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  1. Well he has Roque (right now), Salgado, & Formica at the club in terms of speaking to him in Spanish. He will soon have De Gea at United too. I think this guy is going to be quality and is destined for higher places. Looking forward to seeing him start regularly for us. I also hope Barcelona dont have the traditional double your money buy back clause in effect.
  2. Perfectly put. I'd start Junior and him for every match till the end of the season. By far, the most technically adept Rovers players. Rochina put some of the other players to shame and at times ran circles around a couple of Everton defenders.
  3. V promising debut. Looks like he has skill and flair. Potential is there. He can make an impact this season for sure.
  4. Shearer broke records, but end of the day when he looks back he has 1 title to show for it. And so does Tim Sherwood.
  5. Lets say they found out the grass is NOT greener on the other side. Alan Shearer David Bentley Roque Santa Cruz Benni McCarthy Lucas Neill Tim Sherwood (Played well over 200 games for us winning the league in 7 seasons but managed less than half those games for the next 6 years, falling out at Spurs and finishing off at Pompey) Friedel? (Bankruptcy?) Those are 7 off the top of my head.
  6. Berg/May went to United and are the exceptions to the rule. Le Saux did well at Chelsea as well. Duff relatively well at Chelsea too. What did Sherwood ever win? For the players from the title winning season, most didnt taste success later, and for most of those who left in later years most had their best days with us or didnt achieve the aspirations they supposedly had when they left us. Not a myth. Curse of the Rovers!
  7. So impressive were Espanyol. Score flattered Barcelona. But it shows if you try to play against Barcelona, they will rip you to pieces cause they play better.
  8. We had the best of him during his first season with us. He faded very quickly, but very rarely do you see players leaving us and ever having any sort of success elsewhere (be it form or medals).
  9. I doubt he will recover from this blow. His loss, and what a loss it is. No one to blame but himself. I think he would have been in better shape had he been with us. I feel sad for him on one hand, and its probably too late for him to have a change of attitude at his age.
  10. Sickening. If this is what going to a match has now turned to, putting aside the rubbish on display, your life may be in danger, then whats the world come to. My condolences to friends and family of the deceased.
  11. Robbie Savage has said this on his column in the Mirror: Benni is a great striker who would score plenty of goals and keep West Ham up. But - how shall I put this - he's a bit laid back sometimes. In fact, on one famous occasion Mark Hughes showed us the Pro Zone stats after a match and our keeper Brad Friedel had run farther in the game than Benni!
  12. He will get his permit at the end and be on his way. Who replaces him is another matter.
  13. 2 million pounds for a 32 year old. Not the worst of deals, but replace him with a less talented 30 something year old at that price or more, and who are the fools in the equation?
  14. People are deluding themselves thinking anyone would have offered anything more than between 5-8 million for him even 2 years ago for a 30 year old. Knowing the history our club has in selling players, be sure that had a decent offer been made for him back then he would have been sold earlier.
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