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  1. That's why the sensible drinker ignores the big brewers. There are plenty of independents. The Indian brewery marries great craft beer with great Indian Street food.
  2. Cannot agree. Birmingham Xmas market bar kicks manchester into next week whilst there are tons of great pubs in the centre, near the canal, on the fringes such as the jewellery quarter. Well worth a visit
  3. When those friends you want sit with have tickets there you will understand the pain.
  4. When did offside get to engineering tolerances? VAR will continue the decline of a now sterile and sanitised sport. All it had left in its favour was spontaniety. VAR has killed it for no benefit whatsoever.
  5. ? I agree. If only it was sunny. People would have flocked to pay £46-£48 in the JW stand ! ?
  6. Putting the shamefully scandalous £43 jack walker upper outer price into context it is £14 more than I paid for the 2002 league cup final and about £17 more than the 2007 FA cup semi final. Not withstanding the shameless £3 tax on latecomers !!! What is the reasoning for making a nonentity like Sheff Wed cat A+?
  7. Only been to Ewood once in the last 7 years (since the Kean out Bolton home debacle) and that was to the Charlton game which was piss poor. I was bought that ticket as the it was a special invite by the father in law as the brother in law was up from darn sarf. Fast forward to now and 2 mates asked me if I want to meet up and go for a one off game for old times sake, like back in the day when Rovers ruled all our lives. I picked 2nd Nov Vs sheff wed. Now my mate sits in the jw stand. So I looked and almost spat my teeth out that it was FORTY THREE POUNDS!!! to sit in his area yet the online ticket system won't even tell me the seat numbers. Hasten to say I'll meet them for a pre match beer then go home.
  8. You can already use that diagram for all matches 60 mins in play, 15 minutes messing around after the ball goes dead, 15 minutes on purpose time wasting, 3 seconds of genuine sportsmanship. ?
  9. So he's 6 months to go. Surely you have sone inkling already if he's going to make or fail your own personal judgement criteria?
  10. 6 points behind one of the relegation favourites already. I hope it's not going to be a long season with very few highs......
  11. When you waste £5m on another dolloper who has no idea where the goal is it can only be awful.
  12. I was looking for a decent copy of the highlights of that great day at Anfield in 1995 but everything on YouTube is crappy VHS to DVD done badly
  13. Went to the BBC to read about it and had to trawl through 25 pointless monkey tennis articles to find it. You can tell the BBC have the rights to the park football world cup ?
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