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  1. I understand why people want him sacked, although I think it highlights their character. Your entitled to disagree. But sacking TM because every other manager has been sacked is nonsense. You can't make broad accusations like that. Every club is different, regarding players budgets, aspirations, I think we are slowly improving. Someone early raised the point that our better players will be gone before our defense is sorted. That's a legitimate point in my view.
  2. Without checking, and I mean that as I will be easily proven wrong if its untrue. But haven't we improved on points, gf and ga in each of the last 3 seasons. I've only seen improvement regarding the squad, bringing thru academy players although admittedly the same defensive mistakes continue. This is the first time I feel he is underachieving and I can only feel that because he has bought well overall. I feel its only morally right now dack and travis is back to give him until the end of the year. There is no point coming up with hyperthetical if we lose x or win x. We are wh
  3. No you misunderstand. I said its great. Makes me laugh. Its amusing. I don't get angry at peoples opinions. My opinion is as irrelevant as yours and theirs. I wouldn't ever suggest people stay away. Reveals your howyour mind works.
  4. Its great to pop on and see who is good/great at playing Championship Manager. This thread is like modern societies impulsive desires, lack of patience and immediate gratification culture all rolled into one. Pathetic.
  5. He deserves to get to the end of the season. No one could change my mind on that. Were a few wins from getting in the top 6 and a few loses from having a terrible season. For the first time since he has been manager I think he is under achieving, but that doesn't destroy all the good will he has from me.
  6. I went from humming we are going up without realising to kicking the bean bag around the house in an instant. I'm so annoyed with debatable penalties like that. A penalty is enough but a red as well. A joke. It's not malicious or dangerous and in any other area of the pitch isnt even a foul. Totally changed the game, Saying that, I'm well pleased with the application of our players. Was good to see them celebrating at the end. Must of felt like a win. Keeps the positive vibes going. Well done boys.
  7. Below average performance. Thought we were second best all over the pitch first half. I'm delighted to win playing ugly, we have seen both sides to us this week alone having battered Preston and struggled in.parts today. Usually we would of lost or drew this game. Superb assist by Nyambe. Some great saves and a sweet strike by Gallagher got us the points. Very content. Keeps us on track for a top 6 finish which is expected this year. Hopefully start getting a few players back from injury soon.
  8. Delighted with that. Dolan scoring was just the cherry on top. Apart from boro I think we have been very good for most of the season. I'm just praying for a winning run. I expect a top 6 finish this year. For the first time since our PL relegation. Anything less is failure. I've never classed Preston as a derby, they didnt invoke any feelings from me at all. But the last few years have changed that. I laugh at how much hate they have for us. Is it true they got rid of the youth set ups. That's unforgivable imo. I'm loving how many youths we have in out matchday squad week in
  9. Come on man. The club can only do so much. Dropping ticket prices is great. Now we expect to be picked up and dropped off.
  10. Were competing at the right end of the table. Home grown players getting in the team. Slowly improving. He could sell them at a massive profit tomorrow. And will do when we eventually sell them. Loan signings shrewd. Free transfers excellent. Cant see how TM can be beat to death with the BB signing. Or Gallagher signing. Overall we have continually improved under his reign.
  11. I was told our starting line up in our last game was 2.7 million. If that's true. TM is doing wonders
  12. Brentford outplayed us last year and this year at there ground. Very impressive team on their day. Some very gifted technical players. Made us look sluggish at times. Seen a stat on facebook comparing us against the same teams as last year. had us 5 points better off. Scored more and conceded less. If that's true it will be 6 points better off. Overall I'm delighted with the point and effort shown. Special credit to travis. The boy didnt stop running. All the players effort and commitment lately has been impressive. Well done boys
  13. Just been informed I'm working in bedford on sunday night. Flight down from edinburgh getting booked. COYB. are they selling on the day
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