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  1. Please just resign with dignity. Has done a good job on the whole over the last 4 years and we have a really good squad. Need a fresh start with someone new, either an experienced type or Ainsworth. Not just because he's a Rovers fan but what he has done with Wycombe is remarkable
  2. Enough is enough. A lot of us have backed you when others haven't. Time to go. Wrong selection, wrong subs.
  3. And I heard Warnock was wanking on a load after that game too. Happy days!
  4. How can we not know the Lenihan result an hour and had before ko? At what point does it become to late and he should be available as the appeal is still pending?
  5. Bournemouth Swansea currently 0-0 which would be a good result for us. Stoke losing at home to Cardiff who are in excellent form
  6. Outstanding season so far and imo the vital cog in this team. No one else has the ability to carry the ball at such pace. Yes he has the occasional off day but a new contract needs to be sorted asap!
  7. This issue with downing, Johnson and indeed Davenport is that they are all left footed. Doesn't really work at right back
  8. Obviously referring to a post that I didn't see Anyways Bristol city lost at home to birmingham who haven't won in 6 games before today. We really should be thinking about going there and winning
  9. Yes didn't go quite as hoped. Although it probably suited Bournemouth to be the away as it forced barnsley to come out a little. Barnsley had a lot of the game and chances whilst it was 1-0. If they had equalised it would have made for an interesting game. As it was soon as the 2nd went in it was game over as Bournemouth could afford to pick them off at will.
  10. Hopefully barnsley can be just as annoying to Bournemouth in the fri evening game as they were to us. Interesting fixture with Bournemouth loosing at home midweek they won't want to drop more points.
  11. Such a crazy division, PNE have been utterly hapless recently and are winning at Bournemouth. Also barnsley winning at Brum, I don't think we appreciate what a good result it was at the weekend because it was only 'lowly' Barsnley
  12. Old news I know but Kipre not even in the match day squad again.
  13. Coventry just beat reading comfortably tonight who we put 4 past. Crazy old division!
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