. What next for Venky's?..Stay Badly advised for a decade-Fred and Rose West Babysitting Service...
  3. I couldn't help thinking John O'Mara at Goodison in the FA Cup circa( circus) '72 !
  4. If you ever get to Austin, say hello to Paddy Gannon. He is my brother in law and an honorary Rovers fan..Hates Burnley anyway!
  5. The sense of pride! The fans were great that day. What a shame that team couldn't get promotion....
  6. Are you saying he is barking up the wrong tree? lol
  7. Treading water is the nicest way of putting it. This decade is the longest period in my Rovers lifetime without a decent-or any sort of-challenge. Nothing. Zilch.. In the past, of course there were heartbreaks at missing out on promotion etc, but at least we were in the mix for a good part of the season. The lack of any kind of push would breed apathy on its own. Then there is all the other toxic stuff. And, for me, there remain concerns about the aim of loaning/buying players....
  8. I know where you're coming from...but..when he was playing so well for Norway, the press were musing about why he never got a game for Rovers....I think there is a case that he was mismanaged in the wasteful Bowyer era.....If they didn't fancy him, they should have sold him much sooner....
  9. Yeah, useless business infrastructure....Cairney was a particularly bad example......Don't forget Josh King either... I think the Rhodes figure was probably "massaged" too....
  10. Kids on loan is no way to do it...unless we have some solid, physical experience and shithousery to go with them...
  11. Hope he is going for the best fee we can get...He is obviously not going to sign...and we are obviously not going up...so cash in for me...
  12. There were a few TV interviews and especially radio, where he did seem sullen, sulky and borderline aggressive. We all remarked on this demeanour in our family. We thought he thought he was a gonner. I also think he came across as bitter. If he knew they were searching for a replacement, that would explain it....but to leave him in post -with that knowledge- is poor line management.... FOV
  13. The Smithereens have a song called William Wilson (Sunday name!)
  14. When decisions sound so counter-intuitive, you can't help feeling there is something else, a missing piece that explains (but may not justify) the decision...e.g. sacking one of the most experienced managers in the country/replacing him with a novice.. Now we are said to be paying substantial fees plus wages to develop players for other clubs, blocking the pathways for our own...instead of sorting out contracts for our assets....
  15. Well, based on one match, I grant you, our Rovers TV experience has been different class to last years stop /start/freeze ifollow frustration fest...
  16. I was really surprised to read that was his proper name because I always thought he was Northern Irish Protestant... When I was a lad, boys called "Neil" often had the initial C....in the same way as ones called Louis had the initial A. All we need now is to find that Iggy Pop's real name is Ignatius! On a similar note, the great Don Martin was christened "Donnon", I seem to remember.... Oh, the trivia I retain!
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